Smoke-Free Fun: Non Smoking Policies in Las Vegas

Smoke-Free Fun: Non Smoking Policies in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the world’s gambling capital, is moving towards providing gambling services under 100% clean air. And from all indications, non smoking casinos in Las Vegas will be soon happening in all gaming establishments.

In today’s casino news, we will discuss the state of these types of casinos in Las Vegas and how the Clean Air Act began. Breathe easy while you read!

Non Smoking Casinos in Las Vegas: Clearing the Air With a Ban

In November 2006, there was a survey regarding indoor clean air law, which most of Nevada’s residents voted in favor of. By 2007, the law was enacted and titled “Nevada Clean Air Act.” The passed act protects minors and adults from passive cigarette smoke, aerosols, and vaping products in indoor establishments, including casinos. Non smoking casinos in Las Vegas were then a reality.

But in 2011, the Nevada legislature made some changes to the law. Smoking was allowed to take place in stand-alone bars that exclude minors. In 2019, the Clean Indoor Air Act was revised again to include e-cigarettes and vapor products. Currently, smoking in public places, including nongaming areas of casinos, is prohibited in Nevada, and the products that count for the act include tobacco products (cigarettes), vaping products, marijuana, and e-cigarettes.

Areas where smoking is allowed, are indoor public establishments such as casinos that exclude minors, strip clubs, tobacco retail stores, adult bars, longest and salons, private residents, and some hotel rooms. However, anyone below the age of 21 is considered a minor when it comes to non-smoking casinos in Las Vegas. This does not apply, of course, if you want to play mobile gambling games, as you can do it anywhere you want (as long as you are compliant with public spaces’ regulations.)

Step Into Freshness: Las Vegas Casinos Go Smokeless!

Most casinos in Las Vegas allow smoking because many gamblers are smokers, and they can’t be excluded from having fun. So, to create an inclusive gaming environment, most providers of casino games in Las Vegas have specific floors that permit smoking and others that do not allow it.

In the Las Vegas Strip of Nevada, unless otherwise specified, smoking is allowed. Businesses or owners of properties have the right to disallow any form of smoking activities. And if not adhered to, it is punishable under the law— the trespass criminal charges.

Engaging in the act in non-smoking establishments attracts up to a $1,000 fine and/or six months of jail time. Also, if any employee of a gambling business or other indoor public places permits a person who is less than 21 years old to roam around the premises, the sentence can be up to 6 months in jail or $1,000 if it’s first offense. It is a $2,000 fine for second or more-time offenders.

Opinions on Non Smoking Casinos in Las Vegas

Gambling influencer Brian Christoper has been at the forefront of promoting the removal of smoking support policies in casinos. He conducted a survey where he found out that 94% of his fans who participated preferred non-smoking casinos. He said, “People are not driving or flying to a casino to have a cigarette.”

Also, David G Schwartz, a notable writer who has authored many books on Vegas, said that the move toward non-smoking casinos is a big one and means changing times for gamers in the future. According to him, a few casinos tried going the nonsmoking route in 1991, but they failed after a few months.

Currently, there are four non-smoking casinos in Las Vegas—one on the Las Vegas Strip and three on the Strip. The number has yet to multiply, but there will likely be an increase soon. If newer casinos can pull it off, it will significantly affect the gambling landscape and applying your casino terminology and knowledge in live casino gaming could be tough if you’re a regular smoker.

Cleaner Gaming, Healthier Living

If you are a smoker and do not want to avoid any form of smoking case, choose online casinos and play games like the Cyberdice Game, table games, or roulette games. You can do whatever you like at home with an internet connection and a smart device, but keep kids away.

Remember that there are free slots no download that you can enjoy 24/7 from the comfort of your home. If you don’t want to miss out on the Las Vegas casino epic gaming experience, visit Vegas Aces Casino to bet online casino games, and remember, smoking is harmful to your health.

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