Buffalo Bounty Slot Game

Buffalo Bounty is a five-reel slot game with ten paylines.

Buffalo Bounty Slot Overview

Buffalo Bounty is a five-reel slot game with ten paylines. The game has excellent bonus features and incredible gameplay, which shall be the discussion in this review.

Buffalo Bounty Slot Game

You collect points and bonus rewards by matching three or more symbols to the respective reels. Some characters generate free spins, while others award credit coins and cash rewards. The Slot game is engaging with an adventurous thrill to it. 

To play the game will require choosing your number of paylines and staking a minimal amount. You then pick your symbol and select the reels of your choice. The next step is spinning the reels and watching for your win. 

The slot game has managed to gain a massive audience and acceptance in the online gaming slot category. Its innate design of being a five-reel game has kept it simple for the understanding of gamers, which makes e gameplay easy. The gamer chooses between symbols to ensure a higher payout or free bonus spins. 

These symbols add spice to its play and make gaming exciting. Players can also play the slot game in the demo, which will require no stake. However, it is much better to play in the basic mode because winning is easy. The payouts are also instant, and this adds to the credibility of playing Buffalo Bounty Slot Game.

Themes and Graphics

The themes and graphics are quality designed in a 3D display. Background music can be heard, making your time playing the game lively. The images are in HD, making them visually clear for effective decision-making when gamers choose them. The game has a sound adjustment feature at the left corner at the bottom of their page. If one needs to turn off the music annotations, this tool comes in handy.

One of the outlaid themes is wildlife. This theme is affected by the few animals in the display, such as a stag, fox, eagle, puma, and buffalo. These Symbols have been specially designed to bring about a captivating effect, thanks to high-quality graphics. 

Gameplay and Payout

The gameplay for the Bonus Bounty Slot is simple. The demo mode does not require cash deposits, and you will only choose your reels, pick your symbols and select your paylines. 

You will then hit the large spin button. The demo hands no Payouts, so you can only have fun and enjoy the play in this mode. It offers a good training ground for beginners, and through this mode, they can learn the game's tricks. 

The actual mode requires staking, but it also awards in credit or cash rewards. The animals are the highest paying symbols, followed by the card symbols. The cards comprise a diamond, club, spade, and heart. The game offers no wilds, but the buffalo skull is given as the scatter bonus.

Bonus Feature

The game is packed with numerous features to entice gamers. Some of these features include; 

Stacked Wilds: This feature is represented by the buffalo, puma, and eagle symbols. Three of these symbols or more can multiply the staked amount by a maximum of 200x or a minimum of 2.5x the stake deposit. This feature also triggers up to twenty free spins to increase a gamer's probability of winning.

Stacked Scatters – this feature falls on the third, fourth, and fifth reels and can give to a maximum of ten times the staked amount following a win. This feature awards an extra thirty spins for every landing above four matching symbols in the fifth reel.

Jackpot Feature – this bonus feature gives incredible payouts to gamers who match three symbols in the third, fourth, and fifth reel. 

Expanding Symbols – Buffalo, puma, and eagle expand the reels to transform the other symbols and broaden the winning streaks.

These features add to the quality of gameplay in the Buffalo Bounty Slot Game. They motivate gamers to try their luck in getting rewarded hugely. 

Buffalo Bounty Slot RTP

The Slot has a Return To Player rating of 96.30%, which is high, and best for successive wins following a minimum stake. Gamers winning probability is increased through its highly volatile nature, making them a small stake increase by the above rate. The Slot's RTP adds to its credibility and massive follow-up by gamers worldwide.


The Buffalo Bounty Slot is new to the Scene but has gained a massive audience in the past few months due to its solid features and gameplay. The game has an overall customer review rating high above other slots, which holds the developer's promise of quality delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of the Buffalo Bounty Slot Game?
Dragon Gaming Company is the Slot's developer. This company is based in Bali, and it has massive software that supports all the Slot's features. The game was released at the onset of 2019, making it relatively new in the market. However, it has gained multiple audiences owing to the company's good reputation in creating quality games.
2How Much Do I Need To Start Playing Buffalo Bounty Slot Games?
You can play the game free of charge in the demo. However, it will require staking for a chance to spin the reels in the actual mode. The minimum stake for starting your game is $0.20 per reel. The maximum stake is $90 for each reel. The other option is redeeming your bonus money and depositing them in your slot account.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
There are several bonuses in this Slot. The jackpot feature is one of the bonuses, and it has numerous offers, namely. Other features are such as free spins, multiplying stakes, cash rewards, and bonuses. Each symbol also has a bonus reward following a successive number of landings.
4Can I Play Buffalo Bounty Using A Phone?
Yes. The Slot supports mobile phone usage as it has an average software capacity. The game allows gamers to access the play even without having to download it on the internet. You can easily access it on the browser website.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts For This Game?
Payouts depend on the playing options chosen before making a stake, as well as the symbols, are selected for play. Each category has a different payment system. The maximum credit payout for the jackpot feature is 20,000 credit coins. The payouts could also multiply per staked amount, which is yet another reward altogether. The maximum payout for this category is 200x the deposited cash per pay line.

Buffalo Bounty Slot Review

Buffalo Bounty Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Alvin Sirach
The theme is outstanding

Generous payouts. I like how this game works. The theme is outstanding. Dragon Gaming is my favorite game developer, and playing this game on a video slot brings maximum fun. 

 by Perry Woods
I have enjoyed it so far

Good graphics. I enjoy the display. I have played the game in the demo for a while now. I want to understand how it works. I have enjoyed it so far. I think when I am ready, I'll make my first stake and hopefully win.

 by Stoner Miley
That is a cost-friendly price

I've enjoyed it since the first day. Nice payouts, particularly high, and I like how understanding they are in allowing a minimum stake of $0.20 per pay line. That is a cost-friendly price, allowing me to play.

 by Jerry Adams
The payouts are instant

The Slot has a massive reward system, and I like how generous this Slot is in rewarding its winners. The payouts are instant. To my surprise, I used to think these slots were hard on money. The game's credibility motivates me a lot to stake more, and winning is always the option.

 by Steve Allan
Nice Game

Nice Game. Dragon Gaming Developers are at again, and this time they have done us proud. Buffalo Bounty is the right game for lovers of adventure and hunting sprees.

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