Molly Bloom: A High Stakes Poker Princess

Molly Bloom: A High Stakes Poker Princess

In real money online casino games, you play it safe by risking only smaller amounts, but if you want to raise the bar high, play smartly. The latter is what Molly Bloom was known for over the years until she found herself in controversial situations. Read on this casino news, as we explore the poker adventures of Molly Bloom.

Molly Bloom: Before Falling in Love with Poker

Bloom grew up in Colorado with her parents and two brothers. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder and bagged a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Her family has always pursued excellence in their various fields. Bloom’s father, Larry, is a Clinical psychologist. Her mother was a ski and snowboard instructor and a professional fly-fisher who opened her clothing line afterward.

She emulated her mum as a skier and ranked third in the women’s Nor-Am Cup for mogul skiing. However, her skiing dream was short-lived due to her injury at the Olympics tryouts.

So, how did Molly Bloom, a pro skier with honors in her field end up in poker? Read on to find out.

Molly Bloom Enters The Poker World

Molly Bloom moved to Los Angeles and began bartending in 2004. Later that year, Tobey Maguire approached Darin Feinstein, who was one of the co-owners of The Viper Room nightclub. Tobey talked to Darin about organizing high-stakes poker casino games in the club basement. After concluding on the new idea, Darin put Bloom in charge, and she quickly knew the ropes.

Three layers later, upon gathering relevant experiences, Bloom created and registered her brand, Molly Bloom Inc., to host and cater poker tournaments. Bloom’s business hosted several games with stakes as high as $4 million. Several wealthy people and poker celebrities in the category of the likes of Jonathan Little poker coach frequented it for a few Let It Ride Poker Single Hand rounds. She quickly got named “the High Stakes Poker Princess.”

Later, Molly moved to Long Island due to raids on the Liars poker game and other underground games. It was a breakthrough that attracted prominent names on Wall Street, but running background checks didn’t stop shady gamblers from slipping in. After seeing how much Molly made, the Italian and Russian mobs involved in illegal gambling and insurance fraud schemes also wanted a piece of the action.

Her Encounter With Mobsters

In a recent podcast session, Molly Bloom shed more light on her encounter with the Italian and Russian mobs. According to her, she received a call from someone whom she immediately suspected was a mob because of what he requested. She said he told her that she must give his organization some of her game profits, and she responded politely, declining such a transaction.

Not long after the call, she received various threats. “They sent this terrifying guy to my apartment that put a gun in my mouth, something that you just never forget, and he beat the hell outta me and took everything in my safe, including photographs, a couple of things that I had from my grandmother,” Bloom said.

In April 2013, Molly Bloom was charged with illegal sports gambling and $100 million in money laundering. She pleaded guilty in court to reduce charges and was sentenced to one year of probation but with a $200,000 fine and 200 hours of community service. She was also given a tax lien of $125,000 from previous game earnings.

Molly Bloom’s Activities After Court

A lot has happened since the court case of Molly Bloom. In 2014, the poker princess released her memoir, Molly’s Game. A film adaption of the book, directed by Aaron Sorkin, was also released in 2017.

Currently, Bloom is using her networking expertise to help more women succeed. She said, “I have a network, and I have a lot of lessons. I made a lot of mistakes, so I want to help women to be successful.”

Final Thoughts

Molly Bloom is one of the biggest poker dealers in history. If you master the Caribbean Stud Poker Guide and steer clear of the wrong crowd, you can go further in poker than Molly.

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