Brad Owen Poker Success: A River Journey

Brad Owen Poker Success: A River Journey

Brad Owen Poker is a prominent figure in the poker world. With his strategic mind, poker tactics, and talent for reading opponents, he earned himself a reputable name as a skilled poker player and reliable content creator. His vlogs offer a behind-the-scenes look at the high-stakes poker world, blending strategy insights with the unpredictability of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious learner who wants to learn the secret strategies hidden in our Mississippi Stud Poker Guide, Brad Owen’s poker journey is worth knowing. Read on about it in today’s casino news.

Brad Owen Poker History

Brad Owen, born in 1988, has carved his poker niche, expertly navigating low to mid-stakes cash games in Las Vegas. Renowned for his insightful online casino vlogs, Brad documents his gameplay, preparations, and commentaries, sharing the excitement on his YouTube channel with 260,000 subscribers. His live tournament earnings stand at $14,409, a modest figure in the poker pro scene. It

He moved away from San Francisco to Las Vegas in 2012 to pursue a professional cash game career. In 2017, Brad Owen gained fame, securing 196th place in the $1,500 WSOP Monster Stack and winning $6,202. Furthermore, his viral video “The BIGGEST Game I’ve Ever Played!!” amassed over 1.8 million views in 2019, solidifying his influence in the poker vlogging theater. Like many online casino reviews on other games, the video left many to wonder if his achievement was based on luck or skill in poker.

Settling for Poker as a Career

Brad Owen spilled how poker became his lifetime job in a video on 888Poker’s YouTube channel from March 2020. He got into poker in 2003 through a software called “Hoyle Casino.” His bold move from San Francisco to Las Vegas in 2012, at 24, with $10,000, paid off big. He made about $3,000-$4,000 monthly. But life threw a curveball, and he returned to California, used up his money, and worked an accounting job. Unhappy, Brad saved up again, returned to poker, and hit the jackpot. In 2016, he started vlogging his Let It Ride Poker Multi Hand adventures on YouTube, and the rest is history!

Tournaments and Cash

Far from the free poker online scene, Brad Owen Poker stands out for his focus on live cash poker games, earning a modest $14,409 in live tournaments. Though a WSOP bracelet eludes him, Brad Owen’s pinnacle arrived in 2017 with a 196th place finish, earning $6,202. However, the pandemic brought a twist – online success as “MrMonkeyBear.” Despite limited online play, Owen excelled, cashing in 9 WSOP Online events, notably earning $13,160 in the Main Event.

Among all other poker gaming sessions, Owen’s strength lies in live cash games showcased on his YouTube channel. From mid-stakes to the big leagues of $10/$25, he’s a pro at these table games, featuring in popular live streams like Live at the Bike and Run It Up Reno. There, he creates memorable moments, pulls off strategic plays, and crosses paths with poker pals like Andrew Neeme and “Johnnie Vibes.”

Brad Owen Poker Vlogging Prowess

As stated earlier, Brad Owen is a poker vlogging sensation and has amassed 260,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He’s all about documenting his adventures in small to mid-stakes cash poker casino games, kicking off his vlog journey on December 2nd, 2016, at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. Back then, it wasn’t easy to discreetly record hands due to casino rules, but Owen’s rising popularity changed the game – casinos started inviting him to film.

The big moment hit in January 2019 during a $10/$25 NLHE session at Graton Resort & Casino. Owen scored a cool $1,100 profit, and his vlog got over 1.8 million views, shooting him to fame. More views meant more subscribers – from 1,000 to almost 6,000 new subs per week in January 2019. With an average of 1.6 million monthly views, Brad Owen is a big name in the poker content world, hooking audiences with his free video poker, smart gameplay, and exciting vlogs.

Final Thoughts

Brad Owen poker player continues to stand out as a skilled player and influential content creator in the dynamic world of poker. His impact on the poker community, from live cash games to captivating vlogs, is worthy of emulation. It just shows there are many ways to make it big via poker.

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