Ali Imsirovic: Mastering the Live Poker Scene

Ali Imsirovic: Mastering the Live Poker Scene

Ali Imsirovic was PokerGo’s 2021 Tour Player of the Year. So far, he has earned close to $19 million in live tournament cash prizes, a Poker Masters win, and the commonly coveted Purple Jacket.

In this casino news, we will highlight Ali Imsirovic’s poker wins and the controversies surrounding his career.

Ali Imsirovic’s Background and Poker Journey

Ali Imsirovic was born in Bosnia on January 29th, 1995. He became interested in poker because his father also loved these casino games. At age three, Ali’s family left Bosnia for the United States due to the war. He was inclined toward basketball until an ankle injury prevented him from pursuing this career.

At 16, Ali Imsirovic had already enrolled at Washington State University to study criminal justice. However, Ali continually honed his skills in school, mastering poker hand names and registering online illegally in 2011 to gain firsthand experience. Eventually, he dropped out in his last year to give poker more attention.

Ali Imsirovic: Live Poker Tournament Achievements

In 2015, Ali Imsirovic transitioned from online casino poker to live tables. His first game was in a live tournament at the Caribbean Poker Tour (CPT) in Punta Cana. This debut came with a rapid ascension in the ranks of high-stakes games where people who ask what are the winning poker hands should not be playing. He participated in the WSOP Circuit event in November 2017, winning $83,959 in the $1,675 No Limit Hold ’em – Main Event.

In 2018, Ali won the PCA $10,000 + 150 No Limit Hold ’em event, which saw him cash out $160,050. He competed in the Borgata Spring Poker Open in Atlantic City, finishing first in the $2,500 + 200 No Limit Hold ’em – Main Event, winning $246,066. He had massive back-to-back wins at the Poker Masters 2018 in Las Vegas.

After finishing first in both, Ali won $462,000 in the $25,000 + 1,000 No Limit Hold ’em event and $799,000 in the $50,000 + 2,000 No Limit Hold ’em event. He also ticked the year off with a $400,000 prize win at the Partypoker LIVE after finishing 3rd in the $50,000 No Limit Hold ’em – Super High Roller. Ali rounded it up with a $540,000 win at the Super High Roller Bowl V in Las Vegas. These amounts don’t come easy, even in online casino games with real money.

He earned the Purple Jacket for his excellent performance at the 2018 Poker Masters, where he was the best player in the tournament.

The following year, 2019, began on a good note for Ali Imsirovic as he made a grand win of $442,500 at the U.S. Poker Open 2019 after finishing first in the $25,000 No Limit Hold ’em event. He had several 6-figure wins that year. His biggest win was £ 900,000 $, (1,118,707) at the Super High Roller Bowl in London after he finished first in the £250,000 + 2,500 No Limit Hold ’em event. Ali ended the year with a $600,000 cash prize at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Las Vegas.

Ali Imsirovic: Continued Success and Recognition

In 2021, Ali Imsirovic won the GPI Player of the Year title (after hitting 3,479 points) and was named the Best Player of the Year by PokerGo. He performed exceptionally at the Tour events, including a $270,000 cash prize in the $ $ 25,000 No Limit Hold ’em Venetian High Roller event and a $315,000 cash at the $50,000 + 1,000 No Limit Hold ’em Stairway Millions event.

Ali Imsirovic also had an excellent rundown at the WPT Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open in Hollywood, where he finished first for $695,355.

He has made $18,702,880 in total live tournament earnings. This proves that he has in-depth knowledge of poker definition.


In 2022, Ali Imsirovic was accused of cheating and using a real-time assistant (RTA). These accusations resulted in his ban from GGpoker and PokerGo. He has been away from poker tables since this allegation surfaced. Ali may probably check out online poker real money games privately later.

Final Thoughts

Despite the controversies surrounding his career, Ali Imsirovic is undoubtedly one of the best professional poker players. He rose to the top through relentless dedication to the game, earning him life-changing sums. Visit Vegas Aces casino today to enjoy online poker variants, including the Aces and Eights game.

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