NiuNiu Mahjong Slot Game

NiuNiu Mahjong Slot Game

NiuNiu Mahjong Slot Online Overview

This NiuNiu Mahjong slot online casino review is for fans of Asian-themed slots who would love to try their hands on the NiuNiu Mahjong slot. FunTa Gaming developed this unique online game based on the original Mahjong played in the 19th century. The theme of this game features players in a beautiful room with Chinese art and vases on the wall. Players are expected to enjoy their experience due to the unique visual effects of this game when they sign in to their preferred online casino.

There are many exciting things about this game, including its gameplay and bonus features. The tiles featured in this free online slot are replicas of those used in the real Mahjong game. What’s more? This 5×4 reel will also have a unique soundtrack that’s based on Chinese music. This NiuNiu Mahjong slot review will allow you to learn about the game’s style of play, symbols, and bonus features.

How to Play NiuNiu Mahjong Slot Online

This online casino review will teach you all the secrets you need to win the game.

This game has authentic graphics and an immersive soundtrack. But it’s also easy to play. The interface displays the Mahjong table and reels as soon as the game starts. Before getting started, ensure that you learn about the paylines, payline configuration, and the game’s rules. Next, choose your bet amount with the slider. To play each round, click the spin button. You can use the turbo option to speed up the animation for each spin.

There’s also an auto-play feature on this game. The auto-play feature will allow you to bet automatically. When using the autoplay feature, you need to be careful. As soon as you hit the play button, the staking will begin. You need to be careful and keep an eye on your balance to avoid losing too much money. If you’re losing too much, quickly hit the stop button.

NiuNiu Mahjong Slot Online RTP and Variance

There’s no available information on the RTP and Variance.

Symbols and Gameplay

When you start playing NiuNiun Mahjong slot online, you’ll play with the following symbols; gold tile, green tile, red tile, orange tile, black tile, one dot, 2 dots, 3 dots, 4 dots, and 5 dots. Each of these symbols offers players a chance to win something different.

Betsizes and Paytables

When playing this game, it’s essential to determine how much you intend to spend before you start staking. The bet size for this game ranges between 1 – 500 coins. There are 40 fixed paylines. However, the game’s bonus round is played on a 6×4 reel.

Symbols  Three on a payline
Gold tile
Green tile x2
Red tile x1.5
Orange tile x1.2
Black tile x0.7
One dot x0.6
2 dots x0.5
3 dots x0.4
4 dots x0.3
5 dots x0.2

NiuNiu Mahjong Bonus Features

The bonus features of this game are the wild forecast and free spins.

NiuNiu Mahjong FAQs

What’s the maximum payout for NiuNiu Mahjong slot?

NiuNiu Mahjong Slot Online allows players to enjoy thrilling payouts. As with many casino games, you can enjoy a maximum payout of 4000x your bet amount. This means you’ll enjoy the incredible potential for big wins.

Can I play NiuNiu Mahjong on my mobile phone?

NiuNiu Mahjong is one of the top-rated online slots. Like other top online options, this game was designed with HTML5 technology. Due to HTML5 technology, the game will be resized to fit the screens of smartphones and tablets.

Can I play NiuNiu Mahjong for free?

Every player is expected to stake real money to bet on this slot. However, you can also play the game for free by installing the NiuNiu Mahjong slot demo. The demo version would help you learn the game without losing too much money.


And that’s all on the NiuNiu Mahjong slot review. NiuNiu Mahjong is a top-rated Asian-themed game. The game excels because of its strong graphic qualities, and its bonus features will allow players to win much more. Get started today if you’re thrilled by what this game offers.

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