Six Deck Blackjack Basic Strategy Moves for You

Six Deck Blackjack Basic Strategy Moves for You

In the game of blackjack, winners do not emerge merely by luck. This is the only fact that Spanish 21 vs Blackjack (the standard version) shakes hands on. They equip themselves with detailed knowledge of how the game is played and master the gameplay in their favor either to get specifics like Six deck blackjack basic strategy moves, or a generic blackjack playing a scheme that can be applied to any blackjack variation.

Have you ever tried finding out what the Blackjack strategies are? Has it occurred to you the right measures to take that’ll stir the odds in your favor? In this casino news, we will examine the 6-deck Blackjack strategies in the casino game. So grab a seat or a coffee and read on.

Six Deck Blackjack Basic Strategy to Increase Winning Chances

Learning additional rules in sync with other distinct blackjack games becomes unchallenging when a player knows a blackjack strategy chart. The six deck blackjack basic strategy moves prepare players to Hit or Stand, Double Down, Split Pairs, and even Surrender in Blackjack games when the need arises.

Blackjack strategies rule out the quest for the best return to player (RTP), the effect of the deck over the house edge, and the disparities that exist when playing with various decks of cards, like a single deck, double deck, 6 deck, and 8 deck games.

The Favorable and Unfavorable Six Deck Blackjack Strategy Tables

While playing, there are a few progressive rules every player will find. They include: Dealer Stands on Soft 17, Double Down After Split, Re-Splitting, Early Surrendering, Doubling Down on any allowed Total, and Blackjack Paying 3-2. On the other hand, some other rules are perceived as the worst. They include the Dealer Stands on 17, No Doubling Down After Splitting, No Re-Splitting, No Surrendering, Doubling Down on 9, Total Only, and Blackjack Paying 6-5.

Bear in mind that most doubling chances barely occur. So, for instance, it is special to have a ‘Redouble’ in Double Downs.

Briefly, let’s examine some Six Deck Blackjack basic strategy moves you must learn to play well and earn some winnings:


Aside from being a decent strategy, double-downs are a unique thing to do when one plays. Any doubling chance a player has is a chance to win that hand! However, there are exceptions in most cases. For example, some casinos make restrictions to double on some hands.

The following are doubling chances that barely occur:

  • Doubling down on the soft count
  • Double down on three cards
  • Doubling on any number of cards
  • Redouble

Despite those above, a player can double down on 10 or 11 without restriction.


Both late surrender (after the dealer checks for blackjack) and early surrender (before) are allowed in the blackjack game. Surrendering can also take its course on any number of cards and after a double. In surrender, you fold your hand and risk only half your bet.

When does a player Surrender?

  • On a hard 16 surrenders (except against an 8-8) against 9, 10, or Ace upcard on the dealer’s hand.
  • On a hard 15 against an upcard 10 on the dealer’s hand.

Same-value cards can be split into two new, separate games, each with an individual bet. To avoid losing double the bet, split only good, solid hands and not just any time you get the same value cards. You are allowed to surrender in a split and split at any point in the game.

When does a player Split?

  • During aces, it is advisable to split.
  • Do not split in a case of tens (10/10).
  • With the exception of 7, split if you have 8-8 and against dealers 2 through 10.
Hitting or Standing?

When you hit, you get another card from the dealer, and when you stand, you keep your hand the way it is without adding further cards.

  • In a situation where surrendering isn’t permitted, and the dealer has a 9, 10, or A, take a hit!
  • Stand if the dealer has a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-up card.
  • Hit if the assigned dealer has a 7 or 8 card in his possession.
  • 17 and up always take a Stand.

Final Thoughts

Anyone whose mind is set on being a blackjack whiz player must consider the rules that affect the house to maximize winning. The basic six deck blackjack strategies staved above can be a total game changer. Maximize them, and you can win awesome prizes that’ll make December perfect. Head on to Vegas Aces Casino to play all the Blackjack games you want from the comfort of your home. Get the latest casino news by joining our exclusive community on Vegas Aces Casino’s social media, and tag someone who needs to see this!

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