Kraken Deep Wins Slot Game

Explore reels in search of underwater treasure and face the Kraken

Kraken Deep Wins Slot Review

Kraken Deep Wins is a five-reel and 20-line game featuring sticky wilds, reel free spins, and win multipliers. This game is configured for PCs and mobiles with unique symbols like the old boat, message in a bottle, shark, octopus old diving suit, treasure chest, and four playing cards.

Kraken Deep Wins Slot Game Review

Kraken Deep Wins Slot Overview

Kraken Deep Wins is a five-reel and 20-line game featuring sticky wilds, reel free spins, and win multipliers. This game is configured for PCs and mobiles with unique symbols like the old boat, message in a bottle, shark, octopus old diving suit, treasure chest, and four playing cards.

Kraken Deep Wins isn't as easy as you may think. It is an online slot game developed and released in the gaming market by Nucleus Gaming. For a win, players must dive deep into the ocean and fight Kraken. Kraken slot game comes with a variety of colors, dark reels, and a ship's view. There is also an old-fashioned diving bell in the background.

A random symbol appears through a sticky symbol and offers a re-spin if you don't win after a dive. Another common feature is random anchor wilds, which you can use to replace missing symbols through winning lines. In case a player hits three bonus symbols, ten free spins are activated automatically. In this case, anchor rounds have stick wilds. Kraken Deep Wins allows players to make four bonus symbols of 10 free spins with sticky anchored wilds. There is also a chance for multiplier wilds to boost Kraken wins.

Kraken Deep Wins has a fantastic underwater theme whose reels float on the waves. An old sailing ship marks the game on the left, while the right side consists of a diving bell set in nautical style. It is easy to trigger spins to help descend more towards the Kraken.

Theme and Graphics

Kraken Deep Wins design has always been on point since the old-fashioned galleon times. The game includes the deep-sea diving suit on one side of the reels. During these times, there was a coexistence of myth and science. At this time, the explorer's primary responsibility was to chart further reaches, deeper into the ocean, a place where only monsters reside.

Kraken Deep Wins features a nautical theme that displays mixed symbols. It is a beautiful setup. There is a mixture of sharks and Kraken appearing on diving suits and treasure chests. The games feature iconic sounds and music that reminiscence humanity's purpose against mythology.

To make the game more appealing are iconic Kraken Deep Wins soundtracks. This is a deadly and exciting maritime concern with colossal potential and equal parts with immense tension. Who knows what lies under the waters? Treasures are hidden in the deep. The only missing feature is probably a turbo spin for a quick dive.

Gameplay and Payout

Kraken Deep Wins is a fun and exciting game to play and have fun around. Several characters are used to play, which makes the game fantastic, for instance, singing the game's logo, a turtle, a shark, a yellow, and a bluefish. Whenever you see these symbols, always have standard paying icons in mind.

A payout release depends on the times the symbol appears and matches on the pay line. Five lines have the potential of giving you a maximum of 2500 coins at once. If you match a minimum of three symbols, a minimum of 100 coins will be at your disposal. A match of 5 symbols offers a maximum of 400 coins for the game is low-paying coins.

Players can stake using a command bar. From this point, set your bet to a minimum level of 0.20 coins and a maximum of 100 coins for high winning chances. The generic card icons used for low-paying icons are A, K, Q, and J.

Prayers prefer low-risk stakes from the lows of 0.20, while high rollers can level up at 20 coins. The game offers x60 while landing on a set of five sea diving suits. Check out other wagering opportunities.

Five diving suits: x60
Five Krakens: x24
Five treasure chests: x16
Five bottles: x12
Fie sharks: x12
Five AS: x6
Five Ks: x6
Five Qs: x4
Five Js: x4

Kraken Deep Wins has 20 fixed pay lines during the design, which a representative cannot change.

Bonus Features

Stick and respin. Have you tried the Kraken Deep Wins stick and respins? This slot feature is not popular amongst slot machines. For an unsuccessful spin, there are several optimism spins and free respin.

Free spins. Before diving in the Kraken world, under the deep, use the free spins awarded through Diving bell symbols. There are ten free spins should you get three diving bells. If you manage to land on more diving bells, you get ten games and sticky wilds. A multiplier could also manage the entire backlog.

Most bonus features for the base game gives a wild card, free spin feature, and bonus games with a high payout of 2500 coin if you land on a minimum of 5 wilds on a pay line. A bonus symbol is triggered to land on the ship's bonus icon on reels 1 and 3. Kraken Deep Wins free spins on revealing prizes until you land on a collect. This feature may deem prizes as extra free spins. This feature requires at least 40 pay lines coupled with an x1 multiplier.


Kraken Deep Wins slots game is the game to play. It's an excellent slot game for anyone who wants to experience an adventurous gaming experience. The search for Kraken is a thrilling challenge of all time. Most of all, the Kraken slot game has fantastic bonuses, stick and respin features, and free spins.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I play Kraken Deep Wins?
Kraken is a daunting game to explore before making a win. The game involves a sea monster to catch in an expansive ocean. Kraken Deep Wins features fantastic music, which is loud by default with adjustable sound effects. The game features a betting bar, which indicates the current stake though it can be added to or deducted through sliders. Kraken has an auto spin button on the right side of the screen. For easy diving, press spin.
2Can I play Kraken Deep Wins free?
Yes, it is possible. You can use the Vegas aces site to play Kraken Deep Wins and access the vast collection of free slot machines.
3When was Kraken Deep Wins developed?
Nucleus Gaming developed Kraken Deep Wins. It was released to the gaming industry and caused an influx of gamers on 7th September 2020.
4What are Kraken Deep Wins pay-lines?
Kraken works with at least 20 pay lines giving you multiple opportunities with a combination of each spin. For payout to be released, at least have a three symbols match. If able to match five symbols, the player can receive up to high payout amounts of 2500 coins.
5What are the main features of Kraken Deep Wins?
This game features, among other things, bonus symbols, substituting wilds, free spin icon, chest bonus symbol, bonus game, win multipliers, free spins feature, and an autoplay feature.
6Is Kraken Deep Wins a safe online slot game?
All our games are fit with appropriate data encryption to prevent data leaks. Our recommended sites are highly reliable with working security protocol, HTTPS.
7Is Kraken Deep Wins playable on mobile?
Kraken Deep Wins is already optimized for mobile. It plays well on iOS and Android. The game also runs on windows- mobile systems and tablets, with an appropriate connection.
8Can you play Kraken Deep Wins using Bitcoins?
Technology is changing drastically, and more effective transactions methods have come up. It's possible to play Kraken Deep Wins using Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethreum.
9Can I cash out in Kraken Deep Wins Demo?
It's not possible. You can only cash out money on real money. You must play for real money on the top casinos to play for real money and make money.

Kraken Deep Wins Game Review

Kraken Deep Wins Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Alison Meghan
I think it is an excellent slot

I think it is an excellent slot, not like many others, and I am already played it a couple of times. Very nice game, which is much better than many other new releases from other companies.

 by Bonnie Hughes
I love using the Dive Mode

I love using the Dive Mode. It is activated with five diving helmets. The last time I played a game, I activated this feature at the beginning of my session. I got nine free spins and a 50-x bet win.

 by Baker Kendra
You have a torpedo meter

You have a torpedo meter on the lower right of the screen, and you need to collect 50 of them to enter the Kraken bonus feature. You have three picks and a 6-treasure chest which three of them will hide cash prizes. The maximum you can win in this feature is x500, your total stake.

 by Win Fred
The game looks fantastic

The game looks fantastic. I love the underwater theme, and here it is added with some mystery, and it is just what I love to see in slot games. Of course, you could add here perfect animations and great music and sounds. Worth looking at this game to know that it is an awesome one.

 by Hajin Ree
I like this game

Kraken Deep Wins is a compelling video slot game from Nucleus Gaming that is based on the stories of the legendary sea monster. This is quite an exciting slot where you can win a lot. I like this game because it is slightly different from the other games I always play. Therefore, it is good to find something different for a change. I found this slot to be a medium variance since there were some good wins during the base game and a potential to pay huge during the features.