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Top 5 Gambler Hat

A gambler hat is a traditional western hat in which the shape of the crown is almost like a pork pie hat with a wide brim that is somewhat thinner than a cowboy hat. Anyone who sports one makes a fashion statement each time they wear it, and it adds an element of style to any wardrobe. You should play baccarat, keno, blackjack if you are willing to risk money.

It can be one of two kinds. The first is the wide-brim cowboy hat and the other is the classic planter’s hat. The hats became popular during the riverboat casino online days of the south and are distinctly different from other western hats. They can be made from various materials such as wool, hemp, and straw. When it comes to choosing the right hat, there are several that are popular today: 

Stetson Gambler Seagrass Straw Hat

This hat features the gambler crown with a 3¼” brim with a leather band. If you need a hat with a wide brim, this hat will give better protection from the sun than any other hat, blocking the sun from your face, head, and neck. 

It has an open weave style that gives protection with a sun-blocking fabric that’s under the front of the brim and top of the crown that provides UPF 50+ protection. The inner band is a soft terry/stretch which expands and is available in two sizes that fit all. This hat is perfect for the golf course or out on the water.  

Stetson Kelso Crushable Wool Felt Gambler Hat

This crushable wool felt hat is one of the most popular styles of gambler hats. Its water-repellent material makes it ideal for any weather conditions. This hat will give anyone the appearance of a gambler, and its classic look will never go out of style.  

It’s made of 100% wool and is especially enjoyed by people wearing black. It has a leather trim band that extends around the crown with stylish feathers that accentuate the design. The tilted brim also offers good protection from the weather.  

Stetson Colonel Shantung Straw Gambler Hat

The Colonel Shantung hat has a distinctive look and a firm finish with a curled wide brim and a ribbon hatband that is a classic grosgrain style. The inner band is of genuine cowhide and has crown tip detail which gives it an elegant look. 

This is a lightweight, vented hat suitable for casual everyday use and has a soft and comfortable finish. It comes in white and is ideal for wearing with a suit or dress of the same color. 

Pebble Beach Seagrass Straw Gambler Hat

This stylish gambler hat is constructed of 100% seagrass straw and features a three pleat cotton headband and terry/stretch sweatband, which gives it a very comfortable fit. The crown and brim are pressed with sun-protecting fabric while providing ventilation to keep you cool at all times. 

This hat is very lightweight and is unlined for maximum breathability, and will provide excellent protection from the sun when you’re out on the links. It features a 4″ gambler crown and a 3¼” upturned brim.

Stetson Royal Flush Hat 

The Stetson Royal Flush hat is a classic western style 5x rabbit fur hat that features a 3¾” gambler crown and 3⅛” brim. The full lining is satin with a leather interior sweatband. 

The headband is leather with silver elliptical studs evenly placed throughout and the Stetson insignia on one side. This hat also comes in a white shantung straw version that is ventilated and perfect for the summer. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news. 

Gambler Hat FAQs

Which gambler hat features UPF 50+ protection?

Stetson Gambler Seagrass Straw Hat

What material is the Stetson Royal Flush hat made from?

5x rabbit fur

What color is the Colonel Shantung Straw Hat?