What is the Iron Cross in Craps?

What is the Iron Cross in Craps?

The Iron Cross Craps system is a strategy that allows players to cover all the numbers in craps except for a seven. If any other number apart from seven rolls out, you get paid.

The system involves more than just a bet in the field area. Some famous craps players state to wait until a pass line is created, then make their bet in the field as they also place the numbers 5, 6, and 8 to cover everything apart from the 7. With this strategy, you have a 30 to 36 chance of winning.

Let’s get into this strategy, we’ll cover it all in our casino news.

Iron Cross Craps: Master it to Keep Winning!

After the crap shoot, when the shooter makes the come-out roll, they can either win, lose, or create a point. When they create the point, the intelligent players take it as an opportunity to employ the Iron Cross system, also known as the Craps Iron Cross.

The Iron Cross Craps System allows the player to place four wagers: field bets covering 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12, and number 8, 6, and 5 place bets. A place bet is one that wagers that all these numbers will appear before a seven. Place bets come after the point has been established and work on every roll unless you decide to call it off. If the place bet is still active when a seven is rolled, you lose your bets. Nonetheless, they are slightly more profitable than even money when you win.

A field bet is a one-roll bet that predicts that a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12 will appear before a 7. The payout scheme varies based on the number of dice that land. For instance, field bets allow a 1:1 payout apart from a 12 and a 2. Landing 5 rewards a 7:5 payout, and landing 6 or 8 rewards a 7:6 payout.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Iron Cross Craps System

The Iron Cross Craps System has two advantages and a single disadvantage. The lead advantage is that it lowers the house advantage in the game of craps to about 1.14%. This is quite impressive, as it is lower than even that of blackjack. Seasoned gamers can benefit from the improved odds of winning these casino games.

Another advantage is that the benefits can increase at a fast rate when the shooter is hot. Thus you can double or triple your profit when you hit a 2 or a 12. More importantly, you stand a chance to win on every throw except when you hit a 7.

However, the game requires that you monitor all your different bets and replace field bets after every roll. Thus, the game can demand you to raise your wager.

Have More Fun With The Iron Cross Craps System

The Iron Cross System comes with a bit of a twist for action-drawn players to allow them to experience more fun in the game. What you need to do when you win is to press your bet. This implies that you do not withdraw your winnings on the casino craps table but instead increase your bet size. Set the limit to which you can press twice or thrice. This allows you to double or triple the size of the reward which you receive when luck is still on your side.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what the Iron Cross Craps system is and what the buzz around it is all about, nothing can stop you from joining the trail of winners of these table games online. Make your way to your favorite online casino and give it a go; there are better odds for you now at winning than you had before.

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