Baccarat | Orbital Gaming

Baccarat | Orbital Gaming

Quick Overview of the Game

The Baccarat Orbital Gaming table game is a classic table game we offer you at Vegas Aces Casino. It follows the regular baccarat gameplay with a wide betting range for both high rollers and others with a restricted bankroll.

Moreover, the Baccarat online game is mobile-friendly and offers a demo version, so you can practice before playing for real money. Unlike slots, table games online can be somewhat complicated for newbies.

How to Play Baccarat Orbital Gaming

Learning how to play the Baccarat Orbital Gaming table game will be easier if you practice with the demo version for a start. When the game loads, you need to select how much you want to bet. You can bet on your hand, tie, and banker. After selecting your bet, the online casino real money game will reveal the cards, so you can tell if you won or not. You have the option to re-bet or go back and change your bet.

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Players win in this game when they have the highest score, which is nine or the closest number to that. Most of the cards have a direct face value, like the ones from 2 to 9. Other playing cards have zero value.

On the other hand, ace has a value of 1. If the sum of each hand is higher than 9 or two digits, the first digit disappears, and the remaining one becomes the value.

Also, when the result is a tie between the banker and the player, the bet will be returned if there is no bet on a tie.

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Bet Sizes & House Edge

Baccarat Orbital Gaming has a wide bet range to suit different player types. The minimum bet on the game is $0.10, while the highest bet available is $100. Generally, baccarat has a lower house edge than most games. It is 1.06% and up to 14% when there’s a tie. This is why it is often advised to bet on the player.


Since there are no side bets involved here, we have a very simple payout table:

Bet Payout House Edge
Banker 0.95:1 1.24%
Player 1:1 1.06%
Tie 8:1 14.36%


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Baccarat Orbital Gaming Tips

Baccarat is not solely based on luck like many other games like the Draw High Low Online game. You can win more if you follow proven strategies and techniques. Some include:

  • Bet on the player: It is safer to bet on the player because the odds on the banker are higher, and you may not get all the value back.
  • Quit when you win: Always budget a sum to play with each time. If you’re exhausting the amount with or without a win, stop playing and try another time.
  • Stick to your betting strategy: If you opt for the martingale system, follow it through to the end or until you exhaust your bankroll.

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Baccarat Orbital Gaming FAQs

Does the baccarat online work on mobile phones?

Since the table game is designed with HTML 5, it works seamlessly on all mobile device browsers. As long as the device uses Android and iOS operating systems, you can play on the go.

Is the baccarat game free to play?

If you don’t want to commit funds to playing this game just yet, you can play the free to play version. With the demo version, you don’t need to register or deposit funds.

Can strategies help you win in the baccarat game?

The game is a mix of change and strategy, so you can get an upper hand if you follow tested and trusted strategies for winning.

Put Your Guessing Skills to the Test!

The Baccarat game version made by Orbital Gaming is a decent variation with simple gameplay. It offers a good house edge and a wide bet range to accommodate many players and it works on mobile devices, so you can play it on the go without needing any special software. The simple payout table keeps the game straightforward and transparent, allowing you to focus on your betting strategy without the complexity of numerous side bets.

Whether you’re a veteran looking to enjoy a classic game in a new format or a newcomer eager to delve into the world of baccarat, this game stands ready to offer a polished and engaging experience at Vegas Aces Casino. Remember, disciplined betting, sticking to your strategy, and knowing when to step away, whether in victory or otherwise, are the cornerstones of a shrewd baccarat player, so place your bets wisely, keep a steady hand, and let the cards decide your fate in the elegant game of Baccarat.

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