Bounty Hunter

Do you fancy yourself a fan of crime-based themed players?

Bounty Hunter Slots Review

 Do you fancy yourself a fan of crime-based themed players? Well, you're in luck because Bounty Hunter has got you covered. This game slot tours you to the volatile and motley journey of searching for a wicked criminal gang of gem thieves. Bounty Hunter promises to keep you glued to your slot for hours and play repeatedly. 

Bounty Hunter Slots Overview

The Bounty Hunter slot game by Genesis Gaming will be one of the best experiences for all slot gamers, especially for all cops and robbers theme lovers. Bounty Hunters track the harmful criminals to earn great wins.

Assuring excellent characters, Bounty Hunter invites you to meet unique symbols in this wondrous journey. Offering free spins round and wild symbols, you are sure to experience the best adventure in your slot game world. 

The slot has five reels, three rows, and twenty-five stationary paylines loaded with wild and scatter symbols, re-spins, and free spins, which promise to entertain throughout the game—no better time to try out Bounty Hunter than now.

Themes And Graphics

Bounty Hunter boasts of a tremendous criminal-cop theme that is unique over the traditional good cop-bad cop theorem. The theme conversant to every criminal-cop heist lover keeps the players nostalgic, making them feel submerged in their slots. The background with a backdrop of a prison-like building explores the robbery theme well. 

The Scatter Symbols, the Multiplier, the Re-spin Locking Win, and the Substitution Symbols add to the theme. The Bounty Hunters' characters search through kakotopian cities for villainous diamond thieves and nefarious judges and eventually lock up when caught are rewarded with minor and hefty payouts. 

The stylish graphics are well done to fit the theme perfectly. The soundtrack circuits the theme and complements the whole experience giving the Bounty Hunter players an all-fun experience. 

Gameplay And Payout

As in all games, particularly slot ones, it is vital to note the characters and items applicable to the game. Specifically, the characters include the wicked diamond robbers, thugs, corrupt judges, and the Bounty Hunter. The symbols include the Locking Win, the Substitution Symbols, the Re-Spin Symbol, the Scatter Symbol, and the Multiplier aid in navigating the corrupt city. 

The bounties on the heads of caught criminals are entertaining and reward well. With a minimum stake of 0.25 credits per spin for all the twenty-five fixed lines, the player can attempt their luck and become a better Bounty Hunter. The maximum bet per spin is one hundred credits—the more the number the spins, the higher your chances of bagging the more significant rewards. 

Many bonus features within the game aid the players earn more significant payouts. A combination of three or more symbols may land on the twenty-five pay line, a reel respin is triggered. Payouts are bagged from multiple winning lines that are more frequently the more extraordinary combination. 

The reel passage situated on the right side of the screen has series of characters, including the Bounty Hunter and the demon judge representing the high-paying symbols. The playing cards 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and ace comprise the low-paying symbols. Below the reel is a counter that piles up as wild wins are bagged. 

The adventurous battle between good and evil cashes in a reasonable amount. After clicking the chip button use the menu that pops up on your screen to make a bet. Press the auto spin button, enabling you to select from five auto-spins and select the auto-fire/turbo button to make the reel spin swifter. Press the big spin button, and you are all ready to play. The gamble is a thrilling experience and also pays off well.

Bonus Feature

Bounty Hunter offers a variety of Bonus Features helpful to the player. The slot presents various features, including the Wild, the Free Spins Feature, the Wild Power Bar, and the Re-Spins feature. 

The wild. A bag filled with coins constitutes the Multiplier Wild Symbol represented by a red clawed fist. The wild substitutes for all symbols other than the Scatter represented by the Judge add power, hence higher chances of winning the unique bonus game. Any wild able to form a winning combination will award two, three, four, and five times multipliers in that order.

The Free Spins Feature. The Jailbreak Free Spins feature occurs when a player bags three or more Bonus scatter symbols in a single round in the base game and hence awarded ten Free Spins. At least one wild must appear when using this feature; however, it must be a party to a winning line to be considered in the winning MultiplierMultiplier. A maximum of ten free spins is won per trigger.

The Wild Power Bar. Whenever a wild is seen on the screen and triggers a pay line win, the Power Bar beneath the reels enlarges till it reaches a point where it automatically starts the unique bonus game. While playing the particular bonus game, one can collect judicial power, knock down the Judge, and win a gift.

The Re-spins Feature. The mentioned feature occurs after winning combinations take place in the game. It allows all the current winning symbols to stay intact and the other symbols on the reels re-spin. 

Symbols on the winning pay line will remain intact, making the feature re-spin the reels a second time. The feature is deactivated where no more winning combinations appear. 

However, once again, the bonus Scatter symbols do not activate re-spins. This bonus feature ultimately increases your winning chances. 

Bounty Hunter R.T.P.

The return percentage (RTP) is 94.049% percent and has a medium volatility rate; hence players can expect relatively high returns in their slot machines at the end of each game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Bounty Hunter Slot Game?
Bounty Hunter is a 3D slot game developed by Genesis Gaming, a leading provider of the best online slot games in the iGaming industry. Genesis Gaming has extensive experience developing similar slot games, ensuring a coherent experience for its players each time.
2Which devices can I use to play Bounty Hunter?
Desktops, as well as mobile phones, can be used. Most gamers prefer mobile gaming as they may not necessarily need to play in front of a desktop computer that may restrict motion. The game is smooth throughout the course, whether you use a desktop computer or a mobile phone.
3Are there bonuses in this slot?
Bounty Hunter offers bonus features, including the free spins feature, the wild feature allowing you to collect wilds to enter the exciting game, the Scatters feature, and the re-spins feature. They boost your earnings, increasing the total sum.
4Can I Play Arabian Wishes On My Mobile Or Tablet?
Bounty Hunter's RTP stands at 94.049%.
5What are the minimum and maximum bets I can make in a single game?
There are no limitations to the amount of bet to be made.

Bounty Hunter Slot Review

Bounty Hunter Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Paul Daniel
Modern and ancient techniques

Bounty Hunter is one of the best slot games invented in recent times. As a regular player, it is quite different from modern publications applying both modern and ancient techniques. Great game.

 by Quinsy Chris Hart
The graphics and theme are authentic

There are many options for getting the special features, and I am so happy with how well they work for my game. The graphics and theme are authentic, giving the whole outlook that makes me involved in the game for hours.

 by Charlton Price
Source of free money

With the plenty of free time, I have, playing Bounty Hunter has become a new hobby and an alternative source of free money. The unique features, especially the free spins and the Multiplier, significantly boost my play—worth my time.

 by Luke Cyrus
It is a great game

I lean more on multiple minimum bets that eventually give me more than I thought I win. I introduced it to my buddies, and they love it too. It is a great game.

 by Andrew Holmes
The bonus features are super favorable

The bonus features are super favorable. They are a significant addition to my wins and add to my sum-up of coins.

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