Boogey Man Slot Game

Boogey Man Slot is a 5-reel game that features horror characters.

Boogey Man Slot Overview

Boogey Man Slot is a 5-reel game that features horror characters.  There’s an array of bonuses present in the slot, and this review shall discuss them in detail, alongside other features.

Boogey Man Slot Game

The slot was developed by Microgaming developers and offered up to fifty paylines available. The Slot game features various characters, including the Boogey Man himself, designed to bring about chills and horror. Matching the Boogey Man character three to five times activates the Boogey bonus feature that allows free spins.

The game has two modes of play, the demo and earning method. The demo does not require cash or bonus deposits as it is free for play. On the other hand, the earning mode will require staking. The minimal stake is $0.5, while the highest is $1 per payline. Payouts are instant. This game also features bonus rewards following a successful win. 

Numerous bonus features accompany the play. Each character symbol has its reward characteristic. The slot has good graphics and themes, which also help to shed light on what the game is all about. These and much more are highlighted below.

Theme And Graphics

The theme of horror is the first that you will notice. In the background, spooky music can be heard in play. There are also underlying tones of suspense that would send chills during the play. All these acts entice the player to get hooked to the game, which is a fun activity. There are symbols associated with the slot, such as leaves, four human animated characters, including the boogeyman, telephones, firearms, and knives. 

The game display is in 3D, and the color annotation is classic. The graphical design of the slot's templates and symbols is adequate to draw much attention while playing. They also cultivate the tension from within as it depicts a scenario that seems natural. This adds to the excitement when playing the game. The software managing this slot is supportive to mobile phone devices, and users can log into their accounts even on mobile. It does not require a download, and one can play on their browser.

How To Play

Playing is simple. All that is required is accurate knowledge of what the game entails. Players should understand what each symbol represents and how much it can potentially pay for every landing win. The slot gives an allowance to deposit at the bottom of the screen on the left corner of their page. The next step after staking is carefully choosing your preferred character symbol.

When these steps are followed, you will select your landing reel and then set it in motion. A character symbol known by Linda offers the highest pay when you match it five times in the first, second, and third reel. Other symbols offer re-spins and bonus rewards. A re-spin may trigger another bonus feature or activate a cash reward. 

Playing Options And Features

Playing options range from demo to real earning modes. The actual earning method is the most competitive, and it requires staking an amount to activate its features. This mode pays when a win is met. The demo is a training session, you do not need to bet, and it does not offer payouts or cash bonuses. 

One key feature is the free spin bonus. It is activated when three matching symbols land on any reel.  An autoplay feature can be manually selected. This feature initiates the play without the need to do it over again, thus saving time and energy.

Bonus Features

Bonus features add to the slot's excitement when during play. Some of these features include;

Boogey Man – this feature has leaves that contain cash rewards. You have to pick a leaf, and it reveals what you have won. Each cash reward has a 1x multiplier bonus, which could extend up to 10 bonus spins.

Free spins – this feature activates when either of the three anime character symbols pops up on the reel. The total number of free spins in this category is nine. However, this feature cannot be triggered by any other scheme apart from these character symbols.

Wandering wheel – in this feature, three-reel sets are grouped. A matching of symbols in all the locations triggers cash rewards while matching symbols in a single or double set will initiate bonus spins.

Treat or trick wheel – this feature allows up to 10 round spin bonuses. The staked amount is also multiplied ten times, and this is a massive advantage for a gamer who wins a bet.

Boogey Man Slot RTP

This slot has an RTP rate of 96.20%. This makes it highly volatile, meaning that you can stake from the low to high directions. This is an advantage to first-time gamers, as they get to save the large bonus reward following a win. 


The general market well acknowledges Boogey Man Slot like many other gaming slots. This can be seen from the positive customer reviews. The game offers bonus rewards and free spins, which provides the gamer with a high winning probability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How Can I Play Boogey Man Slot?
Playing Boogey Man Slot is simple. All you need to do first is decide whether you will play the demo or real earning mode. If your interest is in the demo, then sign in to the account. The actual earning method requires a staked amount to activate play. You can then select your preferable character and choose the number of reels to stake on. Landing three or more symbols in 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels generate double cash rewards and bonus spins.
2Is Boogey Man Slot The Best Online Slot?
Many gamers prefer the Boogey Man slot due to its simplicity. Beginners can navigate easily and understand the gameplay without a problem. The display is in authentic HD graphics making the slot game so alluring. These reasons only render Boogey Man Slots one of the best online slots.
3Can I Play Boogey Man Slot With Bonus Money?
Yes. Bonus money can be used to play in the Boogey Man Slot. They come in handy when the cash deposit required for staking is not available. You can either redeem the bonus money and add it to your playing account or withdraw it. It's usually advisable that players do not withdraw all bonus rewards as they help at times cash is unavailable.
4How Can I Win Real Money From Boogey Man Slot?
Winning real money from this slot entails matching symbols with the selected reels. The game is activated, however, after staking some amount in a particular payline. There are special features that are responsible for generating more spin bonuses while others start cash rewards. Depending on the symbols chosen, cash rewards vary. You will therefore receive real money deposited into your user account following a win. This money can then be transferred to any of your bank accounts.

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Boogey Man Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Sue Bradley
You can win big

The slot is colorful. The theme is splendid. Microgaming developers never disappoint. A sharp image display is evident. A considerable advantage is that for a minimum stake, you can win big.

 by Taylor Mcguire
I like the idea behind it

Good game slot. I like the idea behind it, and it gives more reason for gamers to try it out and see its features.

 by Karla Hamilton
I'm ready for the successive win

This game slot reminds me of the horror movies I’ve watched in the past. It gives me chills, and this gets me excited the more to play it. I have won a cash reward once, and I'm ready for the successive win now that I have mastered the tread.

 by Rosie Woods
The slot has a good image display

I like the presentation. The slot has a good image display. It gives more meaning to the surrounding theme, making it more acceptable in the market. I appreciate MicroGaming developers for such a nice treat. 

 by Bradley Carter
The color annotation is classic and enchanting

The color annotation is classic and enchanting. It brinks about the stimulating effect common to adrenaline rush whenever the spin is about to rest. The combination of music sounds playing in the background adds to its enticement.

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