Ema Zajmović: Wearing a Championship Belt Like a Badge of Honor

Ema Zajmović: Wearing a Championship Belt Like a Badge of Honor

Ema Zajmovic is among the three most successful Bosnian poker players. She is the first woman to win an open WPT Championship Main Event and title belt. Ema also has the 2017 Moment of the Year Award on her record.

She is undoubtedly a seasoned player who may not have known that someday she would be the one to break some long-standing barriers in professional poker and become an inspiration to online casino game enthusiasts. Today, she is a model to aspiring female players who want their names written boldly in poker history.

Today’s casino news will examine Ema’s poker journey and record-breaking accomplishments.

Ema Zajmovic and Her Recipe for Poker Success

Ema Zajmovic was Born in Yugoslavia on April 7th, 1990, about a year before the Yugoslav war, which lasted for a decade. When she was six, she relocated to Québec, Canada, with her family. Though she initially struggled to find her footing in a foreign land, she eventually picked up due to her study life and active participation in extracurricular activities.

Zajmovic soon made friends, including a boyfriend from whom she learned poker passively at age 19. Her dream was to become a legal practitioner, and in line with that, she studied public relations in college and earned her master’s degree in political communication. Ema started her poker journey in cash games, understanding what is two pair in poker, but diverted to tournaments when she and her partner parted ways.

She participated in her first live tournament in 2011 at the EPT in Barcelona. However, she qualified for her first major poker event in 2016, the 47th WSOP. While she didn’t win, Ema Zajmovic proved to be a promising newcomer, impressing fellow players and enthusiasts who understand poker terminology with her performance. She won a $15,000 cash prize. The same year, she won $76,108 at the WPT in Montreal, Kahnawake.

Ema Zajmovic: Becoming the First Woman to Win a WPTC Open Event

Ema Zajmovic returned to the WPT scene in 2017 to compete at the WPT Playground in Kahnawake. She participated in the C$3,200 + 300 No Limit Hold’em WPT Main Event, in which she made history by finishing first at the final table for a WPT belt and C$241,500 ($183,788). Ema also became the first woman ever to win the WPTC open event.

The following year, Ema Zajmovic almost replicated her WPT win when she finished as a first runner-up in the €3,000 + 300 No Limit Hold’em event at the WPT in Amsterdam. However, she got a €100,260 ($123,598) cash prize.

In October of the same year, 2018, Ema gave the same casino games of poker tournament another shot, almost winning the WPT title again. She finished second in the C$5,000 + 300 No Limit Hold’em Main Event but hit her biggest jackpot cash prize in the live tournament yet, C$556,000 ($424,511).

In 2018, the American Poker Awards honored her with the Moment of the Year Award for her 2017 record-breaking achievement. Ema has made $1,230,411 in live tournament earnings.

Poker Triumphs and Impact: The Significance of Her Victory

In the aftermath of her historic win, Ema Zajmovic quickly acknowledged the significance of her achievement. “I’m proud to be the first woman to win a WPT Main Event,” she said, smiling. “I hope this will encourage other women to play poker.”

For Ema, the victory was not just about personal accomplishment but also about the power of representation. She hoped her win would inspire other women who may be learning the best strategy for Mississippi Stud and other poker variants to dream big, regardless of societal expectations or barriers. “Women can do anything they want to do,” she said.

Zajmovic’s triumph served as a potent reminder that talent, skill, and determination are not limited by gender. Her victory challenged the popular narrative that poker variants like the Aces and Eights Game are for men.

Ema Zajmovic: A Queen of the Felt

Ema Zajmovic’s victory was not just a moment in the history of poker but a milestone in the ongoing fight for gender equality. By proving that women can compete and excel in a male-dominated arena and on practically any poker variant like the Jokers Wild game, she has opened doors for a new generation of female players and ignited a change where women feel more welcome at the poker table.

Ema has shown that anyone can defy the odds and become a champion with passion, skill, and determination. If you believe you can do it too, visit Vegas Aces Casino to play free poker online and hone your poker and gaming skills with the best games you can play from the comfort of your home.

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