House Of Fun

Brace yourself for an experience of a lifetime, with huge winnings and a great story

House Of Fun Slot Game

House Of Fun breathes life into the slot game. It has 3D animations that are scary but thrilling. You have to deal with creepy features built to make an excellent storyline that will get you off your seat from the reels to the borderlines. The symbols are easy to discern and play along with them.

House Of Fun Slot Game Review

House Of Fun Details

House Of Fun breathes life into the slot game. It has 3D animations that are scary but thrilling. You have to deal with creepy features built to make an excellent storyline that will get you off your seat from the reels to the borderlines. The symbols are easy to discern and play along with them. These symbols have different payouts when they come out five times. Brace yourself to experience a blood-curdling experience with hug payouts.

Themes And Graphics

The overall look of the house of fun is so impressive. There are animated characters on the borderlines that look scary and entertaining at the same time. On the first opening, House Of Fun commences with a couple crying on a bare road. They are crying out for help, all of a sudden, a man leads them into the 'house of fun. There are so many scary creatures that scare the player and make it fun to play along with them, with scary playback blazing in the background.

Once the gamer has made his pickings and spun the reels, the creepy characters move on to the reels—spine-chilling animation when winning is made. The symbols include a scary dwarf, candles, caretaker, host, and many others. House Of Fun graphics are top-notch, and many gamers enjoy betting on them.

The slow, suspenseful music played in the background complements the animations. There are sound effects on the environment each time; the gamer presses any button on the reels. There are celebratory cheers in the ground after a win.

Gameplay And Payouts

Wager rates are economic-friendly, you can choose your preferred amount from a coin ratio for each pay line between five and one, and the coin denomination should be within 0.02 and one. You can choose to play with the highest wager of 150 coins on each spin for high-risk bets. This wager results in 30 pay lines if you have five active coins on each pay line. For new and experienced gamers, there are free coins given out after a particular playtime.

If you wish for an automated play, there is an autoplay button on the menu just above the reels. This feature helps you relax, as the reels spin on their own as your watch your coins escalate or go down with the scary voices in the background.

The game comprises nine symbols to bring about a fantastic experience. The symbols are a caretaker, candlesticks, mirror, cat, scary bald character, ancient painting, a madman, and a host. Each symbol represents a unique aspect of bringing about an overall and wondrous feeling of the game .there is a choice of characters in the game. Consequently, each game symbol has a different payout.

When any symbols appear five times, you will receive the following payments:

  • Candle –fifty coins
  • Cat – sixty coins
  • Bald guy -150 coins
  • Mirror and portrait-30coins
  • Madman -120 coins

House of Fun Legends: This feature is an in-game collected feature that is collected after playing for quite some time. Each time you upgrade your collection, you will get free bonuses ranging from small bonuses and huge rewards.

When spinning on the legends, you will collect the chest after some time. After each day, you will get two free chests to cash in on the slots. After playing House Of Fun for a certain period, your prizes shoot up. You will commence from a minor jackpot, progress to a bigger jackpot, and finally land on the enormous Super jackpot.

You will encounter Quests and Voyages in the game. You will have tasks to complete to get free spins. The Voyage brings about an epic story as you maneuver in cities around the globe. This feature allows you to see buildings and extraordinary landmarks as you collect coins and photos of them.

Bonus Features

Escape bonus spin: After playing for quite some time, a symbol doorknob appears on your screen. When the doorknob seems more than three times, you will have to lead the worrying couple to a safer place. The choices determine the coins you will receive. If you fail to free the couple, a small box comes out from the corner and presents you with a more small token. If you succeed in freeing the couple, you will earn a bigger reward.

Madman bonus: When a symbol of a madman appears on the screen, this feature is triggered. If it appears on your first three lines, then you are in for a big harvest. It comes with many prizes that require the gamer to chose.

Jack Free spins: There is a scary jack on the box that, when it shows up, comes about with free spins. The center reel explodes with free spins, and there is a lot of chance you will end on more huge winnings after this feature.

Free spins when signing up: A new gamer receives free spins after signing up for the first time. This spin does not stop, as free spins log in on the platform daily. There are also free spins at any time, depending on your luck. Always watch out for the excellent features on House of Fun, as they are spontaneous.

House Of Fun RTP

On top of the immersive and scary graphics and sound effects, House Of Fun has a reputable RTP of 94.96%. This R.T.P. means that almost all the money is available for punters to try their luck on.

Wrapping Up

House Of Fun slot game has a fantastic storyline to add on the scary characters and soundtracks. This game has vast bonuses on almost every part of their reels with easy to play. With an RTP of 94.65%, there is a lot of cash for the games to win. This game is so easy to play and follow an excellent storyline; you will fall in love with the House Of Fun Slot game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where Can I Play House Of Fun Slot Game?
To enjoy this thrilling game, you will have to log into their official website. It would be best if you had a good internet connection to avoid laxities in the game.
2How Much Can I Win On Playing House Of Fun?
The highest amount you can win depends on your stake and the matches you make. On a good day, you win up to 1000 coins multiplied by your wager.
3Can I Play House Of Fun Free?
You can play demo games before investing in them. In the demo games, you familiarize yourself with the settings and gameplay.
4Is House Of Fun Slot Game Fair?
This game uses a random results generator to give forth to winnings. This system is heavily from viruses and potential hackers. It is a haven for small-scale and large-scale investors.
5What Is The RTP Of the House Of Fun slot game?
This Slot game has A huge RTP of 94.96%. This RTP is relatively above the rest and means that it gives out superb payouts on it.

House of Fun Slot Review

House of Fun Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Erick Ta
It is immersive

Scary but awesome game. I cannot wait to show it to my friends. It is immersive, and the graphics are on point. On the soundtracks, they are spine-chilling. I can't wait to hit the jackpot for the second time.

 by Lucy Greg
Excellent online casino

I bumped on this enjoyable game on the net while researching for an excellent online casino. I am now a big fan of it. The graphics and music were scary, but with time I've come to love it.

 by John Delofy
Immersive graphics and animations

Fantastic game with immersive graphics and animations. I cannot wait to hear the music in the background. The considerable payout and easy jackpot is a huge attraction.

 by Elizabeth Allan
Enormous payouts

As a long-time player in the casino slots, I always look for a space with enormous payouts, easy-to-play reels, and excellent graphics. After betting on low amounts, I can now comfortably risk massive amounts.

 by Robert Kelly
The graphics and music were entertaining

Wow. This game is the first casino that I have won a jackpot on the first day. The graphics and music were entertaining and kept me engaged for a longer time, withdraw my winning in less than 3 hours.

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