Double Ball Roulette: Tips & Strategies

Double Ball Roulette: Tips & Strategies

Discover the Exciting World of Double Ball Roulette

New to double ball roulette or looking to refresh your memory on how to play? We have you covered. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about double ball roulette, from understanding its mechanics to the different bets you can make and the strategies that will help you win big.

Double ball roulette offers a unique gaming experience unlike any other. Instead of the usual single ball in regular roulette, double ball features two balls, making it more challenging to keep track of everything on the roulette table. But fear not, as we will provide you with the tips and tricks you need to play double ball roulette like a pro.

How Double Ball Roulette Works

In double ball roulette, two balls are used instead of the traditional one, as seen in American roulette and French roulette game. This allows players to bet on either ball or both balls at once (known as an “inside” bet), as well as place outside bets on all other numbers. Inside Bets Online Roulette is particularly popular in double ball roulette games, as they offer increased chances of winning.

The most significant difference between single and double ball roulette is that outside bets pay even money. So, if you bet $10 on black, red, or odd/even, and black comes up, you will receive $10 back. However, if red appears instead, the payout would be $20 instead of $10, as each time a number comes up, there are two possible outcomes.

With many more combinations and chances to win than in the regular game, the rules of double ball roulette are similar to those of regular roulette, except that the wheel has two zeros instead of one. This gives you more ways to win at double ball roulette than at regular roulette.

Rules and Strategies for Double Ball Roulette

To play double ball roulette, you need to place your bets on a number or color in the middle of a table (called a layout). Regular bets are played at 50% since two balls are in play. You can bet on both numbers simultaneously, making the game exciting and challenging.

Players can win the jackpot by having both numbers land on their chosen number. This applies to both inside and outside bets. With double ball roulette, you have more chances to win big than in regular roulette, as there are twice as many numbers available. However, this also means that your chances of losing are higher.

Both balls must land on the same number to win the jackpot. Additionally, both balls must win an inside bet or an outside bet for a successful wager. If both balls are successful, your win doubles.

For inside bets such as 1-18 or 19-36, both numbers must be successful for you to win. For example, if you bet $5 on 18/19 and 18 comes up but 19 does not, you lose because only one number was successful (18). But if both 18 and 19 come up, your wager wins and you get paid 2x $5 = $10.

For outside bets like red/black, if you bet $10 and black comes up, you lose your $10 wager because only one ball was successful (red). But if both balls land on black, your bet wins and you get paid 2x $10 = $20.

Double ball roulette uses an ordinary single-zero European wheel, making it even more thrilling. With multipliers, bonus games, wild symbols, free spins, scatters, and respins, double ball roulette offers more excitement and variety for players, similar to other unique variations like Flame Roulette.


Double ball roulette is an exciting and unique variation of the classic casino game, providing a refreshing and challenging experience for players. By understanding the mechanics, betting options, and strategies, you can enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning big.

Whether you prefer Inside Bets Online Roulette, the elegance of the French roulette game, the intensity of American roulette, or the blazing excitement of Flame Roulette, you can find the perfect game to suit your taste and skill level.

Now that you have all the tips, you need to go and try your luck at double ball roulette or if you’re looking for a Roulette guide to improve your double ball game, you can register with us at Vegas Aces and try your luck with our exciting game. Remember to have fun and gamble responsibly by not betting more than you can afford to lose! Stay connected with our social media channels to keep up with the latest news and updates on our casino games and promotions.

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