Slotfather 2

Enjoy a famous slot game built with an original gangster theme and big winnings

Slotfather 2 Slot Game

Slotfather 2 slot game has 5 reels, 243 paylines, and a non-progressive jackpot. With, the game's main features include outstanding bonuses like the gangsters and big boss features; it has a gangster setting, giving you fun and big winnings. Find out more about Slotfather 2 slot game here.

Slotfather 2 Slot Game Review

Slotfather 2 Details offers a sequel of unique and amazing slot games, and Slotfather 2 is among. Slotfather 2 is a famous slot game built with an original gangster theme. It comes with fascinating features, great bonuses, and tyranny of ways for you to win. It doesn't have a progressive jackpot, but alternatively, it has other unique additions that will help you collect handsome payouts. There are multiple betting options with Slotfather 2 slot game. Moreover, it allows you to preview the game's title and select the range that only matches your budget.

The Slotfather 2 has around five reels without the standard paylines. However, with the Vegas Aces, you've more than 200 winning possibilities for Slotfather 2. To create a winning combination of the Slotfather 2 game at, you need to place the matching symbols more adjacent to the reels. Start from the left side of your screen. Reels have smooth landscapes and bodyguards. All symbols you see while playing Slotfather 2, it symbolize something, and it’s well-related to the gangster theme of Slotfather 2. In summary, the symbols you will encounter while playing the Slotfather 2 game include the Slotfather, wads of cash, a picture of a leaning tower plus cigars, the playing cards, cleaver, and brandy.

How to Play Slotfather 2

It's quite easy to make big cash with Slotfather 2. If you want to place your bet, you need to choose a coin denomination that ranges from somewhere between $0.01 and $1.0. You can pick as many as ten coins. Since there are more than 200 ways of winning with Vegas Ace Slotfather 2, you need a minimum of 25 coins to capture all the winning possibilities of the game.

The Slotfather 2 game has a significant number of betting options. Therefore, it's a game that can fit any casino gaming budget. The players can use the auto-play buttons to speed up the betting and winning strategies. Changing the game's speed and control of graphics makes it more fun and entertaining than the other typical slot games.

Slotfather 2 Features

The features of Slotfather 2 games resonate within the gangster theme. The impressive load of features allows the players to collect their payouts more easily. The wild setting is the game's gold crate. On the other hand, the scatter feature can trigger big bonuses and fits you in a position where you can instantaneously appear for major jackpot wins.

RTP and Variance

The Slotfather 2 game is a sequel game that can't be overlooked. The game comes with advanced and extended possibilities of winning plus big rewards and promotions. It has an RTP of 95.7%. RTP is the quantification measure that shows how an online video slot game is compelling. In simple terms, it's the percentage of the total wins compared to the total number of stakes wagered. 

When the RTP of a particular slot game is high, it means that you can get more money with it. On the other hand, if RTP is low, it means that your chances of winning big cash with the game are dramatically reduced. Typically, every slot game has its own RTP. 


The volatility of a slot game is as important as its RTP. The volatility and RTP data help in game selection. The volatility of every casino game falls anywhere between 1 and 10. 1 is the lowest value, while 10 is the highest. 

When the volatility measure of a slot game is high, it means that they don't offer the payout more often. However, with the same slot section that delays payouts, a time will come when they will pay you. You will feel overwhelmed with the fantastic prizes.

The volatility of the Slotfather 2 game is high. You can use your real money to play it at, and your payment will delay a little bit, but when you receive the rewards, it will be something big to make you feel attracted to play the game more often for extra cash.

Bonus Feature

Slotfather 2 has a great entertainment feeling complemented by great bonus features. When you register at Slotfather 2, you have the potential of winning welcome bonuses that will help you facilitate the initial wagering. You will also win from your bet and get additional win bonuses.

The bonus promotions are endless since also you have the bonuses sourced from the free spins available 2 to 25 times at any particular time. For most people, the gangster bonus is the favorite bonus feature from Slotfather 2. 

Generally, the bonus modes of Slotfather 2 include free spins, gangster features, wilds, and scatters. There is also a gamble game that you can play if you wish to double your winnings. If you've enough balance in your account, you can click either the "heads" or "tail." The chances of doubling your winnings with the gamble game features are 50/50. Therefore, if you can't afford to lose what you've earned, please pocket your rewards and stay away from the doubling arithmetic.

Slotfather 2 doesn't have the bonus-buy option. Another special diversification like the free spins will help you get a slot bonus but not through buying. All the bonuses available in the Slotfather 2 game need a triggering factor for unlocking.

Free Spins

Slotfather 2 game offers free spins. With more than three truck scatters, you have the chance to utilize free spins ranging between 8 and 20. The free spin feature can undergo retriggering, whereby you've been granted the reward to be the family's royal at the end of each round.

Gangster bonus is the unique bonus variety from Slotfather 2. In the game, there are three gangsters. Depending on the combination you create from the reels, you can get a gangster bonus. The bonus includes things like the sticky symbols, mini-game, and re-spins. The gangster bonus element rewards the players with instant payouts. The wins from the free bonuses are doubled for you to get a Big Boss bonus.

Free Slotfather 2

If you're not ready to invest your real money with the Slotfather 2 game, you can still play it for free. Even without depositing any money, you can make easy money. The free Slotfather 2 games are available as demos, and the variety is purely for entertainment.

Mobile Slotfather 2

A mobile application allows you to play Slotfather 2 with your handy device. The game developer designed it to work well with mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and laptops. Since you can play Slotfather games with your mobile device, it means that your winning trends are not in any way limited. You can still play the game even if you're out of your house.

In addition, the mobile and non-mobile versions of the Slotfather 2 game selection have excellent graphics and a welcoming soundtrack. The modern technology of the mobile Slotfather 2 game makes the game adequately responsive.

Final Remarks

The 95.6% average RTP of the Slotfather 2 slot is high. There is a high probability that you will pocket a lot of money by playing the casino game carefully and responsibly. The players of the game tend to enjoy great and frequent payouts. The variability of the slot game is quite fascinating, and the free spins feature allows you to play up to 20 complimentary rounds thanks to Betsoft. On the other hand, the Big Boss Bonus and the Gangster feature offer instant payouts making the game outstanding. Try Slotfather 2 for more amazing winnings today. Check the best online casino games with us at Vegas Aces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What Is the percentage return to the Play with Slotfather 2?
Slotfather 2 has an RTP of 95.6%. That is a positive average for the slot games. It means that it should you're 96% more likely to get your money back.
2What Are the key features of Slotfather 2?
It's a game from that comes with five reels and over 200 chances of winning. You can't afford to miss the Gangster and Big Boss bonus plus the great diversity of free spins with Slotfather 2.
3Can I play Slotfather 2 with my mobile phone?
Yes, Slotfather 2 technology is mobile-friendly.
4Why should I Play Slotfather 2?
Slotfather 2 slot game is available at In addition, you can play for free from the same site; there is an option available purely for entertainment.

Slotfather 2 Slot Review

Slotfather 2 Slot Game Review
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Victor John
This one is better than the Slotfather1

This one is better than the Slotfather1. The graphics and background music are both excellent. The regular phase, as well as the free spins option, provide significant winnings.

 by Timothy Wing
You can get more

They Free Spins, which you may earn if you get three scatters and the specific symbol being a "Truck." You can get more if you get 4 to 5 of the "Truck" symbols, and all wins are increased by two.

 by John Snow
I give Slotfather 2 a big plus

Let's start with the feature that I found the most intriguing. The goal is to get three gangster symbols; if you get 2, you are awarded a re-spin. If you get three, you have six options to make and gather protection money from the other chance. Don't forget that each gangster has its collection methods. I give Slotfather 2 a big plus for that.

 by Kevin Wise
I appreciate playing the game

Anyway, I appreciate playing the game, and I will return once more. Would you please replace the beauty with a nice heart? I'm sure I'll return! Hahaha...

 by Jane Kim
Bonus game

I didn't care for a bonus game that only offers little payouts. It's also difficult to trigger free spins mode regularly. However, the downside to this slot is that ordinary spins are almost always empty.

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