Zoom Roulette Game

Zoom Roulette Game

Quick Overview of the Game

The Zoom Roulette Game is a European-style roulette game developed by BetSoft in 2013. It is a simple but exciting mobile-friendly game that offers frequent payouts and is bound to keep you entertained. The colorful and precise graphics make you feel like you are in front of a live roulette table.

Before playing Zoom Roulette online, you should learn how the online casino real money game works in this review. This piece also details the house edge, gameplay, features, betting range, payouts, and tips to play the game.

How to Play Zoom Roulette Game

Open the Zoom Roulette Game and choose your chip denomination by pressing the plus or minus button at the bottom right corner of the game. Choose a number on the table and place the Virtual Roulette chip on the field. After this, press the start button to initiate the round and spin the wheel. If the wheel stops spinning on a number(s) you bet on, you win the round.

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Zoom Roulette maintains the gameplay of traditional European Roulette casino games. The only difference is that everything is online, and your chances are determined by a random number generator. There is a numbered layout on the online roulette wheel: 36 numbers and 0. You can bet on a single number or multiple numbers in one round to increase your chances.

The numbered wheel has two colors: red and green. All bets are placed against the banker, as it is not a multiplayer game. You win when the wheel stops spinning on the number or numbers you bet on. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you can spin the wheel again with the same betting amount.

Bet Sizes & House Edge

Each chip in Zoom Roulette costs between $1 and $500. You can buy multiple small chips or go for the higher betting options. The house edge for Roulette Zoom is 2.7%, which means the RTP is about 97.30%.

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When you wager and win in Zoom Roulette, your payout depends on your betting size and the odds of the game, as you will see on the pay table below.

Chip Covers Term Pays
1 Number Straight Up 35 to 1
2 Numbers Split Bet 17 to 1
3 Numbers Street Bet 11 to 1
4 Numbers Corner Bet or First Four Bets 8 to 1
6 Numbers Line Bet 5 to 1
12 Numbers Dozen or Column Bet 2 to 1
18 Numbers Red/Black, Even/Odd or Low/High Bets 1 to 1


Zoom Roulette Game Tips

Playing Zoom Roulette online is a great way to pass the time. While the game is solely chance-based, the tips below can make it more entertaining and slightly increase your chances:

  • Try progressive betting by sticking to the same prediction but slightly increasing your betting amount after each spin
  • Pick numbers randomly instead of relying on a lucky number
  • Bet on multiple numbers at the same time (at least one red and one green)
  • Play the game on a generous online casino and take advantage of bonuses

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Zoom Roulette Game FAQs

Is Zoom Roulette online a live dealer game?

No, Zoom Roulette is not a live dealer game. It is a computerized game that uses a random number generator to determine winnings.

Can I win real money in the Zoom Roulette game?

Yes, you can win real money playing Zoom Roulette online. However, only those who bet with real money first can win the game.

Can I play Roulette Zoom on my desktop?

Yes, you can play Zoom Roulette on your desktop or laptop. The game is fully optimized for all devices, including mobile.

Sign Up Now and Play the Zoom Roulette Game

One of the best features of Zoom Roulette is that you do not need to visit a land-based casino or leave your comfort zone to enjoy it and win prizes. The low-volatility game pays small but frequent amounts to keep patrons happy. With just $1 you can start trying your luck with Zoom Roulette today!

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