Panda Playtime

Pandas are clumsy, cute, and lazy, but these pandas could turn your life around

Panda Playtime Slot Game

Panda Playtime is a six-reel cluster game built on an Asian theme featuring a panda. Read on to know more.. There are no paylines as in most casino games. To win, you must form groups of at least nine symbols in a cluster, regardless of the direction.

Panda Playtime Slot Game Review

Panda Playtime Details

Pandas are clumsy, cute, and lazy fellows, but pandas in the Panda Playtime could turn your life around. These pandas could give you up to 10000x after spinning the Panda Playtime bamboo forest reels.

This slot game is a cluster win game on six reels. There are no paylines as in most casino games. To win, you must form groups of at least nine symbols in a cluster, regardless of the direction.

Panda Playtime has quite a flow of interesting free spins and fantastic online slot bonus features. Free spins could multiply your bet size interestingly. Here you can reap amazing rewards so easily. There are three most common ways to make money in Panda Playtime; through Sticky Wins Respin feature, the free spins game feature, and the random wild feature.

Themes And Graphics

Panda Playtime inspiration comes from the elusive, cute, and clumsy Giant Panda. These pandas are the worlds' most stubborn creatures. Pandas are very few in the world and are among the world's most endangered species. There are, however, notable human efforts to encourage their survival.

Pandas are human-friendly and, best of all, vegetarians. Panda Playtime features their natural habitation in the Asian bamboo forest. They live exclusively in China. They have a unique and easily noticeable skin of black and white fur.

Panda Playtime's main screen features this giant panda. The reel board has attractive graphics of beautifully designed bamboos thanks to Dragon Gaming. Panda, a Ying Yang, cheeky chipmunk, and Lotus flower are the playing symbol for the game. Other symbols include; spades, club, diamond, and a lower-scoring heart. The soothing soundtrack is a mesmerizing upbeat of Chinese music.

Panda Playtime RTP and Variance

Panda game has very high volatility and an RTP of 95.54%. This RTP is quite fair; however, it is not the best in the industry. The thrilling volatility could earn you a fortune anytime.

How to Play Panda Playtime Slot Game

  1. Pick a coin value on the lower left part of the main screen.
  2. Using the arrows, select a coin value ranging between 0.02 to 9.00. These values are then multiplied by ten; thus, you will have a minimum bet size of 0.20 and a maximum size of 90.00.
  3. For an auto spin, click the auto spin button located towards the right side of the main spin button. Panda Playtime contains 10 to 5,000 spins. They start immediately after selection.
  4. On the lower left side of the reels, there is a '+' sign. Use it to view the game paytables or game details, instructions, and rules.
  5. Locate the volume icon on the screen and press it whenever you want to mute the sound.

Bet Size and Paytable Wins

Panda Playtime has a minimum bet size of 0.20, a coin value of 0.02, and a maximum bet value of 90.0, 9.00-coin value.

The Paytable is as listed below:

  1. 30 Wilds = x10,000
  2. 30 Pandas = x10,000
  3. 29 Pandas = x9000
  4. 28 Pandas = x8000
  5. 27 Pandas = x7000
  6. 26 Pandas =x6000
  7. 25 Pandas =x5000
  8. 30 chipmunks =x5000
  9. 30 flowers = x5000

Free spins

Three or more Ying Yang trigger Panda Playtime free spins. 

  • 3 x Free Spins symbols = nine free spins
  • 4 x Free Spins symbols = ten free spins
  • 5 x Free Spins symbols = 11 free spins
  • 6 x Free Spins symbols = 12 free spins

The more free spins you get, the lower scoring symbols are eliminated, thus giving you a high stake winning probability. 

  • From 3rd spin = Diamonds removed
  • From 5th spin = Hearts removed
  • From 7th spin = Clubs removed
  • From 9th spin = Spades removed

Free spins at this level trigger more free spins. 

  • 3 Free Spins symbols = 1 additional free spin
  • 4 Free Spins symbols = 2 additional free spin
  • 5 Free Spins symbols = 3 additional free spin
  • 6 Free Spins symbols = 4 additional free spin

Sticky Win Respin

Every time you win, expect a random sticky win respin. A sticky win respin sticks the winning symbols while the rest respin. Respins form automatically until there are no new winning lines. 

Spawning Wild feature

This feature adds wilds to the reels. It increases your winning probability. 

Max Wins

Panda Playtime slot game uses hearts, diamonds, and spades as the low-tier symbols. The high-tier symbols for this game are the red panda and the giant panda. The lotus flower is not very rewarding, but it's better than low tiers. 

If luck is on your side and your match all giant pandas, you will get a whopping 10,000x of your coin value. The coin value is set between 0.2 and 5, with a total cash bet totaling ten times the amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who developed the Panda Playtime slot game?
DragonGaming designed and created the Panda Playtime slot game. DragonGaming is a new software developer in the casino industry. It has so far created an interesting gaming reputation while making outstanding launches over the years.
2How does Panda Playtime scatter symbols work?
The Scatter symbol is a replacement for paylines. Typically, casinos of up to five reels have 25 to 30 paylines. The more paylines you have, the high the chances of winnings. Panda Playtime scatter symbol requires at least nine or more similar symbols in a scatter; they do not have to be on a straight line as paylines do.
3How can I boost my clusters?
Panda Playtime has a different casino game strategy from most online casinos. For boosting your ability to make money, several bonus features offer free spins. A free spin allows players to spin the reel without risking their wagers. You can take advantage of the respin feature or the sticky win feature. If you are lucky to attract the yin-yang scatter symbols, your quality to get up to 12 free spins.

Panda Playtime Slot Review

Panda Playtime Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Isaac Hudson
The scatter symbol idea is fantastic

Thank you, DragonGaming, for this exciting game. It was well tough. The scatter symbol idea is fantastic. I make wins even before I know it. I have won lie five times in the last two months.

 by Fidelis White
I love everything about this casino game

I love good staff when I see one, and this is an extemporal staff. I love everything about this casino game. I am a teddy bear fanatic, so I feel loved anytime I am playing this game. I love it.

 by Hansel Bones
I love it

My brother introduced me to the Panda Playtime slot game, and so far, I love it.

 by Else Vance
Unique and eye-catching

What a way to sell your company. DragonGaming is a new casino software developer in the market and has taken the industry by storm. They must have taken a lot of time and investment in research because every game they release is unique and eye-catching.

 by Patrick Woods
I never struggled to learn

Panda Playtime is a simple game. I never struggled to learn. It is now my second month though I am yet to go home with the 10,000x my wager. I hope to win soon.

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