Magic Wishes Slot Game

Play as Aladdin and rescue Jasmine from the evil sorcerer

Magic Wishes Slot Review

This game has many playing options and is equipped with symbols and images of high quality. This Slot has multiple features that improve its gameplay and also numerous winning options. The main symbols in the game include Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, The monkey, A carpet, a magic lamp, and the evil sorcerer. Other symbols are the royal cards and the palace icon.

Magic Wishes Slot Game Review

Magic Wishes Slot Overview

This slot game has many playing options and is equipped with symbols and images of high quality. This slot has multiple features that improve its gameplay and also numerous winning options. The main symbols in the game include Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, The monkey, A carpet, a magic lamp, and the evil sorcerer. Other symbols are the royal cards and the palace icon.

Scatter symbols like the monkey and carpet symbols reward bonus spin or a bonus game. A minimum of three matching symbols can generate either of these rewards. There are two modes of play for this game. Either you play the real earning mode, or you train in the demo. The accessible model or demo does not need staking any amount on paylines. Total paylines amount to twenty-five for this Slot, but there isn't any requirement to stake in all of them.

The Slot has a dramatic storyline where the gamer plays as Aladdin, and your mission is to rescue Jasmine from the evil sorcerer. Your game's objective is to secure the magical lamp and unlock the genie, who will, in turn, help you out with the mission. The slot game rewards massively and offers an opportunity for experienced gamers to make big wins.

Theme and Graphics

The game's graphics are of high quality, and Gamers can see clear images, which are also in HD. The other advantage is that the design of the symbols in the Slot has a 3D layout, and this structure amplifies the game's appearance and creates an objective outlook. The sounds and effects which are audible in the Slot once you log in can be adjusted.

Magical Wishes Slot is based upon the Middle Eastern storyline of the Arabian boy Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. This Middle Eastern theme is enticing to the lovers of romantic drama and adventures. The animations have a colorful appearance, and this is because, in the Arabian Culture, color is a symbol of beauty. The Magical Wishes Slot has an embodiment of all these characteristics under one Slot, and this quality shows how the graphical design of the Slot is up to date.

Gameplay and Payout

Bonus spins are triggered when you land three or more scatter or wild symbols. The landing of a combination of scatter symbols awards numerous free cash bonuses and spins. Setting the minimum coin value range before beginning a play when you are on a budget is crucial. This range is between £ 0.10 to 1. The demo needs no deposits, and playing is as soon as you join the account. Payouts for this Slot are immediate.

Gameplay starts as soon as you make your deposit on the first pay line. There is an autoplay mode feature that can generate up to 1000 spins automatically. This feature is an advantage when using this Slot since bonus cash rewards and multiplier bonus payouts have a considerable possibility of occurring with multiple spins. Consider selecting the magical lamp at the beginning of your play. Matching three magical lamp symbols will unlock the genie, and the genie will, in turn, award you with a cash prize or a bonus game.

Bonus Features

Bonus features add flavor and taste to any gaming slot. You will enjoy more gameplays if you get numerous bonus games. Magic Wishes Slot is no exception in maintaining numerous extra features. These are as follows:

Free Spins: This feature is activated when a scatter symbol such as the carpet, the monkey, or the card symbol is matched three times on any reel position. These spins can total up to twelve free spins, which is more significant for bonus rounds.

Wild Bonus Feature: This is a feature that is triggered when three wilds land on any reel position. In this feature, your win doubles or triples. This feature also transforms other symbols to activate the bonus rounds, and the genie represents the wild symbol.

Jackpot Multipliers: This bonus feature is given when you have landed a combination of one genie symbol and two Aladdin and Jasmine Symbols on three consecutive reels.

Magic Wishes Slot RTP

Jungle Slot has a high Return To Player Rate at 95%. The Slot is also highly volatile, which has the advantage of security when staking as you can only bet from the low to the high end of the pay line. This tendency means the Slot's rate of payout is progressive and high. However, you can not stake on high paylines when you are a beginner gamer in the Slot.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Magic Wish Slot is one of the best online gaming slots with numerous bonus features. Gamers give it a high rating since the Slot is credible and has remained as such ever since it was released to the market. You can win big if you land multiple matching symbols, including the Jackpot. Remember, if you want to know more about Vegas Aces, check our social media and be aware of every news.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Is The Developer Of The Magic Wishes Slot?
RTG, which stands for RealTime Gaming, is the developer of this game. The game was released in 2018 and has gained massive follow-up since then.
2How Much Do I need To Start Playing Magic Wishes Slot Game?
The minimum stake for a basic model is £ 0.25 for each pay line, and the maximum stake is £25 per pay line. The demo is an accessible model, and you will only select your symbols, choose the reels and make a spin. You can also play the game using the Bonus rewards, which are credited to your account when you join the game. However, for the demo, cash deposits are not required, and payouts are also not applicable.
3Are There Bonuses In This Slot?
Bonuses are multiple, and you can be awarded in any category. They range from multiplier bonuses to real cash bonuses that are redeemable when you win a bet. Other bonuses include; the credit coins and the Jackpot bonuses. All these bonuses give the Slot a professional stance in the online world of gaming.
4Can I Play Magic Wishes Slot Using A Phone?
Yes. You can access the game on Mac, iOS, and Android phones. The game is additionally supportive of laptops and tablets, and it has HTML5 software that is fast enough and has suitable storage mechanisms.
5What Are The Minimum And The Maximum Payouts Of This Game?
The minimum payout is a 2x multiplier for the staked amount, while the maximum will go as far as 5000x the bet amount or a $1000 in the Jackpot draw. This payout will be determined by the number of paylines and reels and the number of landing symbols.

Magic Wishes Slot Game Review

Magic Wishes Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Maguire Trevor
The Magic Wishes Slot is rich in culture

The game developers have made a fantastic slot for gamers seeking adventure and fun. The Magic Wishes Slot is rich in culture and adventure. This Slot gives the best depiction of the events surrounding the storyline through a transparent image display. The effect thereof is both thrilling and motivating, making me stake and win some more.

 by Sylvester Carter
I like how the game goes

I like how the game goes, and this Slot is so generous with their payouts. I have won multiple cash prizes to my satisfaction, and this should be an encouragement to anyone doubting the Slot's credibility.

 by Melvin Booker
Aladdin is a notable character

This Slot is impressive in highlighting the themes of magic, heroism, and power. Aladdin is a notable character, and I appreciate that the Slot grants this symbol a high payout ability.

 by Sasha Grey
The Middle Eastern Slots are the best

The Middle Eastern Slots are the best, as the adventures are mostly related to supernatural drama and adventures. This theme fascinates me a lot and increases my appetite for playing more and more.

 by Paul Simons
Winning is easy

Winning is easy if you understand what the symbols represent and their potential rewards. The win is maximized by further selecting the perfect reel position to match your symbols. This game is exciting, and I love it.

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