Over The Moon Slot Game: An Interplanetary Space Riding Game

Over The Moon Slot Game: An Interplanetary Space Riding Game

Playing online slots for free is sure a fun way to entertain yourself, anytime, any day. However, if you’d like to heighten the fun to its peak, then, the Over the Moon slot game is all you need. With a strongly themed celestial game adventure, the Over the Moon slot is all shades of innovation from Big Time Gaming.

Although featured with minimal space activities as against the game’s title, the developer did have it all slipped. Are there likable modalities of the Over the Moon slot? What strength does it hold in opposition to other existing slot casino games?

All of these we’ll delve into in today’s casino news.

Over the Moon Slot Features

Not far from what you already know, this slot consists of 6 reels and 2 to 7 rows, different from what the Almighty Dollar slot has. With fewer than 100,00 ways of winning in some other online slots, the Over the Moon Slot has it all flipped with more than 130,000 winning ways.

Little wonder why it has gained massive recognition, having been released within a short while.

Higher than the Dark Hearts slot game, the Over the Moon slot has a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.5%. To further stir the excitement of those who desire to play, Over the Moon Slot has high volatility, giving players more than 13,000x their placed bet.

While playing this game in the best online casino, you may notice that there are some available gaming features of this interplanetary space slot game. Some include wild symbols, reactions, win exchanges, rockets, meteor prizes, and free spins.

Although you can easily find many players’ opinions about the game in the multiple online casino reviews, we will briefly examine in context what these features entail.


A player must create a winning combination to enable the reaction features. Once that’s done, new gaming symbols are released to create more combinations of wins. This is a repetitive occurrence so long as one plays.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol, on the other hand, helps in triggering winning combinations by replacing other paying symbols.


One way to land yourself a rocket is during your spins. Again, a player can get an increment with a multiplier of 1X, 5X, or even 10X. To elongate the life span of your rocket, a player must keep up at getting the rocket battery symbols that rejig its fuel cells.

Meteor Prizes

Players’ bet must be 100X their valued bet to hit meteor prizes in the Over the Moon Slot during spins. This is fairly gotten if a player is fortunate enough to get at least a rocket on the reels at the same time.

Free Spins

There are a few pieces of information to take on about free spin in this game. Free spins are triggered if a player gets at least 3 or more star scatter symbols. First, the player gets a top-up of 12 free spins and additional 2 spins for scatter symbols that exceed 3.

There is absolutely no gaming feat that beats what a multiplier does. It is readily available and holds its place as long as the game keeps running. For instance, when a rocket passes from sight, it doesn’t in any way affect the size of a multiplier’s value. And guess what? The multiplier’s value remains and may hike while waiting for the next rocket to appear.

Win Exchange

For the win exchange feature, it’s quite easy. First, one has to create a win between 25X to 80X of the bet made; after that, the winning exchange will be triggered. Again, when a player gets a win that is 80X higher, a player has the liberty to exchange their win for activation of the game bonus. That translates into getting to spin a wheel, leaving a player with usual free spins or heightened free spins packed with about 12 of them.

Final Thoughts

Over the Moon grants patrons a solid chance of winning; playing is relatively simple. When players get hooked up to a particular slot game, it usually shows that the RTP must be attractive, just as with progressive jackpot slot games and the Egypt slot game.

Despite the value of this slot game’s recent release, it is best to stay moderate with your wagering ability. Always set the mark and gamble responsibly!

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