Play Like a High Roller With Cash Machine Slot!

Play Like a High Roller With Cash Machine Slot!

There have been many mind-blowing themes in slot games, but one of the most unique is that of Cash Machine Slot. Who would have thought that the United States banknotes would be one of the best inspirations for a slot game? Well, Everi, a US-based company, did, and it paid off.

In this casino news, we will discuss the Cash Machine Slot and some of its unique features, so you can determine whether you should check it out.

The Cash Machine Slot: A Game that’s Always Ready to Pay Out

Everi is one of the companies that is fulfilling most of their online casino gaming missions, which include providing innovative games, royalty solutions, and financial technology. They put to good use the power of imagination as they work to deliver games that could be players’ and operators’ favorite slot machines.

The company’s name (Everi) was introduced in 2015. It was formerly called Multimedia Games Holdings until Global Cash Access Holdings acquired it. Everi tops the gaming industry in terms of the number of cash transactions it has processed. Its main market is in the USA, but it also operates in Canada, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

The Cash Machine Slot was approved in the second quarter of 2019 and launched in 2020. It is a mechanical slot, and it falls under the class III section of slot games, not class II, where you can find other games like Jacks or Better. This category of slots relies solely on RNGs, which are the brains of this game, unlike those in class II, which depend on a bingo system to operate. Therefore, this slot game works independently.

Getting Your Cash!

Some slot games are money-themed but do not operate in ways that accompany them. Everi, on the other hand, features an innovative gaming mechanic in the Cash Machine Slot called “Win What You See.” You do not need an online slots guide to learn, it’s very easy to understand it.

Rather than employing multiple symbols and sometimes confusing combinations, Everi utilized numbers. The number you see on the screen after spinning the three reels is the amount you win. There are no hidden slot machine tricks.

So, let’s say you place a bet in an online slots real money game and are lucky to land a 10 on the left side and 0 on the right side reel; the total amount you just won is $100. Now you spin again and get 2 on the left, 5 in the middle, and 0 on the left, your payout becomes $250. On max bet, the maximum payout is $10,500.

Due to the company’s gaming concept, the gameplay is simple and direct. Unlike the Monkey King Slot, there are no wilds or scatters. The only extra feature available is Respin, which can be pretty profitable, but its operation differs from the usual.

The Cash Machine Slot and An Innovative Respin Feature

A newer approach to online casino gaming is often encouraged. With this game, Evrei is at the forefront with other top providers. There are two respins in this game: Red and Zero. What a way to name a cool feature!

The red respin feature in this online slots kicks in when you have a winning and losing reel. The former randomly stops, and the losing one spins once or twice to reveal a much higher reward than the initial. The zero respin occurs when one of the reels shows a zero or double zero. The number stays, and the other reels spin again, creating another winning chance.

That is quite a unique method of providing spins on casino games, right? The Cash Machine Slot made Everi Holdings win the Top Performing New Mechanical Reel Core Game in the 2019 Eilers & Krejcik Gaming (EKG) slots awards.

Final Thoughts

Casino slot games are chance-based. You can refrain from burning your bankroll to get a high payout in the Cash Machine Slot. As we said earlier, in this game, what you see is what you win. If you keep seeing zeros, you should take a break and plan before retrying. So, will you check out this game? Try it! It is simple and fun. You can learn more about slot games, and how to play the smarter by reading our online casino guides section.

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