Panda Playtime Slot Game

Panda Playtime Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Panda Playtime takes you to a forest somewhere in China to catch a glimpse of one of the earth’s most magnificent creatures – the Panda. This is a thrilling adventure, not only because you will see this cuddly and cute animal up close, but because it is believed to be a harbinger of good luck and happiness. But don’t take our word for it, play the Panda Playtime demo, and you’ll confirm this for yourself.

How to Play Panda Playtime Slot

Whether you’re new to online slots or you’ve acquired some experience in playing this category of online casino games, learning to play Panda Playtime Slot is easy to grasp.

Open the Panda Playtime slot and click on the coin icon to open the betting window. Then, select the amount to play with. If you want to play the maximum amount and your bankroll can carry it, click on the button written MAX, and the coin value will shoot up to $10.

But if you’re operating with a small budget, you can start your wagering with $0.01. In the end, your total bet will either be a low $0.10 or a high $100. Then return to the main game and start the game by tapping the spin button or the auto spin button. The latter will save you the trouble of manually spinning the reels and will carry out this function automatically for you.

Panda Playtime Slot RTP and Variance

The Panda Playtime slot has an RTP of 95.54%, and even though the demo play does not give us the volatility information we experienced that has quite a high volatility. The RTP is certainly not the best on the market, but it’s not bad either. The volatility, on the other hand, will cause some good payouts to come to you when you win.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Panda Playtime slot has a well-designed grid and animated bamboos that will instantly capture your attention. For symbols that will go along with this theme, the slot makers added a Panda, a lotus flower, a yin-yang, and a chipmunk. It doesn’t stop there, extra symbols include a heart, spade, diamond, and club.

Some of the symbols pay higher than others, and we shall reveal the value of each in the next section.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The table below shows the strength of every symbol that is associated with the Panda Playtime slot. This game pays differently than what you’re used to. Wins are recorded when you land 9 symbols and above. See what you’ll win when you get 9-12 symbols while playing.

Symbols 9 10 11 12
Panda 25 50 100 150
Chipmunk 15 25 50 100
Lotus Flower 15 25 50 100
Spade 5 10 20 35
Club 5 10 20 35
Heart 5 10 20 35
Diamond 5 10 20 35


Panda Playtime Slot Bonus Features

The features of Panda Playtime were designed to boost your chances of winning and boy, do you have lots of them. Let’s see what we’ll be working with below:

  • Free spins

3 or more yin-yang symbols are what you will need to let lose the free spins.

  • 3 yin-yangs are equal to 9 free spins
  • 4 yin-yangs are equal to 10 free spins
  • 5 yin-yangs are equal to 11 free spins
  • 6 yin-yangs are equal to 12 free spins

The more your free spins increase, the more low-value symbols will be removed from your gameplay until all that’s left are high-paying symbols.

  • Wild Symbol

Land a wild symbol and watch it substitute all other symbols and create for you a winning combination. The only symbol that can’t be replaced by the Wild is the yin-yang. 30 Wild symbols are your ticket to a $10,000 payouts.

  • Sticky Win Respin

This feature can be triggered by any of your wins. When this is activated, all winning symbols will be made to stand still while other symbols will be free to re-spin. This ends when no additional winning combination is formed.

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Panda Playtime Slot FAQs

Will I make money playing the Panda Playtime slot?

Making money is part of what Panda Playtime offers. But you can only do this in the real money version. Sign in and get started.

What's the most valuable symbol in the Panda Playtime slot?

The most lucrative symbol is the Panda itself. 30 of this symbol is equivalent to $10,000.

Let’s Get Spinning

The Panda Playtime slot is surely a game with a difference. If you play your cards right, you could end the game way richer. DragonGaming has allowed you to come chill with the big boys – take it! Join now and start playing!

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Panda Playtime Slot Reviews

Panda Playtime Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Isaac Hudson

Thank you, DragonGaming, for this exciting game. It was well tough. The scatter symbol idea is fantastic. I make wins even before I know it. I have won lie five times in the last two months.

 by Fidelis White

I love good staff when I see one, and this is an extemporal staff. I love everything about this casino game. I am a teddy bear fanatic, so I feel loved anytime I am playing this game. I love it.

 by Hansel Bones

My brother introduced me to the Panda Playtime slot game, and so far, I love it.

 by Else Vance

What a way to sell your company. DragonGaming is a new casino software developer in the market and has taken the industry by storm. They must have taken a lot of time and investment in research because every game they release is unique and eye-catching.

 by Patrick Woods

Panda Playtime is a simple game. I never struggled to learn. It is now my second month though I am yet to go home with the 10,000x my wager. I hope to win soon.

 by Kyles Myles

I never thought I would ever win anything in life until I played this game. I loved the game right from the advert I saw on a casino website. The three main bonus games are the whole secret to making money in this game. It has a beautiful background and interactive scenes. The soothing Chinese folk music is an excellent touch to add to the game's graphics.

 by Esther Brown

Playing casino online casino games has never been my thing. I prefer sitting in the old school casino games. Panda Playtime was, however, not a waste of time. I love the game. The sticky win respin was my most exciting part. I have not yet played for real money, but I hope to do so soon. 

 by Hansel Essie

I have never heard of Dragon Gaming, and to be honest, I never expected much from them. The game has an attractive green theme featuring the bamboo forest. I love pandas. They are very cute and clumsy though stubborn. They make the game exciting and appear to play. 

 by James Bond

It's an exciting game. I love panda become it eliminates the hustle of dealing with very confusing paylines. I find this game very accessible and straightforward. I have taught my kid, and she did not struggle to learn. I love the demo version that is playable on pc. Great work to the developers.

 by Keith Sacral

Panda Playtime is a brilliant mind-blowing casino slot. This is my first time playing this game, and a, overwhelmed. The gameplay is excellent, and for once, I felt like m in the deep Asian bamboo forests. Panda Playtime is a yet classic game. I love it.

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