Neogratoman Slot Game

Neogratoman Slot Game

Quick Overview of the Game

Not many games offer the number of pay lines in the Neogratoman slots game. This brilliant game from BBTech may have some raunchy sub-themes, but nevertheless, it’s worth playing. If anything, the game’s sexiness makes it even more appealing. The Neogratoman online casino game has a 6×4 reel structure with 50 fixed pay lines. It also features a bonus game. As you already know, in this slot game, players will aim to match similar symbols by spinning the reels. Your wins are determined by the existing winning combinations in the paytable. There are 13 symbols in this game, and the wins are taken from the left. The Neogratoman casino slots game has high volatility and a payout percentage of 94.01%.

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How to play Neogratoman Slots

Like most video slots casino games, there is pretty much nothing new about how to play the Neogratoman slots online. You have to spin the reels to hit a win. First of all, when you load the game, you should take a little time to read the rules of the game. To do this, click on the menu button on the game page, then press the “i” button to read about the information. To start playing, pick your preferred line bet. There are 6 different line bet values that you can choose from. You can also set your spins to auto mode by pressing the auto button, represented by two opposite-direction arrows. Select the number of automatic spins you want and continue playing.

Neogratoman Slot RTP and variance

Neogratoman slot online has high volatility with a fairly high RTP of 94.01%. This means you stand a chance of winning frequently in this game. This is a sign that you should jump on Neogratoman to cash out big.

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Symbols and Gameplay

The Neogratoman casino game has 13 symbols, which include several female characters, letters, and numbers. The standard symbols are 11, while the scatter and wild symbols are two. The highest-paying symbol is that of a female character enclosed in a red background circle. The least expensive are the symbols J and 10. The other female character symbols also have distinct background shapes, from pentagon to star, square, etc. The wild symbol is a character enclosed in a turquoise-blue background. When the wild symbols appear, they substitute for every other symbol except the scatters. For the scatters, if three appear on the reel, players get their total bet back. If four scatter symbols appear, players get a free spins round. Other features in this game include the expanding sliding wild, big win, extra big win, and mega big win.

Bet sizes and Paytable wins

There are 50 fixed pay lines in this game with bets per line of these figures: 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5. Figures for total bets include 5, 12, 15, 25, 50, 100, and 250. The value of your wins is derived from your line bet times the payout. For better clarity, here is the payout table for each symbol.

Symbol Cluster of 3 Cluster of 4 Cluster of 5 Cluster of 6
Character inside red shape 25 50 150 300
Character inside purple shape 20 40 100 250
Character inside pale blue shape 15 30 75 200
Character inside green shape 12 25 50 150
Character inside gold shape 10 20 40 100
Character inside orange shape 7 15 30 80
A 5 10 25 50
K 5 10 25 50
Q 5 10 25 50
J 3 5 15 35
10 3 5 15 35


Neogratoman Slot Bonus Features

If you’re curious about the bonus features in the MAHJONG 2 game, you’ll be interested to know that there is only one main bonus: a bonus game that functions similarly to free spins. For more information on how to activate this bonus feature and other important details about the game, be sure to check out more online casino reviews.

  • Free spins

To activate the free spins feature in the MAHJONG 2 game, you’ll need to land scatter symbols. Specifically, landing 4 scatter symbols will earn you 10 free spins, while 5 will give you 15 free spins, and 6 will result in 20 free spins. For more tips and tricks on how to maximize your chances of triggering this bonus feature and other important details, read our online casino guides.

Neogratoman Slot FAQ

Is Neogratoman casino slot game an anime?

Neogratoman has anime-styled characters in its design; however, it’s not an anime game. It’s a slot game with six reels and features bonus games and free spins.

What’s the payout percentage on Neogratoman slot online?

If you're interested in playing the Neogratoman game, you'll be pleased to know that it boasts a fairly high payout percentage of 94.01%, as well as a high level of volatility. To learn more about the gameplay, features, and payout potential of this exciting game, be sure to check out a comprehensive Neogratoman Game review.

How many free spins can I get in Neogratoman slot?

Players can receive up to 20 free spins depending on the number scatters that appears on the reels.

It’s time to get your game on!

At this point, you have the necessary “need-to-knows” for you to hit it big in Neogratoman. To play the Neogratoman casino slot game, sign in right now and start making those spins. You’d do well to also join us on social media for regular, juicy offers and updates.

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 by Lucas Bennett

Neogratoman Slot is thrilling! Love the futuristic theme!

 by Emily Patel

Addictive gameplay on Neogratoman Slot! Big wins!

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Neogratoman Slot's graphics are stunning! Exciting!

 by Mason Rodriguez

Bonuses on Neogratoman Slot are fantastic! Huge payouts!

 by Ava Carter

Neogratoman Slot keeps me entertained! Can't get enough!

 by Liam Miller

Features on Neogratoman Slot are immersive! Addictive!

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Navigating Neogratoman Slot is easy! User-friendly!

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Neogratoman Slot offers non-stop fun! Love it!

 by Isabella Martinez

Neogratoman Slot is my favorite! So thrilling!

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