Seer’s Crystal

Enjoy a mystical slot theme built on a common stereotype of ‘gypsies’

Seer’s Crystal Slot Game

Seer’s Crystal is an online video slot machine from Nucleus Gaming. The game features 30 paylines on a 5*3 grid. Seer’s Crystal welcomes you to a world of mystical fortune-telling.  The game gives you the ability to see the future and enjoy the rewards of a gamble feature. Read more here. 

Seer’s Crystal Slot Game Review

Seer’s Crystal Details

Seer’s Crystal features five reels and three rows on 30 paylines with an unknown variance level. It offers additional features and more slot functionalities. A player-friendly casino game allows a bet size of as low as 0.6. For more wins, we advise players to wager on a maximum of 30 paylines. This means as long as a winning symbol appears on the reels, it is a win. 

A fortune-teller theme powers Seer’s Crystal. It is pretty magical and mystical. The game gives you the ability to see the future and enjoy the rewards of a gamble feature. There are diverse bonus rounds on Seer’s Crystal slots machines. Players enjoy free spins, re-spins, incredible bonus round, and instant win prizes. 

Seer’s Crystal slots is a unique game and special of its kind due to the open-ended options it comes along with. The game cherry-picks unique gaming qualities, foretelling, spell casting, and fantasy. The different facets of the same game allow players to get a more comprehensive exploration experience and help popularize the game across different gamers in the iGaming industry. 

Nucleus Gaming is internationally known for its cinematic experience and excellent game designs. They are on top of their game on the 3D cash slots. Nucleus Gaming constructed this game with unique and maximum precision. It offers a unique high-level experience with whimsical and magical gameplay. 

Theme, Graphics and Soundtracks

Seer’s Crystal slots machine is made on a fortune-teller. It is a magic slot theme built on a common stereotype of ‘gypsies’. Once you launch the game, a woman sitting on reels sides holding a crystal ball before her will welcome you. She is donned in a dress, a headscarf, and jewelry that perfectly fit the gypsies’ stereotype. 

Seer’s Crystal reels feature a traditional wagon made in special magical symbols, for instance, a cow, a spellbook, and a love potion. There is a crystal ball on before woman on the launch of Seer’s Crystal I again seen in the reels. 

The gypsies are not a lovely atmosphere. Most people resent it. Some will love the environment it brings along, while most find it offensive. Romany people tend to misinterpret and misrepresent these symbols and magical themes. 

Seer’s Crystal slot game comes in exclusive 3D graphics cartoon in full character. Nucleus Gaming is popular in the best 3D characters. It features bold and put symbols with detailed background. Before you get to the exciting animations of spinning wins, Seer’s Crystal comes with excellent sound effects featuring the traditional products used in a fruit machine. 

RTP and Variance

Seer’s Crystal, like most other games from Nucleus Gaming, has unknown RTP and variance data. Players need to repeatedly play the real money game to determine the RTP and volatility levels. It is worth a trial. 

How to Play Seer’s Crystal

Seer’s Crystal is a simple game whose entire gameplay lies in a simple feature that includes different displays and game balance levels. Here are a few hacks to get you started. 

Everything you need to know about the Seer’s Crystal is right on the gameplay. There are no hidden buttons. There are several displays window on the main screen. You can view your account balance from a small window, set your coin values and pick your active paylines. The displays should help you manage your bankroll effectively. 

There are several important features to take note of in Seer’s Crystal. One is the spins button that activates your game. Two, there is the Menu button. The menu is located on the top corner, represented by three lines. Select between, view Paytable, change the bet, and sound adjustments on the menu icon. 

Sound adjustment is made via the sound icon. You can mute or change the volume levels. The Paytable is an excellent way to understand the payouts for each symbol. It shows the characters’ values, rules, and game instructions. Different bonus features make the game better. 

Use the change bet option as an opportunity to create the right number of paylines—seer’s Crystal wager amount and coin determination on the bet per line. 

Select the autoplay option once you are comfortable with the Paytable and gameplay settings. There are up to 1000 auto-spins. Make sure your balance is enough for the number of autoplay you use. The autoplay button has an on and off toggle option, which helps you set the right number of automatic spins. 

Have your budget ready and get going. If you are interested in using the autoplay option, close the page and return to the min scree. Click the large spin button to start a new game. 

Bet Size and Paytable

There are different ways to set up your bet amount on the Seer’s Crystal slots; use the coin determination. Bet per line to get the total bet payable. The coin determination ranges from 0.2 to 1.00. Bet per line ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5. 

Total bet option on 0.60 to a maximum of 150.00 on cash rewards. The total bet can also be in terms of credits, which is 30 to 150 credits. Since Seer’s Crystal is a flexible paylines game, your total bet depends on how many lines to play. 


Seer’s Crystal rewards win from three, four or five matches.

10, J, Q - 5, 15, 45

K, A - 5, 30, 90

Crow - 10, 45, 150

Book - 10, 45, 180

Fortuneteller - 15, 60, 240

Love potion - 15, 60, and 300

Wild - 30, 150, 1000

Bonus Features

X2 double up mini-game

The x2, also known as the gamble feature, works on the flip of a coin. Once a winning spin is formed, the double-up comes on the screen. It allows you to either double up your winning or risk losing them. 


Seer’s Crystal slots have a wild symbol on the first and fifth reels. It replaces symbols against each other. What is two wild appear opposite each other? At this point, the reel symbols turn to magic symbols: the potion, fortune-teller, book, and crow symbol. They become more wilds. 

Crystal ball feature

Each magic symbol comes with unique features. The crystal ball feature appears when a crystal ball comes along on adjacent magic symbols. 

Love potion free spins

This feature is unlaced when two love potion symbols appear on the reels.

Crow wild and respin

All crow symbols turn to wilds. The wilds become sticky, leaving room for a respin.

Magic book instant win

Book on the reels gives you an instant cash prize of x20 on your bet amount. 

Tarot card bonus round

This feature awards you based on selected cards. There are 15 cards from which a player must choose at least seven.

Final Words

Seer’s Crystal slots machine brings an excellent game with immersive graphics. It is an entirely awesome game with unique possibilities. Several exciting gameplay options will boost the stereotypical depiction. 

Try the free version and learn the gameplay before joining the actual money Seer’s Crystal slots. The game has well-designed graphics for excellent variance levels. Check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who developed Seer’s Crystal slots machine?
Seer’s Crystal is a fortune-teller themes slot machine from Nucleus Gaming..
2Where can I play Seer’s Crystal?
Vegas Aces is an excellent platform to play Seer’s Crystal slots machine.
3When was Seer’s Crystal released?
Seer’s Crystal slots machine was released on 2nd September 201.

Seer's Crystal Slot Review

Seer's Crystal Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Hankel Quincy
I have realized top wins twice

Nucleus Gaming developed seer’s Crystal five years ago, and since I started playing the slot machine in 2019, it has become boring. I have realized top wins twice, and I wish they put a jackpot.

 by David Williams
Nucleus gaming is an excellent developer

I am always looking forward to Seer’s Crystal maximum win of x1000. Nucleus gaming is an excellent developer. They never disappoint. I love this game. 

 by Eunice Chris
Effective coins range

Seer’s Crystal is a five-reel 30 paylines game whose wins are determined by the player betting range, measured through costs per line, or works within an effective coins range of 0.02 to 1.00. 

 by Hannibal Kelvin
This wild becomes wilder

Watch out for the fortune-teller. This wild becomes wilder when it meets another wide on the reels.

 by William James
Massive opportunities to make money

Ever been in a difficult situation? When my sister introduced me to Seer’s Crystal in this situation. I do not value superstitions, but the game, on the other hand, seems so encouraging with massive opportunities to make money.

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