The Best Card Games for 3 Players

The Best Card Games for 3 Players

Gaming sessions involving 2 players are often filled with crucial and astonishing moments. However, players’ gameplay experience isn’t a match for 3 player card games. 3 player card games are significantly more competitive and fun due to the involvement of multiple players.

Two-player card games can be less fun. So, as time went on and creativity kicked in, 3 player card games entered the gaming world. Typically, you’d love them because they are often social games.

In this casino news, we will highlight the best 3 player card games you should check out.

3 Player Card Games: Join the Trio Fun!

While table games bring lots of fun to the online casino and the live one too, when outside the casino walls you find yourself in the need to reinvent your gaming pastimes, and card games are always an excellent choice to spend time, and bring people together.  As the festive season approaches, note these games. You can play them with family and friends.

Popular 3 Player Card Games: Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy, a classic in the card game world, offers engaging gameplay for three players. The goal is to create melds by drawing and discarding cards. Players can “Go Gin” with no cards left or “Knock” with a low-value hand. It’s a fantastic choice for a three-player card game with simple rules and exciting strategy.

Lots of online casino reviews bring you many experiences form players trying classic games like Rummy, including different versions of the game. Follow them to be on top of your Rummy games!


Skat is popular among the 3 player card games that use a unique 32-card deck where one player is the declarer, and the others are defenders. Players aim to outscore the declarer by employing specific strategies. Silent cooperation among defenders is crucial. Skat’s unique feature is the ability to ‘skat’ or skip a turn with the last card, adding strategic depth. It’s a lively and easy-to-learn game that is ideal for three players.

More Popular 3 Player Card Games: Go Fish

If you’re a fan of matching card games, Go Fish is a fantastic choice for three players. It’s a childhood favorite, where players aim to create sets of four cards. Ask opponents for specific cards or hear “Go Fish” if they don’t have it. The game ends when all sets are completed, and the player with the most sets wins. This can be played in a real money online casino setting, with fake money (chips), or at home without betting!

Crazy Eights

Regarding 3 player card casino games, Crazy Eights is a classic choice. It’s all about shedding cards and trying to have the lowest score. Players’ target is to get rid of their cards by matching suits or using wild 8s to change the suit. A gaming session ends when someone reaches 100 points. The player with the lowest score wins. It’s a timeless and enjoyable game for gatherings and game nights.

Another 3 Player Card Games Favorite: War

War is a familiar childhood card game that takes on a new level of excitement when played with three players. Players divide a standard deck of cards, and in each round, they flip over the top card. The participant with the highest card wins the round. You might ask, “What is the house advantage in casino war?” In Casino War, the house advantage typically hovers around 2.88%. This margin can vary slightly depending on the specific Casino War rules and the number of decks used. Still, it remains in favor of the casino, making it essential to play for entertainment rather than as a profitable strategy.

Sergeant Major

Sometimes known as 3-5-8, Sergeant Major is a captivating card game for three players, particularly popular among Air Force personnel. With unique rules and targets, the game starts with 16 cards per player. The objective is to win as many tricks as possible, aiming for 12 tricks in a round to win. The dealer selects a trump suit, creating strategic opportunities. Players have individual targets (3, 5, or 8 tricks) based on their seating, adding depth to the game.


Another great game in the 3 player card games category worth a try is “Ninety-Nine,” invented by David Parlett in 1968. Players use bid cards to select tricks to win; each suit has unique values, and there are trump cards to add excitement. The aim is to earn points by fulfilling your bid, and the first to reach 100 points becomes the champion. It’s a unique and enjoyable card game for three people.

Old Maid

Old Maid is another favorite classic card game with a twist, including a Joker card. Gamers are dealt a full deck of cards and take turns drawing a card from the player to their right. If they find a matching pair, they set it aside. The catch is that there’s a hidden Joker, and the person left with it loses the game.

Final Thoughts

3 player card games provide a great way to socialize and have fun. There’s no shortage of enjoyment, from classics like Old Maid and Ninety-Nine to unique variations or even creating your own house rules. So gather your friends, shuffle the cards, and let the Lucky Wheel Game of chance spice up your card-playing adventures.

If you’re not into card games or wish you knew other interesting games to play, you can learn how to play Baccarat by following our easy-to-ready Baccarat guide. Our guides are full of details you may be missing from your favorite games, and fantastic playing tips for new games.

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