Reels of Treasure

Click it and enjoy the treasure theme with exciting bonus features

Reels of Treasure Slot Game

 Reels of Treasure is an online video slots machine from Nucleus Gaming. The game comes with five reels, three symbols per reel, and ten paylines. It features win multipliers with rolling spins, wild multipliers, and extra spin on every win. Reels of Treasure comes with exciting bonus features and has a considerable possibility of jackpot wins.

Reels of Treasure Slot Game Review

Reels of Treasure Details

Nucleus Gaming brings you a treasure theme. Reels of Treasure slot game features five reels and ten paylines. The game comes with a vast selection of jackpots with a rolling spin feature. Its RTP and volatility levels are unknown but not so bad.

Reels of Treasure comes with exciting bonus features and has a considerable possibility of jackpot wins. Its rolling spins feature an excellent way to trigger game multipliers; you can long the play route get re-spins which for a great way to fit in. Reels of Treasure awards the player’s ideal rolling spins after each win.

Game Theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

As you might have already noticed from the main game screen, the theme of Reels of Treasure is Treasure! Reels of Treasure features symbols of treasure chests, piles of gold coins, and sparkling jewels from every corner. There is also a mountain of valuables. Not many casino slots use this theme, and it’s thus an excellent trial. 

It’s great to have something different, especially the graphics and soundtrack theme that resemble its setup. Reels of Treasure comes with an excellent look and design. It has smooth gameplay that you will surely enjoy all the way. There’s no drag or sticking through the gameplay. 

Players enjoy the fantastic sound effects with live background music throughout the game. To stop the music, there is a volume button on the gameplay just below the reels. The entire gameplay is located below the reels. You will come across buttons like choosing coin, bet per line, max bet, auto, and double buttons. 

There’s also a volume button next to the double button to set up your volume levels or mute the sound completely. To view the Reels of Treasure play table and toggle different stings, make sure to toggle through the settings icon. There’s a sizeable golden spin button. Click it once you are ready for Reels of Treasure. You will notice the sound effects change on spinning reels, and there’s such a change once winning combos are created. 

RTP and Variance

Nucleus Gaming is yet to make public the Reels of Treasure RTP and variance levels. The other counterparts form the same developer however work within the range of 94% RTP. If wondering what return to player you are looking at on Reels of Treasure, this should give you a rough estimate. 

How Reels of Treasure is played

Reels of Treasure so a straightforward game. Have you ever taken a slots course from Vegas Aces? If yet, then it’s time to ride along with the free version to practice and understand the gameplay. However, if you believe in yourself, you can register, make a deposit, and play Reels of Treasure real money. For newbies, though, this is how to play Reels of Treasure slots machine. 

Reels of Treasure is a fixed paylines game. This means you don’t have to change the active paylines. For flexibility, change your amount to wager per spin. This happens on the bet per line display at the casino slot. Here is a more detailed bet size. 

  1. Log in to the Vegas aces site to play Reels of Treasure. Launch Reels of Treasure and wait for the main screen to open up. 
  2. First, choose your coin size. This happens on the display option at the right lower side under the reels. Use the plus and minus icons to select. 
  3. Next, you need to set your coins per lime. Again, use the arrows appearing on both sides of the bet per line display window. 
  4. The next step is the total bet place. Nucleus gaming software company has a gambling responsibility program through all its gaming products. Always beta n amount you are ready to lose. It’s essential to keep a record of future bets for bankroll strategy. 
  5. If you are comfortable with all your current settings, it is time to click the rounded golden button. 

For a predetermined automatic play, choose the auto button on the gameplay. You can select over 1000 playtimes. Stick to your budget enjoy the game. 

Bet Sizes and Paytable

The Scatter symbol is the highest paying symbol in Reels of Treasure. The symbol pays to a tune of 250x for 15 scatters. As we mentioned earlier, this game has many jackpots. The greatest of them all is the Megastar jackpot paying out huge sums. 

Reels of Treasure has different bet sizes. You can have the smallest coin available at 2, giving you the lowest possible bet of 1 coin. The total smallest bet at Reels of Treasure slot machines, therefore, comes to 20 coins. The wagering amount may be different deepening on where you are playing the game. 

Reels of Treasure Bonus Features

Reels of Treasure is a perfect slot machine for anyone desiring to enjoy free spins and multipliers. Players must unlock three or more megastar symbols on the game’s reels to enjoy the megastar jackpot. At this point, you receive ten free spins for three matches; for four matches, you get 15 free spins and whopping 25 free spins for five megastar symbol matches. 

Reels of Treasure rolling spins is the best bonus reward. Here you get spin after spin after every win; the Respins are then multiplied by the 4th consecutive respin while it’s still possible to land on at least 2 or 4 reels wilds appearing on the reels of the game may give you a staggering 2x win.

Our Verdict

Reels of Treasure has a beautiful bonus feature, and the theme is sturdy. The game blends excellently with the soundtracks. The responsible gambling feature is a positive attribute to allow users to make a sustainable income from the slot game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the unique bonus feature available in the Reels of Treasure slots game?
Reels of Treasure feature unique slots bonus round like the megastar free spins. It features excellent rolling spins, which is known for many free spins. For any win on a Reels of Treasure game, any win leads to an automatic trigger. It as well features wild multipliers and an excellent jackpot feature.
2Where can I play Reels of Treasure free?
You don’t have to go anywhere. Vegas Aces offers players and newbies a free demo version. There are no downloads required. You can play Reels of Treasure free on the free version.
3What are the game’s maximum and minimum bet sizes?
Reels of Treasure features a 0.20 GBP minimum bet, and a 100 GBP maximum bet will line covered.

Reels of Treasure Slot Review

Reels of Treasure Slot Game Reviews
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Willis Q
The incredible game bonus features

Reels of Treasure is an exciting slots game. The incredible game bonus features lured me to deposit and get glued to the game.

 by Britney Anderson
I loved playing online games

I loved playing online games until my sister introduced me to online casinos slots last month—I first player an Asian theme before I found Reels of Treasure. I think I love the treasure theme more than the game itself.

 by Riser Williams
I was ready to log in for real money

I found the RTP of 94% relatively low for this game. I was ready to log in for real money, but that percentage of return to player is meager. I will get a better RTP slot on Vegas Aces to wager on.

 by Felicity Nikole
I am a high roller

I have been playing the Reels of Treasure slot game for the last year. I have yet to win the megastar jackpot, but I have won the other three on a lower wager. I am a high roller, and Reels of Treasure is the best game to achieve my dreams.

 by Munroe Davis
I prefer having fun

I love playing Reels of Treasure; it makes me more exposed and gives me a winning mentality. I prefer playing the demo version. I prefer having fun to taking risks in a game; I do not know the outcome. It is, however, an incredible game that you can play from the comfort of your home.

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