Ever Cheated at a Slot Machine?

Ever Cheated at a Slot Machine?

Slots are debated to be the easiest game in casinos regarding gameplay mechanism or process- spin the reels and hope for a win. Real work goes into the production of a slot machine to ensure a free and fair outcome. But over the years, some players tried to find out how to trick a slot machine to win through underhanded methods. The tricks worked on older slot machines, but can hardly even be attempted nowadays. We will highlight some of these instances in today’s casino news and see how things have recently changed modern slot machine winning strategies.

How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win: Trying Old Techniques

The online slots machine’s potential for a big payout has tempted people to try all sorts of tricks to increase their chances of winning in the live setting. The most common tricks used when trying to discover how to trick a slot machine to win include:


Yo-yoing is one of the most common tricks for trying to cheat and win at casino slot games. Players manipulate a coin in the machine by tying a string to it. This allows the player to “replay” the coin multiple times, giving them more chances to win without putting in more money. This, of course, is now impossible, as the credits to play and win are digital or via tickets.


Short-paying is one of the most technical ways to trick a slot machine. It involved tampering with the software or hardware of the machine. Some players, in secret, would open up the machine and manually change the settings to make it pay less than it should. They would then close up the machine and play it as normal, knowing they would have a better chance of winning. The technique worked until operators discovered how to trick a slot machine to win via this technique. Modern casino slots have built-in security features that make this tampering very difficult today.

Coin Swapping

Another old trick used to win at slot machines was coin swapping. This trick involves replacing a lower-value coin with a higher-value one to get a bigger payout. Players would carefully insert a high-value coin into the machine and quickly swap it with a lower-value coin. If the machine was not properly calibrated, it would register the higher value and award a payout accordingly.

Casino operators eventually detected and countered the method. They began using more sophisticated technology in their casino games, the “Tilt” switches, to detect and prevent cheating by players who knew how to trick a slot machine to win via coin swapping.

Light Wands

The light wands were a more sophisticated device cheaters used on slot machines. These devices would be inserted into the machine to fool the sensors and trigger payouts. They became a popular tool for cheaters, but casinos soon caught on and developed countermeasures.

Needless to say, online slots real money games cannot be tricked with any of the above, as the virtual world in which they operate is nearly impossible to cheat.

The arms race between cheaters and casinos continued for a while, but tricking slot machines became difficult as technology advanced. Since slot machines are the most common casino games, let’s briefly examine modern methods for winning online slot machines.

Online Slot Machine: Cheating Tricks

Many methods of manipulating physical slot machines are impossible with online slot machines like the Money Cash Slot. This is because online slots are controlled by software that is more difficult to manipulate than the physical machines. Additionally, an online casino can track player activity much more easily and spot unusual patterns that might indicate cheating.

However, the digital nature of online slots makes them more vulnerable to hacking. Though it is difficult and rarely happens, hackers could manipulate the game by changing the odds, altering the payouts, or even freezing the machine entirely. What, then, are the techniques that can give you an edge over online slots like the Inferno Slots game? First, choosing games with a high return-to-player (RTP) percentage is important to improve your winning chances.

Second, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. You can use the “split-and-run” strategy. It involves splitting your bankroll into smaller portions and playing until you hit a small win. Once you hit a win, you should then cash out and walk away. This strategy can help you keep your losses to a minimum and maximize your wins.

In addition, using bonus features and a special slot machine symbol can increase your chances of winning. Another strategy you want to consider is the “stop-loss” strategy, which will help minimize your risks if you don’t win. The basic idea is to set the maximum amount you are okay with losing. Once you arrive at the maximum, take a break from playing. Therefore, you will not get carried away by the excitement of games like the 7 Heroines Slot and spend more money than you intended to.

Trying to Outsmart a Slot Machine

Throughout the history of slots, the various tricks tailored toward cheating a machine have been negative and creative. However, these old tricks are now largely obsolete. With the rise of modern technology and security measures, cheating at a casino is virtually impossible and could get you into serious trouble. Instead of searching for old claims on how to trick a slot machine to win, the best way to maximize your chances is to learn to play with the help of online casino guides, and practice at Vegas Aces Casino. Remember to responsibly and carefully manage your bankroll.

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