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It is time to enjoy the different types of Keno games, right? How about you start with getting to know the different types of keno games available out there?

Keno is no doubt one among the longest-serving casino games with a history that dates back from 1847.

From this period the game has entertained many gamers and allowed them to win big rewards to earn it a stay and their favorite gaming spot.

What are the different types of Keno games and Keno game rules? So, you can pick the one that suits you best. 

Well, read on to find out.

Different types of Keno games

Keno games feature different variations to offer gamers unique experiences when playing and thus keep the games exciting and rewarding.

These variations and types come with varying keno game rules. Here are some of the keno games currently available!

1. Power Keno

Power Keno originated from Australia and this variation of Keno is similar to Super Keno. Moreover, it features similar rules as the regular keno giving players a sense of familiarity.

When playing Power keno game rules require you to focus on the twentieth ball instead of the first, thus if the game draws a twentieth ball that is a winner then your winnings are quadrupled.

Additionally, the game features multiple cards allowing you to play with several cards at once. Therefore if you’re looking for a Keno game that has all the thrill from dynamic play to huge rewards Power Keno makes for a great choice.

2. Caveman Keno

Another exciting type of Keno game is the Caveman Keno. This variation of Keno features a prehistoric theme to provide gamers with a different experience.

The game adopts three wild card numbers which are randomly picked before each Keno draw. 

If you had picked two numbers that match the two numbers you choose to play you win a multiplier. This increases the amount of money you win in the game.

3. Super Keno

Super Keno comes as one of the more exciting variations of Keno. Unlike Power Keno and Regular Keno, this variation allows players to focus on the first ball instead of the twentieth and features extra bonus respectively. 

This implies that if the first ball that the game draws is the winner, then the winnings of the player will be quadrupled. Moreover, it pays higher than the regular due to its bonus feature making it more interesting and rewarding.

4. Superball Keno

The Superball Keno comes as one of the more popular types of Keno. The game features the superbowl theme making it more familiar to most gamers. Furthermore, if the ball hits the player receives a 4x multiplier effect on their winnings giving them a huge reward.

If you’re a superball fan and looking for a Keno game that features something you can relate with to give you a head start then this is your type of Keno.

5. Video Keno

If familiarity is what you’re looking for in a game of Keno and love slots then video keno makes for an excellent choice. This type of keno resembles a slot machine apart from the ways of playing and the outcomes.

Video Keno allows only one player at a time thus it cannot be played by a group of players at the same time. Therefore, if you’re the type of player who loves to play by themselves, video keno would make for an ideal pick for you. 

For those looking for a game that offers a twist to what they are normally used to, this type of Keno also makes for a great choice for you as well and features Video Keno strategy for you to win.

6. Klub Keno

Klub Keno is another type of Keno that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a name like this you know you’re off to a good start when it comes to getting entertained by a game.

This variation of Keno features a “StarBall” that acts as its special feature. If the StarBall lands on any of your numbers your payout is doubled. Additionally, Klub Keno features 40 numbers and allows you to choose 10 numbers thus making the odds of the StarBall landing to one or more of your numbers greater.

7. Combination Keno

Combination Keno is similar to Way Keno but with advanced features to offer a superior experience when playing. This type follows the Keno game rules that allow you to merge your groups of numbers in different ways. 

For instance, if you have picked three groups of four numbers each, you can merge the first group and the second, or second and third, or the first and the third, to create three different sets of eight numbers each. 

You can also combine each merged group first, second, and third to create one set of twelve numbers. These combinations are normally referred to as follows ¾, ⅜ , 1/12 combination ticket.

8. Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra’s Fortune Slot Game is also one of the most popular types of Keno games. This Keno variation sets up a marked spot on each round of the game.

The game’s highlight is on the last ball. If your last ball hits the marked spot you get a whopping 12 games for free. This means more free playing time for an opportunity to win big.

9. Way Keno

Way Keno promises excitement and makes for an excellent pick if you’re looking to experience a different version of Keno.

When playing this version, Keno game rules require you to pick groups of multiple numbers. Each group can have an equal number of numbers thus allowing you to have multiple ways to win.

Playing Way Keno feels like playing multiple games of Keno at a time making it offer a unique experience that sets it apart from other types of Keno.


Now that you’ve found out what are the different types of Keno games you can play. You’re free to try them all out and find one that suits you most. Besides, you can choose to enjoy the different variations since there is nothing stopping you from enjoying more than one variation of the game. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Keno Game Rules FAQs

What’s the best keno game to play?

What numbers in Keno have the best odds? The Keno numbers between 4-8 have the highest odds of success.

Is there a trick to winning keno?

There is no strategy that will guarantee the player will win a game of Keno. This is because Keno is a game of chance and the player cannot influence the outcome of the winning numbers that are drawn. Like almost all casino games, the outcome is luck-based.

Are Keno machines rigged?

Are Keno Machines Rigged? Legally installed and operated video keno machines are regulated. Like popular slot games and video card games, all video keno games are supposed to use random number generators