Retro Reels Revival: Double Diamond Slots Puts a Nostalgic Tone to Your Gaming

Retro Reels Revival: Double Diamond Slots Puts a Nostalgic Tone to Your Gaming

Not many slot games out there have been able to sustain the legacy of the one-arm bandit machine without going extinct. Among the games that have been able to do this is the Double Diamond Slots. For many decades, this chance-based game has been one of the most simple mechanical slots available in casinos, inspiring many developers worldwide.

When talking about slot heritage, the Double Diamond Slots is a worthy mention. Today’s casino news will help you understand why. We will begin by taking a brief look at its history.

About Double Diamond Slots

International Game Technology (IGT) created the first Double Diamond machine in 1989. Upon release, the 3-reel mechanical game’s simplicity caught the attention of many casinos. It had no free features such as spins or bonus rounds. To win, players only needed to land the necessary symbols.

Since 1975, IGT has been creating and launching top slot games that prioritize players’ experience and casino systems. They have a good track record of creating slots with quality themes. The Double Diamond is one of the pioneers of themed slot games.

In 2005, IGT made Double Diamond Slots available to some selected online casino websites. Since then, it hasn’t stopped being many people’s popular choice. The machine’s simplicity is one of its key strengths. These days, simplicity is the new complex.

What Makes Double Diamond Slots Unique

Despite being one of the oldest slot games, the Double Diamond Slots is still a common choice among players who play other chance-based games like American roulette for the following reasons.

Classic Symbols and Simple Gameplay

As mentioned, this game has no extras, confusing animations, or flashy symbols. It features five symbols only: cherries, the classic 7s, double BAR, triple BAR, and BAR. These are classic symbols, some of which you can find in free online slots as well.

Regarding gameplay, you win by matching symbols on the pay lines. It’s a three-reel slot, so landing two diamond symbols on the pay line provides 4x the regular payout amount. If a player is lucky to land three, the 800x top prize of the game is given. If you are one of those inquiring about how do online slots pay you, you can check out this game to understand it easily. Also, if you play it at online casinos, you get a 1000x max win.

Wagering Affordability

Many casinos keep playing the original Double Diamond Slots machine because it is still friendly to non-high rollers despite its significant payback percentage. The online version has an RTP of 95.44%. It is lower than the Budai Reels Slot, but you can wager as little as 25 cents or as high as $5 to win its top win prize.

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The popularity of Double Diamond Slots has also been fueled by its sequels. New variations have been released over the years, starting from the Double Diamond Deluxe, where symbols can shift from the center to the pay lines, to the Triple Diamond slot released in 2025, which features an 1199x multiplier.

Another option in these sought-after casino games is the Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond Slot, which has provided some of the most outstanding payouts in the United States. In 2018, a man who remained anonymous to date wagered $20 on the slot machine at a casino hotel in Detriot and won $875,527.

Double the Prize!

Double Diamond Slots by IGT is one of the most nostalgic games in casinos today. It is not flashy like modern slots, but it is a machine that does what it ought to do: entertain and payout players when they land the required symbols. The award-winning game thrives on its simplicity.

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