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Take a trip into the early days of King Arthur and the knights

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If you want to escape reality and take a step back in time, get into the action with Arthur’s Realm and get to the land where knights won spurs. This game must be a special kind of magic, and you will get to see how good you are at war. 

Arthur’s Realm Slot Game Review

If you want to escape reality and take a step back in time, get into the action with Arthur’s Realm and get to the land where knights won spurs. This game must be a special kind of magic, and you will get to see how good you are at war. 

The slot comes with five reels and 20 paylines, and at the same time, offers you a wide range of free spins and bonuses, which can give you up to 10000x your bet amount. If you are brave enough, filled with strengths, valor, and loyalty combined with wisdom to lift the sword off the stone gracefully, you are in to get a lot of riches into your kingdom.

This fantastic slot is a design from Digital Gaming Solutions who are fast-rising among the most dedicated slot provider companies. Even though it is a relatively new game, it has features that likely will get people hooked on playing. 

We believe that you will experience the good things it has to offer and how much money you can earn from it with this review.

Themes And Graphics

This slot game takes its theme from the legends of King Arthur, and you will experience it when you take a moment to dive into the king's round table and plan your next quest. The game is beautifully rendered and has a battle and spiritual feel to it. 

You can enjoy a mellow and smooth soundtrack as you spin your reels and watching the symbols explode to win coins. You have symbols like King Arthur, knights, princesses, maidens, wizards, etc.

How To Play Arthur’s Realm

You need to set your coin size, and paylines then start spinning to start playing the game. You can use the plus and minus symbols to set the coins. They begin from 0.002-5.00 for each coin, and once everything is set, hit the spin button and watch the magic unload.

If you want smooth and seamless play, you can use the auto-spin button to play the game for you. The re-spin button can play between 10-1000 rounds for you. You can also enjoy numerous features which come with bonuses. Once a round is completed, you can hit the re-spin button to keep more rounds coming.

If you want to tweak your game settings for better gameplay and a smooth operation, you can use the change settings button on the screen to adjust features. Here you have the icon for changing the soundtrack volume or completely switch it off. You can also check your paylines by clicking the view plays icon.

Symbols And Game Features

The game has a total of 13 features that promise a wide range of winning opportunities. When you land a winning combination, it will be multiplied by your coin value to trigger more bonuses. The primary symbol combinations are from 3 to 5 similar symbols and two to five wild symbols that can payout 35 times your coin size. 

The low-value symbols can payout between 5x and 35x your bet amount when you land 3 to 5 similar symbols to form a winning combination. You can enjoy the luxury of three wild symbols, which can give your combination the chance to win additional bonuses. 

They also have their paytable, which pops up when you have a winning combination with wilds. The payout is from 25x, 75x, 150x, and 550x for five winning symbols. 

Bonus Rounds

Arthur's Realm has a variety of bonuses that you can enjoy. This feature aligns with the Camelot magic, which can unlock additional rewards, further boosting your wins to more enormous amounts.

Here are some of the bonuses you can enjoy while playing this game.

Arthur’s Gold; this feature can magically turn the basic symbols into wilds. They can be between 1 and 10 to use for the upcoming spins.

Free Spins; to trigger free spins, you need to land 3-5 scatter symbols, and when you play through the merlin's bonus, you can get up to 14 free spins with 3 converted wild symbols.

Merlin’s bonus; to activate this feature, you need to land the bonus crystal ball, which comes at the last base of the reel. You will get 4-500 coins, seven free spins, and a conversion symbol. Or you can get 10 free spins, 2 converted symbols, and 14 free spins which can boost your wins.

Arthur’s Realm RTP And Variance

This slot has an RTP of 92.6%, a medium-high volatility game with a 93.5% variance. This is a good amount of credentials when aiming for average long-term wins across all platforms with this game. With a strike rate of 22%, you can count on 100 spins to give so much action regardless of your luck.


Arthur’s Realms is one of the most attractive slots you will ever play. The game combines a good storyline and a classic look which makes it live against time. It features the latest technology, which translates to a good gameplay experience for people who play the game. The spin speed is impressive. You have auto-spin features and also settings to adjust your win and loss limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where Can I Play Arthur’s Realm Slot?
You can play Arthur’s Realm in any of the top-rated casinos available online. When you go through recommendations, you will find a casino that would serve your needs. We believe that Vegas Aces has the best to offer, and you can enjoy endless bonuses that keep you coming for more.
2How Much Can I Win From Playing Arthur’s Realm?
This slot has so many winning chances, but sometimes everything is based on pure lack. Hence, there is no direct ticket to winning. The game payouts start from a minimum of three winning combinations, and you can win up to 500x your initial bet. But always choose to play for fun before you learn how to win for money.
3Can I Play Arthur’s Realm For Free?
Arthur's Realm is like any other slot game. You can play it for free in the demo section. You can sign up at Vegas Casino and select to play in demo mode. This will help you learn how to spin the reels, calculate your wins, and figure out the payout.
4Is Arthur’s Realm Slot Fair?
Yes! This slot is safe to play, and you can trust that you will get real money winnings when you bet with money. The game uses a Random Number Generator to record winnings, making it hard for the reels to be rigged. Therefore, do not shy away from playing the game.
5What Is The RTP Of Arthur’s Realm?
The return to player of this slot is 96.2% which is a medium to high volatility game with around 95.3. This means that you have a higher average payout for returns even with the least number of spins.

Arthur’s Realm Slot Game Review

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