Things You Must Not Do at a Craps Table

Things You Must Not Do at a Craps Table

The ecstasy that comes with playing at a Craps table in both physical and online casinos is unparalleled. However, like in many casino games, players often get carried away, leading to mistakes that affect their performances at the table.

There are rules every player is expected to know before placing a bet at an online Craps table. These rules help lead the game and keep players in check when making decisions, but many are not often emphasized. This casino news highlights some things you must not do at a Craps table.

Craps Table Gaming: Things to Avoid When Playing Craps

Craps is a popular online table game commonly played in casinos where players bet on the outcome of one or a series of rolls of two dice. Participants can wager against each other or against the bank, and there are various betting options and strategies to predict the dice outcome.

The lively atmosphere around a craps table, marked by the thrower’s (shooter’s) attempts to roll specific numbers, contributes to its status as one of the most dynamic and social games in the online casino as well as the land-based casino.

Finding the right place to play craps is easy. Simply find online casino reviews you can trust, as they will lead your way to the casino that accommodates your needs.

The goal of online Craps is simple. Like in other dice games, you wager on the outcome of the dice. I.e., the numbers that you think the dice will roll. However, do not forget the following to avoid losing your wager.

Buy-In During A Craps Table Game

First on the list of what not to do at a Craps table is never to buy-in in the middle of a Craps game. It often happens when players don’t join a table early. Never place a bet if you see that the dice are about to roll. Your decision to buy in should be only when the dice are in the middle of the table to avoid losing your bet.

Don’t Waste Time Shooting Dice

One of the many mistakes players make at online and live Craps tables, which you should avoid, is wasting time shooting the dice. When it reaches your turn as a player, throw the dice, and always do so quickly because you’re not the only player at the table.

You might have learned a particular strategy about how to throw dice in Craps and decided to try it out at the table. But in doing so, you have to be conscious of time. You can only decide to use as much time as you want when playing a free Craps game or playing against the computer at an online casino.

Exceeding Your Budget

Craps is one of the casino games where players can be lost in its world. Therefore, there is a significant need to have a bankroll. With the many limitless ways to fund one’s wallet at online casinos, it can be tempting to keep betting once one exhausts the bankroll. However, before you start, you should have an allotted amount of money for playing Craps and discipline yourself enough not to go over.

Chasing Losses

Put aside the idea of winning back your losses by betting risky and big. It can be disastrous. Instead of placing stakes on less likely-to-win bets, you should re-strategize and place stakes on more likely-to-win bets.

Single Roll Bets

Single bets are easy but risky because you only have to choose one number or combo. If your selected number appears in the roll, you win, but if it doesn’t, you lose.

It’s understandable that many players still place the bet instead of avoiding them because the payoffs for single-roll bets are high– 30 to 1 odds. But as good as the craps payouts seem to be, the house edge is considerably high.

Overlooking the House Edge at the Craps Table

Each bet has its own calculated house edge, and it’ll be a big mistake as a player to overlook that while playing at a Craps table. Good players use an excellent strategy to check the house edge for each bet to inform their decisions better.

If you want to win, especially at online Craps, you’ll read up on the house edge of the bets and the casino.


Many of these rules apply to several other casino games. Therefore, you can always use it in your game of Poker, Virtual SicBo Game, Roulette, etc. The most important thing is to abide by the spoken and unspoken rules of the table.

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