2 Million BC Slot Game

2 Million BC Slot Game

Some diamonds and archons are guaranteed to get you the most wins

2 Million B.C Game Review

2 Million B.C takes slots fans to the Stone Age to hunt for wins while landing scatter symbols. Some diamonds and archons are guaranteed to get you the most wins.

2 Million B.C Game Slot Game Review

Online Slot players who want to travel back in time and enjoy the fun times of the Stone Age can jump onto the 2 Million B.C Game. The game has so many built-in symbols which depict all the events you would expect from the Stone Age period. You have bonfires, diamonds, wooden clubs, and rock necklaces.
These symbols are the ones that will determine how much payout you are taking home. Before diving so much into what the game has to offer, we need to take time to explore the background music that suits the thematic display. The slot offerings are not any different from what you would expect from BetSoft. They stuck to their mantra of consistently delivering quality slots.

Themes, Graphics And Music

The game features an animated caveman and a cavewoman who appears more attractive than what you would expect a cavewoman to look like. The whole setting looks like characters from the movie Ice age. The caveman is there to welcome you to play the slots, and he always does this with a broad smile that leaves his jaws popped out.
The animated scenes are pretty cinematic, and you would love to see them. When you are spinning the reels, the caveman will be on the right side, and he will keep nodding his head, looking at the reels. When the spin takes so much time, he will start tapping his feet.
When you land a winning combination or any bonuses, the caveman will jump up and down, just like you would expect they did when they made a discovery. You also should pay attention not to leave him alone for an extended period since this is the best way to get him agitated and all fumed up.
The sound effect is also something to marvel at. There is a gentle tribal-like drum sound with the background sounds of animals and insects.

2 Million B.C Game Symbols

Burning Campfire
To activate a round of free spins, you need to get three or more campfire symbols anywhere on the reels simultaneously. The fire symbol represents the scatter, and you can re-trigger free spins. This makes for great features which will help you get more wins in the long run.
The acorns are the Special Saber Attack features. You need to collect three acorn symbols to activate this feature. When you land acorns on the reels, a bee will fly across the screen and place it at the top of the slot. Once you have collected enough acorns, you will have triggered acorn rounds. This is where you will witness the cavemen jump to the higher positions in the reel. All you need to do is help him get to the saber tooth tiger. If you are lucky enough to knock the tiger out, you get instant rewards.
White Diamonds
To activate the bonus round, you need to have three and above white diamonds. This is the most rewarding game feature you will come across. You will unlock the unique round feature if you land three or more of these symbols on active pay lines. Your role is to help the caveman come up with ways to steal the attractive diamond from the saber tooth tiger. Every correct choice will award you multiple credits.

2 Million B.C Gameplay

One thing that sets this game different than the rest is how easy it is to understand and play. Before you are taken back to the old times, you need to fulfill the bet requirements. You are presented with a stone that lets you select your coins. The coin sizes can be set in ranges from 0.02 to 1.
Next to the icon for selecting coins, there is the select lines stone which you can set up the number of lines you want to bet. Being a BetSoft product, you would also expect to find a Bet Max Spin. By activating this feature, you are setting your highest bet amount−triggering the automatic spinning of reels.
The spin stone lets you get the reels rolling, and on the upper left corner of the screen, you have the autoplay button. Autoplay automatically sets the number of times you will play, and it will not be disrupted until the spinning time runs out.
Playing this game can earn you some great wins. The biggest prize is the 500 coin jackpot, and you also enjoy a time multiplier. The fool-proof way to win in this game is by playing many times.

How To Win In 2 Million B.C

2 Million B.C is played across five reels and 30 paylines which heighten your winning chances with each spin you make. To win, you need to have a minimum of two matching symbols on any active paylines to get a payout.
The winning paylines are counted from left to right, and every pay line determines the maximum winning selection. If you match five cavewoman symbols, you win an instant 2500 coins as a payout. You need to play the game with 5 coins for each line. Even with the different coin dominations, the maximum bet amount is still at $150.

2 Million B.C RTP

The return to player ratio of this impressive game is 91.94%. This means that the game is of medium variance, and you can land some handsome rewards easily. Since you have 30 paylines at your disposal, you only have to land at least two similar symbols to get a win. There are no wilds in the game, so you need to use the scatters to get the free spins.

Wrapping Up

BetSoft did what they do best, and we are impressed. They put out the best gameplay, features, and graphics. The animations, too, were worth looking at, and that is one reason people always want to know what BetSoft has added to the market. There is not much skill required to succeed at this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An App To Play This Game?

No. this game is optimized for instant play, so it is not necessary having an app. You can directly play the game on any casino website on any device. You can play it on your computer, iPhone, or android mobile. You can still open an account in a casino and select 2 Million B.C.

Can I Change My Winnings In The Game?

There is no way to change your payouts in 2 Million B.C. Some online slots have a gamble feature where you can either double your wins or lose them all. If you do not want to lose your money, do not bother with the gamble and withdraw funds directly.

Is There A Strategy To Win The Jackpot?

Not really! For some people, there is a form of strategy that works for them to win jackpots. To land the 500 coins jackpot at 2 Million B.C, you need to play the best lines and land the necessary symbols that will multiply your payouts.

Can I Cheat In 2 Million B.C Game?

No! There is no reported case where anyone has managed to beat the Random Number Generator. If you want to challenge the software, you need to interact with the software directly. The RNG is very quick at picking numbers, and no one can pick numbers that fast.