Mega Moolah: Making Players Millionaires Since 2006

Mega Moolah: Making Players Millionaires Since 2006

Online slots have always been a delight for many online casino lovers, especially among older adults. They are aesthetically pleasing, simple to play, and allow people to win decent amounts of money. What no one saw coming was the possibility of winning life-changing sums via them, until the arrival of Mega Moolah.

It’s been over 17 years since the game’s creation, and it still ranks top among the best online casino real money slot games of all time. It has set records and has broken its records multiple times. In today’s casino news, the Mega Moolah slot machine is our focus.

Mega Moolah Madness: Spin the Reels, Chase the Riches!

Microgaming, a casino software developer in the casino games business since 1994, launched the Mega Moolah slot game in November 2006. And to date, the game still works. The machine’s color is bright, and its background is a safari desert. It features various animals as part of its slot machine symbols; they include lions, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, and antelopes.

What makes the use of animals special in the game is that they are interactive. For example, the lion roars when it appears on the screen. However, the game’s fantastic aesthetics were only a part of the slot machine secrets. Its distinguishing feature is the progressive Jackpot and how it works.

A Spin to Prosperity: Mega Moolah and its Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot system of Mega Moolah is four-tiered: Mini, minor, major, and mega. The mini jackpot is more frequent, but its payout is less. The minor payout is a little higher than the mini. But, the major and mega can be hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. These four-tiered jackpot cards come into play during the bonus rounds and change based on a player’s wager.

According to multiple reviews on casino slot games, Mega Moolah’s introduction into the slots world changed the narrative of winnings. It opened players to the possibility of winning life-changing sums by spinning the reels. Here are some notable jackpot wins it has provided.

The O.50c jackpot

A Finland man named Kalus, via a coin bet of 0.50c, won $5.5 million. He did not believe it until the casino contacted him to inform him. It was a remarkable moment in casino gaming.

The $5 per Spin Jackpot

In 2009, Georgio couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a €6.3 million jackpot while playing Mega Moolah in his home in Greece.

The Mobile Jackpot

In October 2015, Jon Heywood, a British soldier, and a United Kingdom citizen, won €17,879,645.12 while playing Mega Moolah on the Betway website via his phone. This Jackpot was recorded in the Guinness World Record as the “largest Jackpot payout in an online slot game.”

Absolootly Mad Jackpot

There have been quite a few variants of Mega Moolah created since 2006. But all the online slots real money games are still linked to the original. One is the AbsolootlyMad Mega Moolah, created by Triple Edge Studios exclusively for Microgaming. This game broke the previous jackpot history. In April 2021, a player played the game at Napoleon Sports and Casino, and he hit an astonishing jackpot of €19,430,723.60.

The above are some of the night-hawing jackpots Mega Moolah and provided. According to the World Casino Directory, Mega Moolah has paid over 18.4 million jackpots across its four tiers, exceeding €919 million to various players. This proves that the game stays true to the RNG meaning.

Major Advancements to the Mega Moolah Game

Mega Moolah has continued to stay relevant by being open to adopting technological changes that can be seen in recent games like the Roasting Hot 40 Slot. The first is the continued enhancements to the game’s graphics, sound quality, and overall gaming mechanics. The second is the adoption of HTML5 to make a mobile version of the game available. The game became optimized for smartphones and even smaller devices accessing the Internet.

Final thoughts

Mega Moolah remains one of the best slot games of all time. Its jackpot feature has changed so many casino players’ lives. Therefore, it establishes the fact that online gaming can be profitable. Visit Vegas Aces Casino to play jackpots and free slot games online.

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