Quadruple Dragons Slot

Quadruple Dragons Slot

Quick Overview of the Game

Dealing with one dragon may seem problematic enough. But four of them? You’re guaranteed a thrill or two! That’s precisely what KA Gaming, owners of many successful casino games, offers in the Quadruple Dragons Slot. As the name indicates, this game follows an Oriental theme and certainly packs more than its fair share of surprises.

Speaking of which, don’t let the old-school format fool you. While it only has a single payline, it’s loaded with enhanced multipliers, re-spins, and more, thanks to a 4th bonus reel.

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How to Play the Quadruple Dragons Slot

The Quadruple Dragons Slot suits gamers of all experience levels. As soon as you see the main interface for this real money online casino game, you’ll notice the ‘new bet,’ play, and ‘max bet’ links in the control panel. By hitting ‘new bet,’ you can choose how many paylines and what bet size to play with.

Once satisfied with the combination, tap the main play button to bring those dragons out of their slumber. Just be prepared for a few bursts of fire and some alarming roars when they show themselves!

Tap the “?” icon if you wish to learn more about how this game works.

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Quadruple Dragons Slot RTP and Variance

KA Gaming doesn’t publicly specify the variance rating for this game, unfortunately. That said, the RTP of 94% puts it in the same ‘value range’ as some of the top online slots from this provider. But note that this is the ‘average RTP’ since the bonus 4th reel adjusts the expected RTP based on what lands on that reel.

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Symbols and Gameplay

With a distinctly Oriental appearance and a bright design overall, the Quadruple Dragons Slot is a delight to observe. As expected, dragons of different colors fill the reels, as do gold coins of multiple varieties, which perfectly match the theme.

In addition, the grid shows a constant surge of light flashing across its singular payline, which coincides with explosions of gold coins following a top win!

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Due to its classic format, with just a single payline, the betting scale runs from $0.15 to $600 per spin.

Symbol 2 on a Payline 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Any Three (Dragons & Coins) X 4.00 X X
Any Three (Coins Only) X 10.00 X X
Any Three (Dragons) X 40.00 X X
Single Coin X 20.00 X X
Double Coin X 40.00 X X
Gold Dragon X 100.00 X X
Green Dragon X 200.00 X X
Blue Dragon X 1000.00 X X


Quadruple Dragons Slot Bonus Features

As you have no doubt guessed, the bonuses in the Quadruple Dragons Slot Game all relate to the extra 4th reel. This is where you might be treated to additional cash boosts thanks to the gold bowl symbols. But it’s also where you could score multipliers between 2x and 10x, as well as re-spins.

Amazingly, the re-spin feature can trigger as many as 5x re-spins in one sequence, which builds spectacular rewards when things go well. Best of all, not many slots from KA Gaming follow this bonus structure.

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Quadruple Dragons Slot FAQs

Is this a suitable game for mobile play?

Yes. KA Gaming ensures this one works superbly on mobile devices.

How does the autoplay function work?

With enough funds in your balance, you can use this button to initiate as many as 200 ‘auto-spins’ in a single sequence.

How is the maximum payout won?

This is won by landing the largest multipliers (10x) and combining them with extra gold bowl payouts accompanying re-spins.


Does the thought of encountering mythical dragons get your blood pumping? We bet it does! Therefore, all that’s left is to sign up here to spin the reels of the Quadruple Dragons Slot.

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