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Historical Facts About Woman Gambling

The gambling world is known to be dominated mainly by men, but the fact is that women enjoy gambling just as much as men. Many women have made a name for themselves by becoming famous as skilled gamblers. However, after all the incredible achievements from women gambling, they are still underrepresented in the activity.

Although some may think that a woman gambling is more of a modern trend, there were many who were well respected and also dominated the activity. In addition, many women made a name for themselves, engaging in gambling as far back as the nineteenth century. 

The Gunslinging Gambler

Lottie Deno, also known as Rule-Lottie, lived during a time when most women stayed away from the gambling tables. However, she learned how to play roulette and bet on horse racing as a child in Kentucky in the 1840s. As she got older, she eventually supported her family and earned a living by gambling. Her skill and looks made her a very popular player. She made a fortune playing on riverboats and as an in-house card player in San Antonio, Texas. 

Legend has it that Lottie beat gambler and gunslinger Doc Holliday, which earned her character a place in the famous western movie, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It seemed like her gambling habits were also good for her health as she made a small fortune that helped her retire very comfortably and live till the ripe old age of 89.

Hot-Headed Poker Alice

Alice Ivers was known as a slightly tougher version of Lottie Deno. Known by her more famous name of Poker Alice, she was born in Devon, England, and moved to the US with her family as a child.

Her first husband taught her how to play poker, and she eventually became a dealer, making a strong case as a woman gambling in a male-dominated activity. 

She was later known to smoke big cigars and beat her male opponents consistently at poker. Years later, she opened her own salon and poker hall in South Dakota named the Poker Palace. 

However, things got out of hand on one Sunday, and Alice shot and killed a man. She was convicted of killing him, but it was later overturned, and she continued her life as a businesswoman and gambler. 

The First Female Casino Owner

Known as the first lady of gambling, Judy Bailey and her husband opened a casino in 1956 named La Hacienda in Nevada. When her husband passed away in 1964, she became the sole owner and the first woman in Nevada history to operate a casino. 

Although she wasn’t herself a gambler, she is an icon among gamblers and businesswomen everywhere. In a business environment dominated by mobsters, Judy settled her late husband’s debts, operated a successful business, and became the first to bring live keno to the Las Vegas strip.

Vanessa Selbst Rules the WSOP

When talking about a woman gambling in more modern times, the name Vanessa Selbst is definitely one to remember. She is one of the most famous female poker players and has earned more than $10 million during her career. 

Selbst holds three World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, made the final table of the World Poker Tour event, and has made respectable showings at tournaments worldwide.

She hasn’t been very active since 2018 but has a big head start on the other women gambling today with her substantial earnings. 

Anne Duke, a Texas Hold’em Natural

Anne LaBarr Duke became famous as another woman gambling among men with her victory at the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions in 2004.

She followed that up by winning the National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2010. She is also the author of several books regarding poker and decision-making.

She first tried her hand at Texas Hold ’em in a Las Vegas Casino at the age of 22 and was encouraged to work on her skills by her brother, Howard Lederer, who is also a professional poker player. At the WSOP tournaments in 1994 in Las Vegas, Anne won $70,000 in her first month and then decided to become a serious poker player.


Where did Lottie Deno make a living as an in-house card player?

San Antonio, Texas.

Where was Poker Alice born?

Devon, England. 

How old was Anne Duke when she first tried playing poker?