Sweet Treats 2 Slot Game

Sweet Treats 2 Slot Game

Enjoy the pleasure of eating candy and the adventures in the candy factories

Sweet Treats 2 Slot Game

Sweet Treats 2 has numerous levels to complete, and each group has several unique features. The slot has a cluster arrangement, with winning combinations based on cluster landings. The game has 29 levels, each bearing symbols in their respective reels. This review will enlighten us more about this subject and describe this slot in detail.

Sweet Treats 2 Slot Game Review

Sweet Treats 2 Details

Sweet Treats 2 gaming slot relates to the enjoyments of eating candy and the adventures of visiting candy factories. The slot has a cluster arrangement, with winning combinations based on cluster landings. The minimum stake available for this game is 0.02 cents per cluster, while the highest is $250.

The game has 29 levels, each bearing symbols in their respective reels. These levels also reward you with additional special bonuses that vary in payouts. Winning for this game is in cluster wins, which means multiple paylines arranged in a cluster. There is a 2x Double feature that grants you 1000 free spins when you click on the pop-up on the screen.

Some of the symbols in this slot game include the red fs icon, candy wild, the red heart, and the chocolate bomb, which are the highest-paying symbols. The medium-paying symbols are the candy cane, a lollipop, a gumdrop, a jelly bean, and many more. After reaching a particular level, the game displays a unique egg symbol and awards you more cash prizes.

How to Play Sweet Treats 2

Sweet Treats 2 is accessible from your web browser at any time. Upon joining the slot, you must deposit to play the basic game. The currencies supported for this slot include the dollar, pound, and euro. You may deposit via bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards, wire transfer, online banking, cash deposits, and Mastercard.

You then begin the first level after your funds are verified. You must complete the first level to proceed to the next level. You unlock the levels by matching symbols according to the pattern required in that level. The higher the level, the higher the rewards and the more complex the game. The chocolate bar has a high payout in the regular game, and you should seek it the most since you get cash prizes and earn ten extra spins when you match three of them.

RTP and Variance

Sweet Treats 2 has no applicable return to player value. The game operates on cluster wins, and therefore, winning is in clusters. Since these clusters are numerous, the game’s variance is low.


Sweet Treats 2 gaming slot has a relatively higher volatility rating. This rate is favorable to players that stake in many clusters at considerably higher values. However, this is a considerable risk since the bet could also go wrong at any moment.

Bonus Features

Numerous bonus features are part of this gaming slot, and they vary from level to level. These features include the color bomb feature, the level-up bonus, the chocolate bombs feature, and free spins. These features are applicable on the first level.

On the second level, all the way up to the final level, there are candy wilds, level up bonus, unique egg feature, and cluster wins. These features may reward you with bonus games and multipliers. The highest multiplier factor is 100x the bet amount, and the red heart symbol awards this amount.

Themes and Graphics

The slot has a comprehensive interface where all the icons needed for navigating through are displayed. You can see the settings icon at the bottom page of the screen on the right side. You can also adjust the game’s sounds and brightness through this icon. The slot has a 7×7 grid arrangement, and this design is compatible with the many clusters in the game.

The many sweets and chocolate bar symbols highlight the theme of candy. This slot is a creative development by Nucleus Gaming developers, and they have done a great job in designing quality graphics. You can play the game comfortably by selecting reel symbols, as these symbols are in 3D and have high definition quality. You can quickly identify them at any position, making the game sufficiently enjoyable.


Sweet Treats 2 is yet another quality development by a reputable company. This slot is terrific in giving out generous payouts. The levels in the game make it more fun to play since they are numerous.

A gamer will not be bored playing this game since they must complete these levels. This quality makes Sweet Treats 2 a fun game to play, and you may win huge amounts of cash while participating in this Slot. Remember to check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start playing Sweet Treats 2 gaming slot?
Can I play Sweet Treats 2 for free?
What are the minimum and maximum payouts for this game?
Can I play Sweet Treats 2 using a mobile phone?
You begin playing Sweet Treats 2 by first setting up the wagers into a suitable position. Hitting the ‘min’ button sets it at a minimum bet value which stays like that until you reset it. The max button sets the wager to a maximum value. Since we base the game upon cluster wins, you should match four or more symbols in each cluster.

Once you set everything, make a spin and wait for the outcome. If you win in the first round, a pattern feature appears, and you have to unlock this pattern to proceed.
Yes. You can play Sweet Treats 2 for free. You will access the free game after you register for an account. Registration is also absolutely free and is only applicable for persons above 18 years. After registration, log in to your account and press the free play icon to access the free play. The location of this icon is at the front of the reels in the middle of the screen.
The minimum payout is a 5x bet multiplier, while the highest multiplier factor is 100x the bet amount. Alternatively, the game may reward you with a cash prize of $5,000 as a maximum payout. The lowest payout is $30 for every cluster win, and you obtain this payment when you land three candy symbols on a single reel.
Yes you can: the game is easily accessible through any mobile device that can access the internet. You can get the game online through the play store or the app store. However, you don’t need to download the game, as you can play it directly through the internet. Computers and tablets are also suited for this type of game, and you will enjoy more of the game when you participate more often.