Update Your Library: Top Poker Books from Great Authors/Players

Update Your Library: Top Poker Books from Great Authors/Players

Getting better at the game of Poker requires learning via different resources. However, players need to pay more attention to books, like articles, video tutorials, etc. Books reign at the top among the various means of learning about Poker.

In this casino news, we will save you the stress of looking for poker books. We will highlight the best poker books you should check out.

Best Poker Books

Publishers have released numerous poker books, but not all merit your time. Here are the best ones you can read today.

The Theory of Poker

This masterpiece by David Sklansky is considered one of the best poker books in history. Professional players and poker theorists find the book worth reading. It teaches you the ropes of the game properly, but it skips over some more advanced poker tactics. The subtitle, “How to Think Like a Professional Poker Player,” sums it up.

The theory of Poker is worth reading, and note that the information in the book applies to more than just Texas Hold ’em. You can also use it for most other forms of Poker.

Harrington on Hold’em

With over 300,000 copies sold, this poker book has become the best-selling book of all time and one of the best. Dan Harrington released the book at the peak of the poker boom, perfectly timed by the 1995 world poker champion.

A game theorist and master chess player, Bill Robertie co-authored this book with Harrington. Harrington breaks down the optimal strategy for each of the hundreds of hands presented in Volume 1, which is devoted entirely to strategic play.

The Endgame, Volume 2, is widely considered to be the pinnacle of poker tournament strategy books. Many modern-day MTT players still employ the M-ratio and Q-ratio, which Harrington introduced. Volume 3 is a workbook incorporating scenarios and examples from Volumes 1 and 2.

Hold’em Poker

This book, the first to be published on Hold’em by David Sklansky, delves into this poker variation which, at the time, wasn’t as widely known outside Las Vegas and certain southern states as online poker free games are today. Sklansky perhaps foresaw the game’s potential appeal long before others, or he might have anticipated Hold’em’s rise as the preferred game, especially considering the WSOP’s enduring popularity. Regardless of his motivation, this book is an invaluable resource for mastering limit Hold’em.

Super/System 2: A Course in Power Poker

Originally titled “How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker,” Super System was among the first books on Poker strategy to be published. Via this book, Doyle Brunson lets the world see the minds of the best poker players of his day. He broke down their strategy, emotional regulation, and the tight-passive style that many poker players used to their advantage.

The chapters in which Brunson reminisces about his poker escapades are a fascinating addition to the strategy parts. It has been 30 years, and the book sales continued to be strong.

The Mental Game of Poker series

After reading every series of the mental game, you won’t overlook the psychological aspect of Poker. It is an important tool to complete your gaming abilities just like the poker hand calculator. Tendler and Carter wrote this book in series to make the mental aspect of poker crystal clear.

“The Mental Game of Poker 1: Proven Strategies for Improving Tile Control, Motivation, Confidence, Coping with Variance, and More” was published in May 2011 by Jared Tendler and co-author Barry Carter. In April 2013, the authors released “The Mental Game of Poker 2: Proven Strategies for Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance and Playing in the Zone Consistently.”

Some concepts in the above books also apply outside the casino hold’em poker table.

Final Thoughts

The list of poker books, akin to the vast array of free slots no download available, is endless. However, the ones mentioned rank as some of the best in poker literature. If you’re eager to elevate your Poker skills, these books are a must-read. They offer a wealth of information, covering everything from basics to advanced techniques, and delve into the intricate details of the game of Poker.

Furthermore, we customize our online casino guides for each poker variant, complementing the insights from the aforementioned books. An example is the let-it-ride multi-hand guide.

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