Eric Persson: Poker Shuffling for Fortunes and Business

Eric Persson: Poker Shuffling for Fortunes and Business

The poker sensation has been in the high-stakes stage several times in both live and online casino scenes. At the table, we can find some unique and special talents. However, for most, it took a long time to rise, but a man’s case was different: It was Eric Persson.

After bagging a massive pot this year, Eric’s fame is spreading. To sum it up, he is just as successful in business as in poker. Regardless of what you may think of his gameplay, he knows his way around the poker table. He never backs down without giving a good fight.

Other poker phenomenons like Phil Ivey, Alan Keating, and JRB all have a thing or two to say about the dashing Eric Persson during their clashes. In this casino news, we will discuss this poker superstar and see how he’s hit big in high-stakes poker.

Eric Persson: An Early Life of Education That Lead to Poker

Eric Persson was born in 1975 and hails from a diverse Swedish background. He was raised in Hoquiam, Washington. Eric became a citizen of the United States, having lived nearly his whole childhood there. So, whether you call the poker star and business tycoon an American or Swedish, it’s all correct as he has dual nationality.

In life pursuits, Persson has always aimed for success in various fields. At the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, he earned a BA in sociology, criminal justice, psychology, and communications in 1998.

Subsequently, in 2001, he obtained his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Georgetown University Law Center. At just first grade, he had the knack and passion for gaming and has always worked in that direction. His gaming and poker habits are what he used to leverage himself through his college courses, at least so he said.

Eric Persson’s Poker Gaming Business

After completing law school, Persson ventured into the gaming industry. He began his career at a Topeka casino and gradually climbed the ranks in Wheeling WV, and Las Vegas. Later on, he founded successful businesses like Cactus Technologies and Vokal Interactive. These companies specialize in cutting-edge e-commerce, mobile apps, and software development.

Moving on, between 2001 and 2003, he directed table games at the Prairie Band Casino & Resort and joined Wheeling Island Casino. Before launching Maverick Gaming, he held hot positions. He was a Senior VP at Las Vegas Sands Corporation and as President and COO of Azure Gaming back in 2006. Eric attributes his success to lessons learned from billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and others, praising their visionary approach to life.

In 2017, Persson co-founded Maverick Gaming with Justin Beltram, acquiring the Red Garter and Wendover Nugget casinos for $43 million. Maverick has since continued to expand, recently purchasing four Pai Gow Poker game rooms in Washington for $80.5 million. Currently, they own 31 gaming properties in Nevada, Colorado, and Washington as of April 2023.

Eric Persson: A Poker Journey

Eric Persson’s poker journey began in college at 18 and focused on cash casino games for over 30 years. According to reports and rumors, he financed his education with poker winnings. He strategically embraced televised poker and social media to elevate his Maverick Gaming brand, aiming to increase the company’s value.

His notable appearances include Live at the Bike, Hustler Casino Live, High Stakes Poker, No Gamble, No Future, and the PokerGO Tour Heads-Up Showdown. Although he projects a constant poker presence on social media, he plays only a few times per month and avoids tournaments. He has raked several million dollars in his poker cash games career. He once clarified that the social media brand-building process has created a misconception that he constantly plays poker, but, in reality, he only plays a few times each month. Perhaps he could try playing another game like Keno? Maybe his Keno results are just as good as his poker ones.

Also, Persson’s sharp wit, fearlessness, and the best strategy for Mississippi Stud brought him into clashes with poker pros. He even participated in High Stakes Duel. In 2023, he made a dramatic debut on High Stakes Poker Season 10 and played in Season 11’s first-ever live stream.

Furthermore, he and Patrik Antonius competed in the largest U.S. televised poker pot, worth $1,780,000 in No Gamble, No Future, surpassing the previous record. On the downside, Persson experienced defeats. He lost nearly $2 million to Antonius and a $100,000 defeat to Negreanu in High Stakes Duel 4.

Final Thoughts

According to multiple online casino reviews, when it comes to producing credible poker results or playing poker tournaments, Eric Persson may not be a frequent showstopper, but he does know how to rival top dogs when he’s involved! Get started playing poker at Vegas Aces Casino to learn more about some terms we mentioned.

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