Let the Good Times Roll: Dice Games for Everyone!

Let the Good Times Roll: Dice Games for Everyone!

Recently, casino dice games have been getting the recognition they deserve, and it is cool to see. The gameplay may initially look confusing, but it is simple and exciting with adequate play knowledge.

Dice games, rooted in China’s history, span 2000+ years. Their six-sided cubes foretold fortunes, leaving a lasting legacy. But as they say, “Change is the only constant thing in life.”

Dice and its features shifted over time to entertainment fully. And if you pay attention well, you’ll notice that the most known game played with dice is the game of Craps. However, several Dice games are now available to gamblers at physical and online casinos.

This casino news seeks to list and shed light on the other games played with dice outside the limelight.

Let’s dive in!

Dice Games in Online Casinos: Roll, Play, and Win!

In online casinos, you can’t help but have fun playing these dice games.

Craps, the Most Popular Dice Games

Worldwide, Craps takes the lead as the most-played Dice game at the physical and the online casino, and it doesn’t just hold the title for nothing. Craps give players both a chance to make real money and loads of fun.

Historians who traced the origins of Craps back to the Roman period mentioned Craps originated from the game Roman soldiers invented by shaving pig knuckles into cube shapes that resembled dice to keep themselves entertained. Many versions of Craps have emanated over the years, but the more common version at casinos is the version by a guy named John Winn.

You need a pair of dice to play a game of Craps, which determines the outcome. The rules of Craps require every player to stake on either a pass line or a don’t pass line bet before the shooter rolls the dice. The outcome of the dice determines whether the player wins the bet. Mind that the Craps payouts you receive depend on the bet staked. Bets in Craps include pass line, don’t pass line, come, don’t come, odds, place bet, field bet, proposition bets, Hardaway, and hop bets.

Going into detail about these rules in Craps can be overwhelming at first, but after your first and second games, you should get the hang of it.

A Hazardous Dice Game?

Among the many dice games that have come into the limelight, Hazard is said to have existed before Craps in England, as far back as the 14th century. Some historians also say it could be traced between the 12th and 13th centuries to Arabic origins because its name is derived from “Al-Zahra”, which means “die” in Arabic.

The online table game Hazard and Craps has many similarities in playing style and rules. We need two dice and several players to play a game of Hazard. Then the shooter rolls the dice to determine the main point, after which every player makes a wager on whether they win or lose after throwing the dice again. The throwing of the dice will continue until the player loses or wins, and then it is passed to the next shooter.

Hazard is not as widespread as it used to be. Therefore, locating it at casinos might take much work if you want to play.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an Asian Dice game played with three instead of two dice, like Craps and Hazard. This game is more prevalent in Asia than in America or Europe; therefore, you might only be familiar with it if you live in parts of Asia.

To play Sic Bo, players must place bets on the outcome of the dice roll. Some of the bets in Sic Bo are small and big bets. Small bets payout on a total result between 4 to 10, while big bets payout on a total outcome between 11 to 17.


Chuck-A-Luck is a variant of the Sic Bo dice game that has roots in Australia and uses three dice. Players must wager how many dice will come up to play based on the number they pick.

Another difference in Chuck-A-Luck is how the dice are rolled. They are rolled inside a chuck cage, although players initially rolled it in a horn-shaped chute. It is simple to play and has excellent payout odds, which makes it attractive for new players.

Final Thoughts

Dice games are fun once you learn how to play. And if where to start bothers you, you can try playing the SEDIE game online, and with time you’ll be confident playing for real money at Vegas Aces Casino. For alternative gameplay, payouts, and odds, try the Mississippi Stud Online game. You can practice in the demo version FOR FREE!

All of the best dice games are available at Vegas Aces Casino, and you can learn how to play them if you follow our online casino guides.

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