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Learn here at Vegas Aces What is Blazing Blackjack?

Blazing 7s Blackjack is a unique spin on an old favorite if you’ve ever played Blackjack. Aside from the standard blackjack strategy, this game offers an additional side bet that can pay out significant money. 

If you put your money down and draw a seven in your hand, there is nothing to lose. It works like this: Many of the WinStar table games are linked to a progressive jackpot, so the more sevens you have, the better your chances are of winning a piece of that jackpot. 

What is blazing blackjack? Blazing 7s Blackjack introduces the thrills of progressive electronic games to the world of traditional table games, making them even more exhilarating. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy this game because of this degree of excitement.

With each seven that a player or Dealer receives in Blackjack, a side bet grows in size. It is determined by the number of sevens a player or Dealer receives. 

Sevens are the most important number to win big money in this game.

Game Rules

After learning about what is blazing blackjack, make a stake on Blazing 7s in the area marked by three 7s to play. Unlike the main blackjack game, the amount of money staked here is not tied to the amount of money bet in the blackjack shuffle machine

High or low: You have the freedom to choose the price as high or low as your budget allows. When the table rules allow it, the value can be as low as 0.

Blazing 7s has a name that suggests it’s a wager on seven-valued cards. If either your two starting cards or the Dealer’s card is a seven, you have a chance of winning. It is possible to win even more money if you land on two sevens. 

Even more, money is yours if you get three sevens. It’s possible to get more money if you have three sevens of the same color. If you have three sevens of the same suit, things become even better!

If you place a blazing 7s side bet, you will receive your winnings regardless of how well your primary hand does. Even if you lose your initial hand or are defeated by the Dealer, you still have a chance to win. One or more 7s can still bring in big bucks.

How To Play 

We’ve explored what is blazing blackjack and now it’s time to know how to play. At the beginning of each game, each player must place a standard Blackjack wager and a possible Blazing 7’s Progressive wager.

As a result of this, the Blazing 7s Progressive considers both the player and the Dealer’s Up Cards. Players who draw one or more sevens earn money on their first two cards. 

Blazing 7s Progressive Jackpot Meter rewards can be won if you get at least two-seven cards and a dealer-up card with a seven on it. In this game, you can’t win with three mixed 7s. In Blackjack, place a standard bet. If you want to wager on the progressive bonus, you’ll need to first insert your gambling chips into a machine at your betting location. 

At the beginning of the game, each player receives two (2) cards. One face-up card and one face-down card will be dealt simultaneously to the Dealer (hole card). 

As soon as the initial deal is completed and the upcard is displayed to the gambler, the Dealer will settle the Blazing 7’s Progressive Blackjack bet. 

The Progressive wager is void if a Player’s first two cards don’t contain at least one seven each. This rule applies because only the greatest Blazing 7’s Progressive Blackjack hand will be paid out to a player who has a winning hand.

Best Blazing Blackjack Strategy

Because of side bets, the house edge increases in Blackjack. As a result, putting more bets in this manner is a negative strategy for those who gamble. There’s a reason so many people enjoy parting with their hard-earned cash, though.

In Blackjack, you might win large or lose big. After a hand, you get your money back in the same amount. You get a little more if you hit a blackjack. 

Unless you go on a strong winning run, you may have to play for a long time to make enough money to pay for your meal and a few beverages. No matter how short your session, this holds.

Playing Blazing 7s Blackjack, on the other hand, increases your chances of striking it rich. Each time you go to the casino, you can imagine yourself having a fantastic time with $5 on the main game and $5 on the Blazing 7s wager. When three red sevens appear, you’re rewarded 500:1 (or $2,500) for your patience.

It has the effect of enticing people to give up more control over their residence.

Blazing 7s Side Bet

The Blazing 7s side bet’s payouts are listed in the game’s paytable, which you can access.

The player must pay if at least one of their two cards is a 7. Otherwise, the game is forfeited.

You’ll get additional money or anything else if both of your first two cards are 7s.

Two of their first two cards are 7, and either the Dealer has a 7, two, or all three cards are of the same color or suit. Payouts increase even further.

No matter how bad the Blackjack hand is, the Blazing 7s side bet pays off.

No matter how many points the hand contains, the Blazing 7s side bet wins.


We’ve explored more about what is blazing blackjack and we believe you have fun playing it. If you love blackjack, this game is for you. The same rules apply, with a few variations. The most significant difference is the side bet, which can offer some very large payouts if you hit the right combination of cards. With a little luck, you could be taking home a life-changing amount of money. Are you ready to give it a try? Well, open an account and start playing now! Good luck and have fun! Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.