Ready to Win Your War? Play the Battleship Online Game!

Ready to Win Your War? Play the Battleship Online Game!

Over the years, slots have gone from classic gambling alternatives with fruity symbols to titles denoting themes linked to TV shows and board games like Battleship, giving birth to a Battleship online game. Regardless of what tickles your fancy, you’d encounter a suitable option in your favorite casino’s slot lobby. Talk about extensivity on a global scale.

The iGaming industry is growing by the day, and the chart of the stock market casino proves it. Nonetheless, one category gaining more traction than the others is slot games. Unlike several table game iterations where you need to think long and hard before making a move, slot gaming is as easy as hitting the ‘Spin’ icon upon game launch.

In this casino news, we’ll narrow our focus to the Battleship online game curated by IGT. Themed around the famous Battleship board game, traceable to the 1960s, the subsequent sections will establish links between this guessing pastime and its slot iteration available at most casino sites.

Curious yet? Let’s dive in!

Battleship online game: An Inspiration for a Modern-Day Slot

We know you’d like context into the Battleship online game created by IGT. While we’ll delve into that subject in the latter parts of this article of our news section, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane to uncover the board game this slot was themed around — Battleship (also referred to as Sea Battle or Battleships).

Created in 1967 by the Milton Bradley Company, Battleships is a guessing game that requires tact and strategy to defeat your opponent. Played on paper or boards, this game integrates grid lines depicting each player’s retinue of warships (usually marked in X).

Battleship board gameplay sees gamers taking turns precisely guessing their opponent’s warships’ grid and row coordinates. When this prediction is issued, the opposing player says “hit” to confirm a warship’s presence. Conversely, a “miss” shout reiterates a warship’s absence in the predicted square.

The Battleship online game gained traction in every online casino with this gaming style in the mix. Some video games were curated on their unique specifics. However, it’s pertinent to note that Hasbro owns the rights to the Battleship board game after it acquired the Milton Bradley Company in 1984.

Thus, it’s unsurprising that IGT’s Eureka moment when curating a slot fielding submarines and destroyers was themed around the original Battleship board game and its revolutionized iteration produced by Hasbro.

Battleship online game: Giving Life to a Classic Board Game

IGT’s Battleship online game adopts a military theme. Available at the best casinos, the game adopts a laid-back approach with a cartoonish design. Across the reels are colorful icons that increase the slot’s aesthetically-pleasing interface. Buttons for bet placements and spins are at an accessible position and an ‘Autoplay’ button smoothes gameplay from start to finish!

Set on 5 reels and 40 paylines, notable icons include the Helicopter, Fighter Jet, Medic, Pilot, General, and Battleship, and the Battleship symbol pays the most — landing 5 of these icons across the reels sets you up for a payout worth 1,500x your bet!

Fielding a 94.54% RTP (Return to Player), the payout percentage is slightly lower than the industry’s 96% average, but this doesn’t negatively impact your chances of winning a decent combination.

Two unique in-game bonuses — Stacked Wilds and Victory Bonus- improve the wagering thrill and bolster your winning margins. The Stacked Wilds feature comes to life when you land the game’s wild — Battleship online game symbol — in a stacked position of three or more. If a Wild prompts a win, you’ll receive a 2x multiplier.

Conversely, the Victory Bonus is activated when you land three Scatter symbols across the reels, then, a mini-game that’ll see you sinking warships with missiles starts. Each ship hit grants you an award that could take the form of multipliers, free spins, or cash!

Available at the best casinos, such as Vegas Aces Casino, this gambling iteration is bound to grant you the winning values you crave.

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen so many themed games in the slot iGaming arena. Featuring popularity levels reminiscent of the Stock Market Casino game, the Battleship slot has fans worldwide due to its links to the original Battleship board game.

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