European Roulette Game

European Roulette Game

Quick Overview of the Game

European Roulette Online is a great game for players who want to enjoy a cool table game. The game has straightforward rules and offers stability, providing users with the opportunity to win through betting. For a true experience of this game, play it yourself, as it is among BetSoft’s finest creations.

In this European Roulette game review, we will discuss many of the features that you will enjoy when you play the game.

How to Play European Roulette Online

Learning how to play European Roulette online is the first step to earning money from the game at your favorite online casino. To play, players have to guess where the ivory ball will land in the rotating Roulette. The wheel has 36 numbers plus 0 which makes 37. Players predict the outcome of each spin and win more money the closer their bet is to the final position of the ball. In addition, all players place wagers against the bank and not against other game participants.

The winnings of online roulette rely heavily on the correctness of players’ predictions. It is a fun game to play but can also be mentally stimulating for participants. The game has great graphics and aesthetics that ensure users are able to enjoy their game time while winning after each correct prediction.

Play the European Roulette demo for free!

European Roulette Online RTP and Variance

The RTP for the game is 97.30%, which is a great distribution rate for players looking to try their luck at an online casino. Therefore, players can rest assured that they will get a chance to play the game fairly and win some money for themselves. In addition, having a high RTP value is a characteristic that many BetSoft games share, which makes this game a nice one.

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Symbols and Gameplay

European Roulette does not rely on symbols to work and is not a symbol-heavy game. Rather, it uses numbers, and players have to guess what number, color, or position the ivory ball will land in when the Roulette stops spinning. This is a bit more technical than other slot casino games, as it relies on players to accurately predict the outcome of the ball, which could be quite hard to do, rather than relying on the machine to give you the same symbol along a payline.

Bet Sizes and Paytable

The best size for the game is between 3.00 and 500. This accommodates all types of players, from the rich to the lowly, making the game quite inclusive. In addition, it allows the game to have a more unique feel as players can adjust their betting risk based on their risk appetite.

The paytable for this game is based on the kind of bets made by players. Below is the paytable the game offers players.

Chip Covers Term Pays
1 number Straight up 35 to 1
2 numbers Split bet 17 to 1
3 numbers Street bet 11 to 1
4 numbers Corner bet 8 to 1
6 numbers Line bet 5 to 1
12 numbers Dozen bet 2 to 1
18 numbers Red/Black bet 1 to 1


European Roulette Online Bonus Features

The game has no bonus features. Players would have to play the regular game to have any chance of winning.

European Roulette Online FAQs

Can I play European Roulette for free?

Absolutely! With the European Roulette demo, players can enjoy the game for free and experience its thrilling gameplay firsthand. However, to have the chance to win real money, players will need to delve into the full version of the game. It's an exciting opportunity to test your skills and strategy before stepping into the realm of potential winnings.

How do I win at European Roulette?

In this European Roulette game review, we explore how you can emerge victorious by accurately predicting the landing spot of the ivory ball when the Roulette wheel comes to a halt. By mastering the art of anticipating where the ball will fall, players have the opportunity to secure impressive wins in this captivating casino game.


European Roulette is a great game with decent mechanics and gameplay. What are you waiting for?

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European Roulette Reviews

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Benjamin Hughes

European Roulette is classic! Love the smooth gameplay.

 by Sophia Reynolds

Exciting spins! European Roulette keeps me hooked.

 by Mason Thompson

European Roulette is thrilling! Authentic casino vibe.

 by Emily Martinez

Easy to play! European Roulette is addictive fun.

 by Chloe Bennett

European Roulette is a winner! Highly recommend.

 by Ryan Turner

Enjoyable experience! European Roulette is top-notch.

 by Hailey Carter

Thrilling gameplay! European Roulette never gets old.

 by Brandon Hayes

European Roulette is fantastic! Classic casino feel.

 by Olivia Parker

Addictive fun! European Roulette is my favorite game.

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