The Top 5 Best Poker Podcasts

The Top 5 Best Poker Podcasts

Favorites Poker Podcast You Need To Listen in 2022

Many people pass information through audio means. It could be on a radio or any other form of media transmission, but audio discussions about a specific topic are pretty common around the globe. A regular audio discussion about one particular line of content is a podcast. If you want to know about an upcoming poker event, previous events, poker hand rankings, or any other poker information, you’d be interested in an excellent podcast to follow. This article discusses five of the best podcasts, including the best poker podcast in terms of listener engagement and content quality.

Best Podcast for You

Thinking Poker Podcast

Andrew Brokos, a professional poker player since 2005, started the Thinking Poker Podcast website and podcast in 2006. This podcast has also delved into topics such as poker crypto and its implications for the poker industry. Carlos Welch was a guest on the 39th episode of the podcast. He became a regular guest on the podcast for his experience in poker as a player and a coach.

Eventually, Carlos became a co-host for the podcast from episode 366. As of July 2022, the podcast had 382 episodes in total. Andrew and Carlos always feature professional or former professional poker players on the podcast to make it more valuable to the listeners. Notable figures like Fergal Nealon, Ben Saxton, Matt Matros, Joe Stapleton, and Clayton Fletcher have appeared on the podcast as guests and explored online casino topics.

The Rake Poker Podcast

The Rake podcast is a great place to find the latest news in the poker world, including updates on Casino Hold em. Jamie Kerstetter and Ben Wilinofsky are the hosts of the podcast. They hold one episode every week for their audience.

Most episodes feature valuable people in the poker world, like professional players and coaches. Doug Polk, Kevin Rabichow, Jaman Burton, and Xuan Liu are some guests featured on the podcast. The podcast has 84 episodes as of July 2022. If you want to watch the show, the hosts have it on their YouTube channel.


DAT Poker is an excellent place to find sufficient knowledge about poker, like strategies for playing the game, and even a comprehensive how to play Three Card Poker guide. You can be sure of learning because the podcast hosts are the best in the industry.

Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz, and Terrence Chan are the hosts. The podcast’s name, DAT, comes from the first letter of their first names. The three professional poker players hold one session per week for their audience. The listeners to this podcast have a chance to ask questions for the hosts to answer during the show.

All you have to do is call the provided number and leave your question as a voicemail. By the beginning of August 2022, the podcast had 129 episodes.

Poker on the Mind Poker Podcast

If you have questions about poker strategies and performance, Poker on the Mind is the best podcast to find the answers. It is a podcast show hosted by Dr. Tricia Cardner and Gareth James. Dr. Tricia is a Peak Performance Mindset Coach, while Gareth James is an MTT coach. They occasionally also delve into topics like jogo do bicho online, broadening the scope of the podcast.

In the podcast, the two hosts offer coaching advice on technical and non-technical aspects of playing poker. They had the 149th episode by August 2022.

The Heart of Poker Podcast

Kara Scott is the sole host of the Heart of PP. She is a Canadian TV personality and a poker player. In 2009, she was second in the Irish Poker Open tournament. Her podcast often explores the world of online poker real money, providing valuable insights for those interested in this avenue of the game.

Many poker fans follow her podcast because they get to understand poker players more profoundly. She tries to make her audience and herself know the lives of poker players from a psychological aspect.

There have been 35 episodes of the Heart of PP by the beginning of August 2022.


Now that you have learned about the five best podcasts, it’s time to follow the podcast that you loved most. There are other top podcasts coming up that we will update you about. Meanwhile, follow our social media for more updates. These podcasts will not only help you stay updated with the latest trends in the poker world but also provide you with insights into various areas such as poker crypto, poker hand rankings, casino hold em, jogo do bicho online, Three Card Poker Guide, and online poker real money. Stay tuned and keep playing!

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