White Orchid Slots: Experience the Pulse of the Rainforest With Every Spin

White Orchid Slots: Experience the Pulse of the Rainforest With Every Spin

Video slots are among the well-designed, defined, and refined games available in casinos today, physically and digitally. These games are advancing, becoming more immersive and aesthetically pleasing with their high-quality graphics, similar to console games. However, with advancement comes the loss of some game forms, which many may call “old school” and are considered classics that should not be abandoned. A good example is the cabinet-style games. There are only a few of these games, and one of the most popular is the White Orchid Slots. The nature-themed slot is available only to some online casinos.

Today’s casino news will highlight everything you need to know about the White Orchid Slots game and its unique features.

White Orchid Slots: A Sensory Ride Across the Marvels of Nature

White Orchid Slots game was designed and launched by International Game Technology (IGT) in 2010. That is quite a long time, right? However, though old, the game still appeals to many who love vintage or retro slot casino games.

Unsurprisingly, the online casino game has stayed relevant until today. IGT is one of the few providers that can take pride in the longevity of its products. The award-winning company was launched in 1975 and has since received awards in the gambling industry.

Their release of the White Orchid Slots game was one of the great rescues of cabinet-style games, which were at risk of being thrown under the bus considering the evolution of slot machines. This is not to say that it doesn’t look good. It has a serene and simple game design, with blue skies and hot-pink flowers beautifully decorating its reels.

However, a few things have preserved this game’s success.

The Secrets of White Orchid Slots’ Success in 2024

One of the best slot tips for beginners is to check games’ RTP. The White Orchid Slots game has a 95.03% RTP, which is slightly low but enough due to the following features.

Reel Design

A slot game’s number of reels is often reflected by its row and column design. But this is different in the White Orchid Slot. Instead of having 5 reels based on its 5×4 array, it has 20 different reels. Each space on the display has a reel, and wilds can land on each from 2 to 5. That means that some huge wins can be gotten.

40+1024 Ways to Win

IGT is one of the few companies to successfully and profitably integrate the 1024 multi-way win mechanics into its games, and the White Orchid Slot is no exception.

They made this game a double-pay line one. It has a standard 40 pay lines and an extra 1024 winning ways instead of the 243 ways in the Bubble Double slot. Both paylines are not together, but separate. Therefore, players can stick with the 40-pay line to conserve their bankroll or add the 1024 winnings to increase payout value.

However, playing both paylines (1064 ways to win) comes with a cost. To play the standard pay line, players need to wager 40 credits but to activate the all-ways-win mechanic, 80 credits must be wagered.

In some land-based casinos that still have an older version, you can turn off the multi-payline bet. But you can’t in recent versions and those available online. If you choose to play with 80 credits, volatility will increase, similar to the Inferno Slots game.

The White Falls Bonus

The White Orchid Slots has a feature called “The White Falls.” Unlike many slot games, it rewards players with free spins, and two or more wild symbols instead of scatters are needed to activate it.

In addition, the cool thing IGT did is that this bonus feature can be re-triggered during free spins. Therefore, up to 130 free spins can be earned from this game. This feature is one of the strengths of white orchid slots, showing how to win at casino slots differently.

Learn how to make the most of your bonus features by following our online casino guides, your best source of how-to when it comes to winning online casino games.

Final Thoughts

IGT creates chance-based games for specific purposes, and the White Orchid slots are no exception. The company is renowned for having some of the best slot titles in the gaming industry. Examples include the Cleopatra slot, the Wheel of Fortune, Vikings Go Wild, etc. When you next visit Las Vegas, check out the White Orchid slots or Visit Vegas Aces casino to play free slot games.

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