Gemmed Slot Game

Three gems will award ten free spins when they land on any reel position

Gemmed Slot Overview

Gemmed Gaming Slot is an exciting playing slot that has enticed gamers over the years. Its 3D graphics for animation is never disappointing. This review will discuss more on this gaming slot and how it has been featured in the world of online gaming

Gemmed Slot Review

Gemmed Slot Overview

The slot game features a bunch of Gems that award differently following a successful reel spin. Sound effects can be heard in the background during plays giving a cinematic experience when gaming. 

The gems vary in color, and this is a projection of their symbols as being high or low on the scale. If a gem on either scale lands on a reel and you hit spin after it has landed again, you get a re-spin reward. This allows the winning multiple winning options, which could total up to 453 winning possibilities. 

The slot pays when there are three matches or more for identical gems in adjacent positions in any direction. This slot does not offer standard lines for winning. Free spins can be triggered at any time following a win. 

When launching the game, choose a gem symbol combination that offers free spins to enlarge your possibilities of winning. When wild gem symbols are combined with the scattered symbols, an instant cash reward may be triggered. This is a game of formation, and it may allow one to win immensely if the combinations are correct.

Three gems will award ten free spins when they land on any reel position. This slot has nine reels with nine rows, and gamers can land the gem on any reel. There is also an autoplay feature that awards five to a hundred free spins without manual involvement. 

The gem portraying rainbow colors is a wild symbol that awards re-spins. The minimum stake for this game is $0.10, while the maximum is $10 for a single spin—the rainbow gem rewards in multiple ways, including coin credit rewards when matched in the fifth reel.

Theme And Graphics

The theme behind the Gemmed slot features authentic life depictions of jewels showcasing opulence. The different gemstones have different colors. The animation graphics are sharp in the display, and this enhances image quality. 

Background music and sounds also reflect more on what the game is all about. These gems have a 3D design, an accurate depiction of how they look in actual form.

The gems also have an awarding system based on colors. It is noteworthy that these symbols are a description of a gemstone's quality payout. In the background, there Is a display of an old tree covering the slot page, and this demonstrates nature's ability to award us with precious stones. 

The image quality displayed in this slot is also alluring. The images are in HD, making them clear in appearance. This can be seen even in the background images.

Gameplay and Payouts

The slot has nine reels to make your selections from. The Gemmed Slot can set the play in various positions from low to high or high to low ends. The game features card symbols from A to 9, and each character carries its reward. 

These are amplified by gem symbols such as moon crescent, gooseberries, flowers, crystals, the sun, and raindrops. All these symbols have varying payout options. Landing any symbol on the ninth reel awards 10x the staked amount.

The maximum payout for this slot is $21,677. The minimum payout varies depending on the payout option available. It will range from ten coin credits to a $5 cash reward. The gameplay is simple to carry out, and the only needed factor is choosing your symbols carefully and matching them. There are 40,133 ways to win, meaning the possibilities of winning are endless.

Bonus Features

Scatters – These symbols trigger multiple spin rewards when matched in the third reel. This gem symbol is multicolored and offers up to fifty spins. This feature is only applicable when scatter characters have been selected without a combination with wild symbols.

Wild Feature Symbol – It is triggered by the rainbow gem. This feature multiplies your stake by three or more depending on where the symbol lands on a reel. By matching five wild symbols, you are awarded twenty free spins.

Double Up Feature – This feature doubles your stake when it lands on any reel above five and is triggered by the bronze gem. This feature may also double your win as well as transforming other symbols, predominantly the scatters. 

Gemmed Slot RTP

Birds is a 96.65% RTP slot game developed by BetSoft with multiple paylines, nine reels, and nine rows. Gemmed has a High RTP with high volatility. This means you can only stake from the low end towards the high end.

Wrapping up

Gemmed Slot seems like a fun game filled with exciting features. You might find top payouts being higher than that of many other slots. BetSoft developers have yet again created an excellent gaming slot that gamers might find interesting. This slot has excellent customer reviews building its credibility score, and most gamers will find it worth the trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is the developer of Gemmed Slot?
BetSoft is the slot's developer. The game was released in early 2019 and has gained many audiences since then. The slot has intrigued gamers with how the features come into play, and BetSoft has maintained its reputation.
2How much do I need to start playing The Gemmed Slot Game?
Staking a minimum deposit of $0.10 will activate the play. This amount is staked for a single reel. The maximum stake per reel is $10. The demo does not require staking any amount, and you can therefore enjoy it for free.
3Can I play Gemmed Slot with my Phone?
Yes. The game operated in all mobile operating systems as it has supporting software. You can run it on Android, Windows, or iOS. Tablets can also be used for play, as well as a personal computer. The game has an average software capacity that can be downloaded on mobile devices or played directly in the browser.
4How Can I Win Real Money From Gemmed Slots?
You can win real money by staking real cash on the slot's account wallet. Following a successful matching of symbols, you can receive your awards. Payouts range from $5 to a maximum of $21,677, and this can amount will reflect on your dashboard immediately. Therefore, winning real money implies investing in the account. You can also redeem bonuses and convert them into credit coins and then withdraw them.
5What are the minimum and maximum payout for this slot?
This slot awards a minimum payout of $5 following a landing on the third reel. You can enjoy a maximum of $21,677 when symbols are matched on successive reels from the fifth to the ninth. Bonus money is also awarded in the payouts. You can receive a bonus of 2000 credits in the maximum or a minimum of ten credit coins following a gem landing on the third reel.

Gemmed Slot Review

Gemmed Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Daisy Capta
This game is simple to play

This game is simple to play. You can understand how to navigate easily even when you are new at the reels. Good looking gems and instant payouts.

 by Isabela Riri
The image quality is high and on point

BetSoft knows how to develop fantastic quality games. This is yet another of their beautiful creations. The image quality is high and on point. You can enjoy this game anytime, and the payouts are also instant, adding to its credibility.

 by Jack Ingrid
I like how it gives a good payout

I like it, and it is okay. My favorite gem is the rainbow-colored gem. I like how it gives a good payout. The gems seem real and solid, which is exciting. I play this game occasionally, and I must say I have enjoyed some wins.

 by Carls Rob
It has a good presentation

I prefer this slot to many other slots. It has a good presentation. My symbols of choice are the gemstones, as they are colorful and lively.

 by Clara Meer
Nice graphics and animation

Nice graphics and animation, and the game speed are high. I Like how the game works. It's different from other slots, and the gems award generously. This might be one of the best slots developed by BetSoft. I like how the payouts are instant.

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