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Guide to Online Slots

This guide covers all you need to know from the history of online slots, how to play the game, the different variations, and the best strategies to help you maximize your winning chances. Whether you're a pro looking to enjoy your favorite slots online, or a beginner who is eager to learn the game, we are here to help!

Guide to Online Slots

Most individuals have heard of slots at some point, but not everyone plays the game. Who doesn't enjoy a good slot game?

It offers so much fun, and playing your cards right or pushing the buttons right can earn you some serious cash. If you're yet to try this game, you're certainly missing out.

This guide covers all you need to know from the history of online slots, how to play the game, the different variations, and the best strategies to help you maximize your winning chances. Whether you're a pro looking to enjoy your favorite slots online, or a beginner who is eager to learn the game, we are here to help!

Play Online Slots Directory

Who doesn't enjoy a good slot game? Find in this guide the best online slots directory for casino slot players.

Why Online Slots?

Slots are one of the best casino games for beginners and the slickest method of increasing your bankroll. That's why millions of casino gamblers choose slots as their preferred game.

There are different variations of slots, including 3D slots, video slots, bitcoin casino slots, reel slots, stepper slots, theme slots like football slot games, anime slots, super Mario slot games, sports slots, valentine slot games, Chinese new year slots, baseball slots, basketball slots, NBA slots, NFL slots, soccer slots, champions league slots, MLB slots, music themed slots, super hero slots, fruit slots, Egyptian slots, Asian slots, stoned joker slot, samurai slots, woman slots, table games slots like Monopoly slots and each offers a wide variety of bonuses to keep players coming back and winning more for less. With online slots, there's no need to wait for another player to get off your preferred machine.

You can even enjoy your favorite online slots game from the comfort of your bedroom! Read on to find out more benefits, features of the game and the best slots to play.

The History of Slots

The history of slot machines dates back to the nineteenth century, when a Brooklyn-based group, Pittman and Sitt, invented the machine (card-based) consisting of five reels. After a few years, Charles Augustus, a San Francisco-based man, used a similar idea to create a slot game with three reels, which used similar picture symbols as slot machines. The evolution of slot machines has been remarkable and a big reason why online slots are one of the best casino games in the world.

Analog Slots Machines to Video Slots

In the following century, the video slot came to the scene. It paved the way for every digital slot option that's available to players offline and online today. Since then, video slot technology became available on the Internet, allowing players to enjoy all their best slot games without going to a physical casino or even leaving their homes.

When everything from news consumption to shopping began to move to the Internet, the sophistication of technology resulted in the emergence of online casinos. At first, the digital casinos only provided basic games like blackjack before online slots finally came up. Today, gamblers can play their favorite online slots from anywhere they are in the world.

How to Play Slots

Every online slot game has different gameplay, though they have the same premise. It generally involves selecting the number of paylines you wish to play and choosing the amount you want to wager on each payline.

The higher the risk, the higher your potential rewards if that bet wins. Be sure to know which are the luckiest slot machine games to increase those chances. Of course, you're free to adjust your wager amounts whenever you want, and you're not locked into your preset wager amount while the online slots session lasts.

After you have chosen your preferred wager amount, you're ready to spin. Hit the spin button to begin the game, and the reels will start spinning until they drop on a combination of results from an RNG. If the result on your screen matches what's needed for the paylines to win, you will get the respective payout and can repeat the session.

If you don't wish to adjust your bet amount, you can choose to keep wagering the same amount through the auto bet or re-bet features. They allow you to repeat your bet once or multiple times, depending on your preference.

The payout on each online slots game depends on the respective pay charts and rules. Ensure to check them before risking your money on an online casino. You'll usually find them in the Rules section within the casino site's FAQ area or the online slot game.

Types of Online Slots

Before selecting an online slots game to play, it's essential to understand the different types of games available. Knowing the characteristics of the larger sub-division will help you to choose which one suits your style. Here are the major types of online slots.

3-Reel Slots

Several people have known three-reel slots for about a century. Hence, the online version is a representation of the classic experience you'll enjoy playing slot machines.

When playing 3 reel slots, you will find three reels after spinning in a horizontal row on your screen. You'll match the symbols on the bottom, middle, or top rows, which implies that players can focus better on each spin and can as well tell more easily if they've won the spin or not.

The major drawback of modern online slots games is their complexity. But 3-reel online slots simplify matters significantly while offering fantastic payback. However, players who love the modern multi-line slots might consider 3-reel slots as not fast enough.

Multi-Reel and Multi-Payline Slots

Most modern online slots have a multi-payline model that allows players to win in several different combinations. The most common model (3×5) features five reels that spin in three rows. Some games can up the ante, making the screen very busy.

The advantage of playing multi-payline slots games is that players can win in many ways if they bet multiple ways. They can also win according to the horizontal lines, though Multi-Reel games allow winning if odd pattern symbols match up. When playing multiple lines, the volatility level increases, and you generally increase the chances of a quick payback.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a specific kind of game that offers players a chance to get a larger payback than the regular online slot games. A progressive slots game usually has a certain spin designated for jackpots. It's not unusual in the online slots world.

In a progressive slots game, the jackpot keeps rising whenever a player plays it at an online casino until someone makes the spin. It pushes the jackpot higher than it'd be if it remained at the same point all the time. The RTP (Return to Player) approaches 100 percent as the progressive jackpot to a specific point, which is a fantastic opportunity for players.

Video Slot Machines

There's a significant overlap between the earlier-mentioned multi-reel slots and video slots. Technically speaking, all online slot games are essentially video slots due to the absence of physical reels spinning. Instead, the spin result is determined by an RNG (Random Number Generator) built into the game.

That's basically how most online slots work, so most of the games you'll find are video slots. Video slots open players up to more possibilities and a better gaming experience than the old-fashioned slot machines. They enable players to play as many reels and lines as possible while providing special slot features that they wouldn't find in the old slot machines.

Slot Symbols

It's essential to know the different kinds of slot machine symbols before attempting to play the game as they are the basis of every slot game. Symbols appear on the rows and reels to create winning combinations that reward gamblers for their spins. Online slot symbols usually fit with the feel and theme of a game, helping to give it more life.

High-Value Symbols

High-value symbols are those that you want to hit as their combination is worth much more on the spin. These symbols could be anything that depicts features or characters from the specific slot theme.

Low-value Symbols

You'll find low-value symbols at the paytable of any video slot. They are usually ranked according to their value. Q, J, K, A, 9, and 10 are royal suit symbols mostly considered as low-value symbols in several slot games.

Wild Symbols

These are among the most popular unique symbols, and they're a mainstay of most slot games. They usually come in different flavors, acting in different ways to add variety to the gameplay.

Scatter Symbols

These are sometimes called bonus symbols. Their primary function is to trigger unique features in slots games such as Free Spins games or similar. Scatters are rarely substituted by Wilds.

Regular Wilds

Regular Wilds usually represent any other symbol once they appear, though a Wild doesn't affect other unique symbols like Scatter. They can assume the values of the symbols they're substituting for or have their value assigned.

Reel Covering Wilds

Every player wishes to have a reel stacked with Wild symbols as it increases their chances of getting a decent win.

Wandering/Moving Wilds

After a complete spin, a Wandering Wild shifts position in a unique way, as displayed in the paytable.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds is different from Wilds that cover an entire reel. While they land as single symbols, Expanding Wilds grow or expand to cover more spaces in the reel after a complete spin.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are a direct opposite of the Wandering Wild, as they don't change position. These Wilds usually remain locked in a spot until the feature is complete or for a certain number of spins.

Colossal Symbols

As the name implies, Colossal symbols are huge and they can boost your gaming morale by covering multiple symbol spaces at the same time. In some online slot games, Colossal symbols can cover half of your screen and give you some massive big slot wins.

Expanding Symbols and Reels

Expanding reels imply the inclusion of an additional reel or reels through a bonus feature. It expands the number of reels displayed in the slot game. Adding an extra reel usually increases the number of spaces available for symbols and often influences the number of winning chances for a player.

Know the Stats of Your Online Slots

How much attention a player pays to the statistics of a slot game determines whether they're a pro or a novice online casino slots gamer. Most casino sites will display stats like volatility and RTP beside each slot title. It's important to understand how the slot works and try to play on the best payout slots. It's important to understand the slot machine secrets to be able to increase your chances of winning.

We have explained the meaning of these terms below as they will help you to select the best slot games. If you have been playing a certain game for a while and you are not getting returns, you need to ditch the game and find a better one. Funding your player account with more money doesn't imply that the game will offer you a huge payout.


The Return to Player (RTP) of a game always appears as a percentage, and it indicates to a player how much of their bankroll they'll likely win from a game over time. An RTP percentage is usually calculated based on the outcome of thousands of spins on a game.

It does not guarantee in any way what a player will win back from the game. It only gives them an idea of how much they can expect to get back over time.

For instance, if a game has an RTP of 96%, the online casino will likely get 4% of your wager through the game. It's often called "House edge." You wouldn't find a game with 100 percent RTP otherwise online casinos would soon be out of business.

Hence, one might wonder why they should play slot games. Since the outcome of every spin is random and the RTP indicates only the possible returns over time, the losses or wins each player gets while playing an online slot game varies massively.


Volatility also referred to as variance, is the estimated size of a player's wins and the frequency. It describes the size of payout a player can expect and its overall frequency in a slot game. Online slots are categorized as having either high, medium, or low volatility.

Low variance slots usually offer smaller payouts regularly making them perfect for beginners. On the other hand, higher variance slots offer bigger payouts but less frequently. Medium variance online slots are a great balance between these two extreme types and are more commonly found at casino sites.

Slot Bonuses, Free Spins, and Features

After selecting the kind of slot you wish to play regularly, how can you get some entertainment too? Free spins, bonuses, wild symbols, and features can give you a pleasurable slot gaming experience.

Scatter Rounds/Bonus Rounds

These are found on some slots as either Scatter symbols or Bonus symbols. You might even find some slots with Scatter, Bonus, and free spins symbols. When aiming at the three, you'll have up to nine feature symbols, high and low-value symbols, with the combinations becoming massive.

It can be frustrating to find all three on the reels repeatedly without awarding and matching the respective bonus round. Hence, we advise selecting a slot with only one. You'll often need to get three of the symbols on display to trigger the feature or bonus round.

In several cases, landing four to five will give you more features, free spins, or bonuses. If it's a feature of the slots game, it will make a huge difference between your wins for getting three, four, and five. If you hit all five, that's a massive fortune!

Free Spins Round

Getting a free spins reward might be the most profitable of all the bonus features. Some slots offer players free spins after hitting a series of free spins symbols. You might find other free spins from Scatter or Bonus symbols.

Each slot game varies, so ensure to check the details of the game to understand how to win the corresponding free spins. Most times, you'll need to hit three displayed free spins symbols to trigger them. You can win more free spins by hitting more free spins symbols.

Free spins rounds can often have further special bonuses, or symbols, multiply winning spins or add extra win lines. The ultimate glory of free spins is when there's a chance for a retrigger. It adds more free spins to your total and lands further wins, increasing your overall winning turn value.

Random Features

Random features are another exciting slot feature. Although they can be sometimes disappointing, random features also offer massive wins, including jackpots.

In most cases, nothing has to land on the reels after a spin. You might see some slight changes on your screen when they're about to appear.

Banking Options Available for Online Slots

If you're looking to deposit in an online casino, several payment options are available to you. Debit and credit cards are ideal for gamblers in countries without legal restrictions on slots, as are bank wires and checks. It's also important to know the safe online casino slots for you to play and hit those wins.

You can also use e-wallets such as Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill if you don't want a traditional banking method. Gamblers looking to circumvent conventional payment methods entirely can fund with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Regardless of the payment method you select, ensure that your preferred online casino site accommodates that method.

Winning Strategies for Online Slots

There's no 100% strategy to win at online slots as it's a game of chance, but there are a few ways to maximize your winning potential. Using these slot tips for beginners can help to increase your profits and minimize any potential losses while playing online slots. Every successful bettor always looks to achieve these two things, whether they're betting on slots, table games, or sports.

Have a Budget

While playing online slots is easy, doing the same for profitability can be tougher. One of the most challenging hurdles for anyone looking to maximize profits when playing the game comes while budgeting.

Set a limit as to the amount you're willing to lose. It enables you to play in a less threatening environment financially, and still gives you room to enjoy the game until you get the win you desire.

Do Your Research

Researching is essential on casino sites offering online slots is essential for anyone who wishes to be successful with playing online slots. It will help you to avoid spending your money while still learning, and to have more funds within your budget to enjoy the game when you have the required knowledge.

Take Your Time

Slots are a fast-paced game. It involves players spending more money if the spins are faster since they wish to play for the same period regardless.

Spend good time between the spins to avoid that trap. You can sip a glass of beverage, or watch your favorite television show. It will help you to play with a clear mind, which you need to be successful.

Don't Pursue Your Losses

Remember that we mentioned that having a budget is essential if you hope to be successful at playing online slots. The attitude that you can win your money back if you spend a little beyond the budget or make one final deposit is toxic. You are likely to have this mindset when you lose, but you must avoid it so you don't go bankrupt.

Select Better Odds

Online slots games come with varying odds. Hence, you will make more profits in the long run by playing slots games with more favorable odds, even if you'll get lesser payouts from these games.

Common Slots Terms

Now that you understand how to play online slots, here are some online slots terms you should get familiar with. Knowing them will help you become an expert at the game.

  • Bonus Round: Several online slots games have bonus rounds, where you're sent to a different screen that offers you free spins or several other big winning chances.
  • Max Bet: A max bet is the largest sum that a player is allowed to wager on a spin. It's usually the bet needed to win the biggest possible bonus or jackpot in any game.
  • Hit: It's not the same meaning as the Blackjack term. It means a winning spin.
  • Pay Table: A useful guide that shows you what is required for you to get a payout, and each corresponding payout.
  • Payout: The amount a slot game pays you for winning a spin. It varies based on your bet size, what the spin itself generates, and the paylines used.
  • Symbols: These are the images that appear on each reel. They are combined to get the potential payouts.
  • Winning Combination: A group or combination of symbols on a spin that results in a payout. It changes based on the symbols randomly generated on a spin.
  • Reels: These are the spinning components in an online slots game that show the symbols used to get the potential payouts.
  • Wild Symbol: Some slot games have wild symbols that a player can use as a free match for many symbols simultaneously to help them easily earn payouts on the corresponding spins.
  • Payout Percentage: This is the percentage of your funds that you get back. The payout percentage on different games varies.

Land-based Casino Slots vs. Online Slots

Several keen players who often visit the likes of Sin City and Vegas will agree that the best moments are enjoyed while playing a slot game. While the reeled slots games found at casino sites don't have the same exact feel or look, they share several things in common with land-based casino slots.

That said, you will also notice a few differences as well especially in terms of gameplay and selection. Of course the possibility to hack slot games it's always there and it's something to have in mind for the owner of the online casinos.

Differences Between Online and Offline Slots

Offline slots do not have as many variations as their online counterparts. The different online slots themes range from Asian themes, Ancient Egypt, Fruit-themed, Irish, and Fairy Tale themes, and more.

In addition, online slots offer more varieties for different kinds of gamblers. The maximum and minimum bets for each slot game vary significantly from one game to another. 


Now that you know all about online slot games and discovered every myth slot, it's time to begin enjoying the game and find the best time to play slots. Register on a reliable online casino to start spinning your favorite reels.

The most popular slot games offer hours of fun and entertainment and good profits. We recommend signing up on Vegas Aces as it offers interesting bonuses to boost your chances of improving your bankroll. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are Online Slots Rigged?
Some individuals believe that online slots results are predetermined, which isn't the case. Most online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to ensure the randomness of the outcome of each game. The presence of this software erases any possibility of results being rigged. Hence, you can relax and play at any online casino that uses this software as you're assured of fairness.
2Where Can I Find the Best Free Online Slot?
Free online slots are scattered around different websites, including real money casino sites, where players are allowed to try their preferred slot titles and understand the gameplay before going for the real money options. The best free online slots are usually provided by reliable software developers. You can consider games that offer fantastic themes and have the best sound and look.
3Can I Play Real Money Mobile Slots Apps?
Mobile gambling is among the most common forms of gambling as it allows players to play on the go. Most casino sites develop a mobile app that players can download onto their mobile device, whether Android, iPhone, or tablets. Other casino sites have a web browser version that is well-optimized for smaller screens. With either of these options, gamblers can enjoy their favorite online slots for real money wherever and anytime they like.
4Which Casinos Are Safe to Play Online Slots?
Players who play online slots on a licensed and state-registered online casino can be sure their data and money are safe. If you decide to play slots at an unlicensed online casino and have issues cashing out a significant win or accessing your funds, there'll be no one to help. You can only enjoy the safest possible gaming experience by playing at a state-regulated casino.
5What Is a Payline?
A combination of displayed positions on a slot game is called payline, and you'll win by matching symbols across it. Some online slots can begin with one payline and run into hundreds. The most frequent combinations are 243, 100, 50, 40, 25, 20, 10, and 5. Some online slots have even more paylines. For instance, the paylines on Megaways can be up to thousands.

Vegas Aces Online Slots Reviews

Online Slots Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Gary
Kudos to you guys!

An interesting game! I love the fact that I don't have to visit a real casino to enjoy my favorite slot game. I usually play with my Samsung mobile phone whenever I am bored. Vegas Aces are doing a great job. They helped me solve the issues I had with funding. Kudos to you guys!

 by Crystal
I enjoy spinning the reels for free too

This game is superb. Since I learned how to play it, I have been able to increase my money significantly. I win some and lose some, but in the long run, I get more winnings. I enjoy spinning the reels for free too. Lol. The developers are doing an excellent job.

 by Jack
It helps to relax my mind, and it offers plenty of fun.

This game is a high-quality game for casino lovers. It helps to relax my mind, and it offers plenty of fun. I play it every morning before rising from my bed and every night before going to sleep. It's kind of addictive. You can't try it and ditch it. Great work!

 by Kumar
It is a great game for building your bankroll.

Online slots is a beautiful game that allows you to win a good amount of money without putting much. If you begin by pacing your wager, taking it slowly at first, and gradually increasing the bet, you might not need to spend much money. It is a great game for building your bankroll.

 by Tam
Great work by the developers!

I love to play this game for fun the same way I do with real cash. It satisfies my desires and offers some entertainment when I don't have money to play. How exciting it feels to find a fantastic slot game with excellent graphics and enticing bonuses. Great work by the developers!

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