How to succeed at Jacks or Better Trips to Win Poker

How to succeed at Jacks or Better Trips to Win Poker

Strategies for Jacks or Better Trips to Win

Jacks or Better, a variation of the video poker game, and the most widely played by players, was created by merging poker and slot machines. It is played similarly to the five-card poker game, where players get dealt five cards each, and they can keep or discard any card they choose for the next round.

If you enjoy playing online casino video poker for hours while having a good time, jacks or better is a great choice because even beginners can quickly learn. In addition, it’s not only straightforward but also has a very high return to player (RTP) percentage of 99.54%, meaning that if you win, you’ll almost certainly get your full money back in return. 

Jacks or better trips to win explained

Jacks or Better trips to win, more commonly known by their official name of “three of a kind,” are used to describe hands with three cards of the same rank. A combination of cards from different suits can always result in a trip if the cards are of the same value.

So, How to Play Jacks or Better? First, a minimum of three and a maximum of seven players are required for a fair game. Each player would receive a hand of five cards to begin the game, and anyone with a Jack or better would then be able to start the betting. Additionally, if none of the players has either of the two hands, they can all choose to fold or increase their contributions to the pot.

Any hand below “trip” is a loser whenever the Jack or Better trips to win is called to you and the rest of the other players. Anyone may wager after the draw. However, if that person is called and can’t show Jack or Better trips to win, he or she forfeits the pot. Remember that if no one plays trips and multiple players are in the pot, play will continue as normal (in other words, the bluffing player may still be a contender for the pot.)

Hands in Jacks or Better

As a novice, knowing the hand hierarchy is essential for learning how to play it, unless you want to risk losing all of your stakes by playing recklessly. So, for a good jacks or better strategy, the cards you keep or discard will directly influence the outcome of every game.

Here is a list of a few hands in Jacks or Better:

  • Two or three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • Full house
  • Flush
  • High
  • Straight
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush

Jacks or Better Strategies

Amongst several Jacks or Better strategies, here are a few basic ones for you to use when playing:

  1. When you have a hand of four cards with a straight or a flush, hold all four cards and draw just one more.
  2. If you have a hand of three cards that is a royal flush, draw two more cards and hold them until you have all three.
  3. Hold onto the three cards and draw two more whenever a straight flush requires two more cards.
  4. You shouldn’t try to draw any more cards if you have a full house, three of a kind, four of a kind, or two pairs.
  5. Always discard the final card when you have four of the five cards needed to complete a royal flush.
  6. Always hold onto any card higher or equal to the value of Jacks when you don’t have any matching cards in your hand.


Understanding Jacks or Better trips to win is like mastering a skill: is necessary for any player to succeed. Vegas Aces online casino is player-focused, so we give tips and encourage you to stop using bad strategies.

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FAQ jacks or better trips to win

Which Jacks or Better hand has the highest payout?

The Royal Flush is the hand with the highest payout because it is the strongest hand in Jacks or Better.

How can I win at Jacks or Better?

Having a winning hand is a crucial component of winning. Therefore, knowing how to play Jacks or Better with a strategy will always help you choose a hand with a potent combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

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