4 Seasons Slot Game

The Ancient Chinese Zodiac theme has picked pace within the online slot industry

4 Seasons Game Review

The 4 seasons slot game is an impressive development from BetSoft and borrows its setting from the ancient Chinese zodiac. The only difference between these animals and the ones in the actual zodiac is their cartoon outlook. The game is a standard five-reel game played along 30 paylines. You, therefore, have the choice to pick your bet amount since the paylines are not fixed.

4 Seasons Game Slot Game Review

The 4 seasons slot game is an impressive development from BetSoft and borrows its setting from the ancient Chinese zodiac. The only difference between these animals and the ones in the actual zodiac is their cartoon outlook. The game is a standard five-reel game played along 30 paylines. You, therefore, have the choice to pick your bet amount since the paylines are not fixed. 

The game bears the "seasons" title to it because it mimics the four annual seasons. This is depicted by the background graphics that change from time to time. When played carefully, you can win up to $50000 even without using any multipliers. 

There is too much Chinese influence on these slots, and to mention a few, we have the mountain temple in the background image. There are baby animals that are the same ones on the other Ancient Chinese-based slots. The animals look attractive on the reels, and it has a great design that has so much to give to the players. The fun part is the ever-changing background that takes turns on the screen.

Themes And Graphics

Anytime BetSoft is mentioned in a slot game, you can expect nothing but absolute perfection and quality. The provider is well known to have some of the best slot designs and graphics. This time they went overboard with the animation of the Chinese zodiac animals. Making them even look more enticing.

When the symbols make a winning combination, they have a little animated dance and a stunning illumination effect from the symbol. This was aimed to keep the player glued onto the screen. The sound effects are also mesmerizing since it perfectly blends with the theme.

The sound is a combination of a Chinese melody and a piece of electronic dub music. But you might want to turn it off for some time to avoid getting absorbed in the music and losing track of what you are playing.

How To Play The 4 Seasons Slot

The game has a maximum allowed limit for the amount of money you can bet for each game. The amount is between $0.60 and $150, and a coin can cost either $0.02 or $1. There will be an option to adjust your overall bet at the bottom of the play screen. The plus and minus icon lets you select your preferred coin amount.

When you click the plus and minus button above the “bet per line” icon, you can increase or reduce your total bet for each paylines. If you wish to play the maximum bet, you must click the 'max bet' button and wait for the following instructions.

After modifying your bet selections, you need to click the spin button to start formulating the winning combinations. If you do not want to struggle finding the perfect bet, all you need to do is go with the ‘Auto Play’ feature. If you want to see how much payout you have, click the ‘view plays.' It is always displayed on the screen in the top right corner.

Slot Features

The Slot is filled with a ton of impressive and exciting features, and you need to watch out for them for good performance. The best symbol to look for is the wild symbol, indicated by the gold cat image. Its central role is to substitute all the other symbols to create winning combinations. The only symbol that cannot be replaced is the scatter symbol, the yin, and the yang.

When you land five wilds on a reel, you will get 10000 coins. To trigger free spins, you need to land three or more scatter symbols played as the same bet that triggers the re-spin. You need three scatters to get 8 free spins, while four will get you either 12 or 20. 

If you land a combination of all the symbols on the reels, you will get either 1o for three, 20 for three, and 50 for five. The only time the payout changes is when the symbol value is multiplied by the season wheel. After spinning thirty times, the zodiac wheel turns into a new animal.

The animal you select from the reel will then turn gold, and it will boost the payout up to 10x. When this symbol is highlighted, the rest of the animals will move to the right, turning silver. If they are equally distrusted to the right or left, they pay 2x. 

After winning, you can activate the double-up features, which will allow you to predict whether the coin will land heads or tail. If your guess wins, then you boost your initial winnings twice. If you guess wrong, then you lose both your initial win and the double up.

4 Season Slot RTP and Variance

The 4 seasons slot game is a medium variance game with an RTP of 95.30%. This means that you are likely to land more winning combinations and with an impressive payout rate. If the game had a higher variance, it would not have been worth the effort and money.


One thing we need to appreciate about 4 seasons is that it is from BetSoft. This assures you that you will have fun gameplay filled with action and impressive features. The graphics are on another level game-wise, and they make the slot more engaging. Being a medium variance game means that you have higher winning chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is The Gamble Feature Safe To Play On 4 Seasons?
When you opt to use the gamble feature to boost your winnings, you have a 50/50 chance of losing or winning. You have to make a personal decision whether you want to win double or lose it all. If what you are risking is much smaller, then approach with caution.
2Are The Results In 4 Seasons Random?
Yes! This is one of the accurate ways to get fair results. Online casinos use Random Number Generator to produce results based on algorithms and prediction. However, if you have doubts about the casino, you can check for positive reviews and licensing.
3Is 4 Seasons Slot Safe To Play?
Yes! You are assured of safety and customer security when you choose to bet play with 4 seasons. We are sure that 4 seasons is compliant with all the playing standards which uphold the safety requirements. The game is built by one of the best providers, which should assure you that everything is well taken care of.
4Does The Amount Of Money In My Bet Account Affect My Outcomes?
The money in your account in no way affects the outcomes of your bet. Your results are usually determined by the amount of money you stake. The bet denominations will determine if you will get higher payouts or not. If you want to win the jackpot, you can do so by wagering the maximum amount.
5What Is The Scatter Symbol In 4 Seasons?
The scatter symbol is displayed by the Yin and Yang, which can unlock payout multipliers. They do not have to appear in any pre-determined order, but you may need to land a few combinations to be eligible for a win. Most of the time, they usually reward free spins.

4 Seasons Slot Game Review

4 Seasons Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Marya3421
Some good stuff

Even though I have never managed a good win, it feels good landing the free spins. At least that way, I know I am improving my chances of getting an excellent win combination. This is some good stuff.

 by VickyTar
Jump on!

I am looking forward to playing more of 4 seasons in the coming days. I believe I have all the crucial information that would land me a few wild symbols. If you need some excellent gaming time, jump on!

 by Rosaz Sharif
Such games

I cannot recall which one of my friends introduced me to such games, but I would like to thank them. 4 seasons is a game that every slot player needs to have in their favorites. 

 by Courtney. J.J
Well equipped

I have always wanted to play in a live casino, but I have not yet decided where to start. In the meantime, I will keep playing at Vegas Aces until when I feel I am well equipped to play in real slots.

 by Bryson Tinder
Exceptional playtime

I started playing casino recently, and when I cannot go outside, I always play 4 seasons at Vegas Aces for an exceptional playtime. This is one of the best games out there that can be played for free.

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