Twitch’s Safe Bet: Banning Gambling to Protect Viewers!

Twitch’s Safe Bet: Banning Gambling to Protect Viewers!

In 2022, an Amazon-owned platform made a change in the gambling world for online streamers: Twitch bans gambling as a safety measure. The ban on gambling content streaming from unlicensed casino sites in the US. But, before then and till now, the live-streaming platform’s relationship with gambling has continually drawn criticism.

Gambling streams have consistently topped the chart on Twitch. They have been the most viewed since their inception, followed by video games like Fortnite. Therefore, the ban announcement and other updates have made punters wonder what’s up with the platform.

In this casino news, we’ll discover why Twitch bans gambling on slots, roulette, and dice games from all online casino game providers.

Odds Are Out: Twitch Bans Gambling

In September 2022, a reveal by a famous Twitch gambling influencer, Sliker, whose real name is Abraham Mohammed, surfaced online. In the viral video, Sliker was in a bizarre state as he soberly revealed his scams; one could tell he needed help.

The UK-based Twitch content creator admitted that he had been constantly seeking loans from his followers to fund his gambling addictions. According to him, he asked fans for money, claiming it was for a project, but it wasn’t. It was for his gambling on multiple casino games that cut across slots like PlinkoX game, roulette, and dice games. At the time of recording, he had collected a staggering $200,000.

After the shocking reveal, many Twitch streamers took the case to the X platform (formerly Twitter), demanding actions to be taken immediately before winter. They threatened to boycott the platform if necessary actions weren’t implemented. Twitch restricted Sliker’s account; to date, no one can subscribe to his channel. The event made the streaming platform take drastic measures.

Stacking the Deck for Safety

The history of gambling on the platform had been a big deal for years. While some welcomed it, others had criticized the whole idea for a long time. They claimed some top streamers promoting gambling may influence their viewer and lead them into illegal or addictive gambling.

On October 18th, 2022, the live streaming service prohibited gambling content on casino games like slots, dice games, and roulette, particularly from unlicensed casino websites. Twitch pinpointed four major gambling sites to be banned:,,, and

Soon after, Twitch intensified the ban on slots, roulette, and dice games by removing any gambling websites with those games from her platform. Also, as a follow-up to the prohibition of gambling, the company decided it would restrict streamers’ access to posting links that would redirect to gambling on online slots or other games mentioned above. Additionally, in August 2023, the site included Blaze and Gamdom in the four earlier websites banned in 2022 to protect streamers further.

Furthermore, Twitch updated its guidelines, equally banning promotions and sponsorships of skin gambling sites like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins. They also prohibited every form of a free social version of gambling sites. However, it allowed sites that predominantly venture into fantasy sports, casino VR games, sports betting, and poker.

The move responded to a rise in CS: GO gambling. Reports showed that 75% of top CS: GO streamers were sponsoring such sites. The platform operators clarified their stance, though it’s unclear whether streamers who sponsored skin gambling sites will also face a ban.

What’s the Future of Gambling on Twitch?

Following the primary trend as Twitch bans gambling, the platform is being quite cautious, eradicating more popular casino games that would be addictive to its streamers. They have been facing some issues. Recently, Turkey’s National Lottery Association, in charge of keno online games, etc., announced it would ban the platform within the country.

Regardless of all the problems the platform is facing or may face, gambling continues to remain the center of attraction on Twitch. Streamers will continue to drop tips on how to win at the casino with $20. So, in the long run, gambling will still be a norm on the platform.

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