Madder Scientist Slot Game

Madder Scientist Slot Game

Quick Overview Of The Game

The Madder Scientist slot game is a brilliantly designed online slot brought to you by Betsoft, renowned for its high-quality, engaging games. It is a 5 reel, 30 payline game with a unique mad scientist theme, offering players a wild and wacky gaming experience. It’s set in a scientist’s laboratory and packed with eccentric symbols like beakers, microscopes, test tubes, and the scientist himself, creating a fully immersive gaming environment.

One of its notable features is the medium variance, meaning it offers a mix of small and large wins, keeping the gameplay exciting. The RTP of 95.6% indicates a decent return to players over time. With a betting range of $0.02 to $150 per spin, it caters to a wide array of players, from casual gamers to high rollers. Moreover, the Madder Scientist slot game also includes bonus features like Wild Switches and Click Me Feature, enhancing chances of big wins.

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How to Play Madder Scientist Slot Game

As usual, our casino game reviews will give you all the details of your favorite games. Continue reading below! Playing the Madder Scientist slot game is straightforward, even for beginners. Start by setting your desired bet amount, which can range from a minimum of $0.02 to a maximum of $150 per spin. This can typically be done by adjusting the coin size and the number of paylines to bet on. Once you’ve set your wager, click on the ‘Spin’ button to set the reels in motion. Match symbols from left to right across any of the 30 active paylines to score a win.

The game’s premium symbol is the Madder Scientist, offering generous payouts for landing three or more on a payline. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the beaker symbol; landing three or more will activate the ‘Click Me Feature’, which offers instant prizes. Another exciting feature is the ‘Wild Switches’, where one reel randomly turns wild for a few spins, increasing your chances of landing winning combinations. With these instructions, you can dive into the mad science of this game and potentially earn substantial rewards.

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Madder Scientist Slot RTP and Variance

Similar to the Fruit Bat Crazy Slot Game, the Madder Scientist slot boasts an RTP of 95.6% and medium variance. This makes it a great choice for both risk-averse players and thrill-seekers alike. The medium variance guarantees a balanced gameplay with regular wins, while the RTP is a testament to the game’s potential long-term payouts.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Madder Scientist slot is filled with eccentric symbols that perfectly suit the theme. Expect to see beakers, microscopes, test tubes, and of course, our Madder Scientist himself. The game’s premium symbol is the scientist, which pays out a handsome reward. Stay tuned, as we divulge the value of each symbol in the subsequent sections.

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Bet Sizes and Paytable Wins

Whether you’re a high-roller or on a budget, the Madder Scientist slot game caters to all. The minimum bet is $0.02 while the maximum goes up to $150 per spin. The paytable details are as follows:

Symbol 5x 4x 3x
Scientist 500 200 50
Assistant 400 150 40
Beaker 300 100 30
Microscope 200 75 25

Madder Scientist Slot Bonus Features

With more features than the Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slot, the Madder Scientist slot is not short on exciting bonus features. Among them are:

  • Wild Switches

This feature randomly turns one of the reels wild for a certain number of spins.

  • Click Me Feature

Land three beaker symbols and you’ll activate this feature where you can win instant prizes.

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Madder Scientist Slot Game FAQs

Who is the developer of the Madder Scientist slot?

Betsoft is the renowned software provider behind the Madder Scientist slot game.

Can I play Madder Scientist for free?

Yes, you can enjoy Madder Scientist as one of the free slots provided by Betsoft.

What is the RTP of Madder Scientist?

The Madder Scientist slot has an RTP of 95.6%.

Are there bonus features in Madder Scientist?

Yes, the Madder Scientist slot game boasts several exciting bonus features.

What's the theme of the Madder Scientist slot?

The game has a science/mad scientist theme, offering a unique and entertaining gaming experience.


The Madder Scientist slot game is a fantastic offering from Betsoft. It delivers a fun, immersive, and rewarding gaming experience with its unique theme, impressive graphics, and thrilling bonus features. Whether you’re playing for fun or for real money, you’re sure to have a madly entertaining time with our free online slots!

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